937 Chapter 937

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Throughout the entire examination, if there was one person who surprised the old man the most in this place, it had been Lucifer. Not only did he have the strength to be a seed, but he also had a glimpse of almost every bloodline, which allowed him to master their arts.

It didn’t matter if Lucifer could win the battles or not; the old man had made up his mind. Someone of Lucifer’s caliber deserved to become a Captain. He believed Lucifer could take the star alliance to great heights.

He had decided to put in a recommendation for Lucifer, even if he didn’t win here. He wanted that promotion for Lucifer even if he failed here. He had already thought of the words he was going to write on a recommendation letter.

As the Incharge of the Trial World, he had a special advantage that no one knew about. He could recommend anyone for a promotion if he felt that the person was worthy. That’s why all the best youngsters were sent here for the trials.

Not only was this so the strongest of the bunch could be promoted for winning the event, but it was also so that the old man could have the time and opportunity to judge the youngsters to see if there was one amongst them who was a talent worth nurturing.

Every year, the old man was allowed to recommend one person from his side on top of the winner. However, he had never used that advantage. Throughout the years, he had never recommended anyone for promotion. Even though there were talented youngsters, there were none that managed to catch his eyes—at least none before this moment.

He had made up his mind for the first time, deciding on a name. However, even he had to wait for that. The Tournament wasn’t over. If Lucifer could actually win the tournament, the man was going to have none to recommend anyone, and the slot was going to go empty once again.

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“Every year, I knew who had the potential to win and who was going to be the last one standing. But this year… There are too many uncertain factors…” He gazed at the two seeds standing outside the stage and the two who were still fighting.

He still didn’t know who was going to win at the end amongst the four. All of them had the potential and the strength to win. Even he was in suspense at this point. However, if there was a dark horse, he believed it was Lucifer.

If Lucifer truly had the strength of all the Bloodlines, then what he showed was just the beginning…

“I’ve come this far, not to lose. So I’ll have to end this…” Lucifer flew toward Mander.

Mander also decided to face Lucifer’s attack head-on. Flames appeared around his feat. Two flaming wings appeared behind his back as if he was an angel made purely of the blazing flames.

“If Lucifer is truly immune to flames, I don’t think Mander has any chance of winning the battle. He has truly met his match,” Raayi shook her head, watching the two participants on the path of collision.

She had seen Lucifer surviving a blazing inferno, which made her believe that he was immune to flames. She believed that Lucifer was the worst match for Mander, whose entire strength was related to his flaming Bloodline.

“I don’t think he’s immune to flames,” Ron smiled. “There is no way he is immune to flames….”<sub> </sub>

“Stop acting so knowledgeable. You know nothing. If he wasn’t immune to flames, how could he stay unaffected in the field of flames? He would’ve been turned to ashes, but nothing galore to him.”

“I don’t need to act knowledgeable to know the basics. All I need is some common sense to see that he isn’t immune to flames,” Ron responded to Raayi, who was talking to him in a very rude manner. Despite that, he didn’t mind her tone.

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“You’re right that he wasn’t harmed by flames, but maybe you didn’t put focus on his clothes…” Ron further explained. “His clothes are still intact. He’s using the attire given to him here. That means there’s nothing too special about his attire compared to others.”

“Our clothes do provide some protection against flames, but even they can’t remain completely intact against Mander’s flames. Even if his body were immune to flames, the clothes would’ve been burnt, at least to some extent. That meant the flames didn’t actually reach him… And if the flames didn’t even reach him, the question about flame immunity doesn’t even come into effect.”

“I’ve noticed the same thing even when we faced absolute freeze, and he managed to last through that. His clothes didn’t look like they went through absolute freeze.. “

“That’s why I don’t think it’s Immunity at all. He neither had flame immunity nor cold immunity. What he has is a really decent barrier that can not only last against the absolute Freeze but also against Mander’s flames. I must say, I underestimated him. He does have quite a lot of trump cards. It would be fun to face him in an actual battle.”

While most people were still shocked about how Lucifer survived, Ron had realized the secret of Lucifer’s survival. Unfortunately, even he wasn’t as close to the Administrator’s level of understanding, who realized exactly what kind of barrier Lucifer used.

Just like Flaming Wings appeared behind Mander, the Wings made from Black Lightning appeared behind Lucifer. Lightning Gauntlets appeared around both his hands and his feet. An Armor made purely of the most destructive of lightning appeared around his body as well.

Seeing the barrier appear, even Ron started laughing. It was the second time Lucifer had shown him a skill that came from his Thunder Bloodline.

“Not bad, Lucifer. Not bad at all. Just a few tweaks, and you can master our Thunder God Armor completely…”

Both the youngsters met in the middle of the battlefield. Two fists collided, both placing their entire strength behind the attacks. The flames of Mander were proven to be as strong if not stronger than Lucifer’s lightning. Even though the lightning Gauntlets, Lucifer felt his skin burn.

Even Mander wasn’t completely immune as he felt his own fist burned by black lightning. Fortunately, the impact wasn’t long. Since Lucifer used his super strength behind the attack, he managed to break through the defense of Mander, sending him flying back. Even he himself was tossed back though, because of the impacts.

Both the youngsters flew back, almost falling out of the stage.