Chapter 946

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Chapter 946 Only One Person

It was almost every ambitious emperor’s dream to conquer the world.

Among them, there were many outstanding figures, like the First Emperor of Qin and Emperor Wu of Han, whose success had come from generations of effort and sacrifices.

The emperor of Dajin had gone mad. Perhaps his patience had been overwhelmed by his ambitions. He could not see the hope of ruling the world.

Therefore, he pinned all his hopes on the relic of the Guwei State.

Lin Mengya walked out of the study. She did not want to persuade such a lunatic.

If the Emperor of Dajin had thought it through, perhaps things would not have ended up like this.


As soon as she walked out of the palace gates, she saw Long Tianyu, who was dressed in a military uniform, rushing to her.

He got off the horse, held her tightly in his arms, and whispered in her ear.

“Are you asking about me or your father?”

Even at this moment, Lin Mengya did not forget to make fun of him.

Resting her head on this man’s chest, Lin Mengya felt extremely at ease.

How lucky she was to have a man who stood by her at every moment!

If Long Tianyu was on his father’s side, Lin Mengya would not find anything inappropriate.

After all, his blood relatives, whom it was difficult for him to part with, were at loggerheads with his lifelong partner who would live and die with him.

Long Tianyu was a wise man. In fact, he loved his father very much.

But he also understood that if the Emperor of Dajin was allowed to continue like this, the Jin State would be plunged into misery sooner or later.

Among the four states, only the Jin State was still sticking its head in the sand and lost in fantasy.

In this generation, there would probably be no dramatic changes in the current forces pattern of the four states.

However, it would definitely not last for a long time.

Sooner or later, the other three states would become more and more powerful. By then, the advantage of the Jin State would be completely gone, and it would eventually be partitioned by others.

Long Tianyu would never let this happen, so everything he did now was to make the Jin State stronger in the future.

She knew that, so she would do everything she could to help him achieve the goal.

“Of course, I’m asking about you. In this world, no one is more important than you.”

Long Tianyu caressed Lin Mengya’s long hair gently while trying to hide the mixed emotions in his eyes.

The gates of the palace slowly closed behind them.

However, the guards in the palace had been replaced by ones loyal to them.

The heart of the entire Jin State had come under their control.

Inexplicably, Long Tianyu felt a little sad. It was not what he had wanted most.

He held the woman in his arms tightly, who was all he had got now.

“Me? Of course, I’m alright. Let’s go home.”

Lin Mengya knew how deep Long Tianyu’s affection for the palace and the mad emperor was in his heart.

She could understand his sadness and self-accusation. Even more, her heart ached for his persistence and tenacity.

She saw him mount the horse and stretch out his hands towards her. With a gentle and beautiful smile on her face, Lin Mengya also mounted the horse like a light butterfly and sat in his arms.

“Let’s go home,” Long Tianyu whispered in her ear.

The two of them galloped the horse home on the long street, leaving the palace where many memories were buried far behind.

“They’re back! Both the princess and the prince are back!”

Inside and outside Prince Yu’s Mansion, the crowd was eagerly waiting for the couple to come back.

“Tell Elder Sister Baiji that the princess is back!”

The gatekeeper immediately ran into the backyard with a smile, while Lin Kui held the reins awkwardly.

Since the princess came back this time, her status was much higher than that of the prince in the mansion.

They must report all sorts of things, significant or trivial, in the mansion to the princess. Even if the prince wanted something, he needed to get her permission first.

Although it was not a bad thing, the prince was the head of the family after all. Well, he did not want to admit that the head of the family was actually the first follower of the princess.

However, the prince who would at least smile at the princess now, rather than who used to have no unnecessary expression on his face, looked more like a living person.


Moyan moved his chubby calves. Although he could not walk very steadily, he still spread his arms and staggered into Lin Mengya’s arms.

“You’re like a piglet now. Do you miss me?”

Lin Mengya scooped Moyan up in her arms with a smile. Since they had decided to give the throne to Long Qinghan, they were not in such a hurry to have babies.

Long Tianyu shared the same opinion on this matter.

If they really could not have their own babies, then Moyan would inherit everything from them.

The child could not speak fluently, so when he got anxious, he would express himself with his body language.

Moyan pointed at his stomach and nodded his head hard.

“I think you’re hungry. Go and serve the food.”

Lin Mengya touched Moyan’s stomach with a smile and handed him to Baizhi.

Behind her, Long Tianyu showed a doting smile and fixed his eyes on Lin Mengya.

“Why are you looking at me like this?”

Lin Mengya’s hair stood on end when she saw Long Tianyu’s smile. She had never thought so when he used to be cold and indifferent to her, but now he was getting increasingly gentle and infatuated with her.

This man always gave her goose bumps.

Although it was not bad, Lin Mengya wondered if there was something wrong with him.

“You dote on Moyan a lot.”

Long Tianyu reached out his hand and lovingly stroked Lin Mengya’s tender cheek.

“Yes, Moyan is very cute and smart. All the girls in the family like him very much.”

Lin Mengya thought that Long Tianyu was jealous, so she gently smoothed the folds of the soft armor on his chest.

But she failed to notice that Long Tianyu’s eyes darkened and he placed his big hand on her slender waist.

“Since that’s the case, why don’t we have a child?”

Before Lin Mengya could react, Long Tianyu had carried her away.

“Hey, put me down! Long Tianyu, we’ll be seen!”

Lin Mengya felt as if her face were on fire. When the people around saw her being held by Long Tianyu, they all gave her an understanding and meaningful look.

No matter how shameless Lin Mengya was, she could not stand being teased in such a secret way.

Fortunately, they were not guests here. Lin Mengya could only hide her head in Long Tianyu’s arms and play dead.

After being carried back to the room, she was overwhelmed by his sexual passion for the whole afternoon.

However, Long Tianyu was refreshed and relaxed as he walked out of the Liuxin Courtyard.

Lin Mengya was left alone, suffering from the pain in her waist and back.


She was about to get up, when she felt her waist aching as if it were broken. She could not help cursing the man who failed to control himself.

He had never tried so hard even when he did great things. Animal!

“Master, the food is getting cold. Do you want me to bring it in for you?”

Every time something like this happened, Baiji would be the one to serve her.

Baiji was not young anymore. It was said that Ms. Bai had found several marriage partners for her.

But Baiji did not agree. She only loved her neighbor, who was her childhood sweetheart.

Lin Mengya had seen the man. He was a man of handsome appearance and fine character.

He seemed to be a kind and honest man. Also, he was loyal to Baiji.

Moreover, Lin Mengya had used her connections in Sanjue Hall to learn more about his family background.

The three generations before him all had no bad hobbies. He indeed came from a decent family.

Although Baiji was nominally a servant girl who had signed an indenture to sell herself to Prince Yu’s Mansion, Lin Mengya had already set Baiji free from the indenture. In addition, Baiji was trusted by Lin Mengya and became half a master of the mansion. Presumably, no one dared to humiliate her.

Most importantly, probably because they were so bored, the crowd paid a visit to the man’s family in groups in the name of inspecting their future relatives by marriage.

They came to the same conclusion that the young man was barely worthy of her.

Apart from not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Baiji was also grateful for their care.

However, Lin Mengya had made it clear that no one was allowed to harass the young man before Baiji got married.

Fortunately, Long Tianyu had long married her. Otherwise, Prince Yu would have to suffer.

“Baiji, are you getting married after the Lunar New Year? I heard that Baishao has prepared elaborate dowries for you. I don’t have anything but a packet of fetus protection medicine for you, OK?”

Lin Mengya smiled mischievously. As expected, Baiji blushed.

“Master, you are always so playful. Everyone said that you even got more frivolous since you came back this time.”

She rolled her eyes at her master. Lin Mengya was not merely her master, but also her sister who had gone through hardships with her.

There was no taboo between sisters.

Lin Mengya was enjoying such an atmosphere.

She leaned lazily against the soft couch. While easing the pain of her waist, she looked at the busy Liuxin Courtyard.

“The Lunar New Year is coming, isn’t it?”

Lin Mengya mumbled as she lowered her head and calculated the time.

“That’s right. The Lunar New Year is coming in a month and a half. Master, do you miss Master Lin and Mr. Lin?”

Baiji was the one who knew Lin Mengya the best. Although her master did not mention it, she knew that Lin Mengya was very concerned about her family.

“Fortune is on our side. Moreover, I seem to be able to sense that they are fine.”

Lin Mengya looked at the warm white rice porridge on the table. The Sanjue Hall and Long Tianyu’s men, as well as the force she could mobilize, were searching for the news of her father and brother desperately.

She was determined to find those who had abducted them, no matter where those people were.

However, the faint telepathy between close blood relatives made Lin Mengya firmly believe that her father and brother would be fine.

Moreover, she always felt that their disappearance was related to the strange bloodline of the ancestors of the Lin family.

The Candle Dragon Cult was not the only force looking for the relic of the Guwei State.