938 Chapter 938

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Both the youngsters flew back, yet both managed to control their bodies at the last moment before they could fall off the stake.

While Lucifer used his winds to stop him, Mander used his flames to propel himself ahead.

Both the youngsters landed back on the battlefield, even though they had almost gone past it.

Mander looked at his hand, surprised at Lucifer’s strength. It wasn’t just the lightning, but there was something more behind that attack. Not only did it have more physical strength behind it than someone Lucifer’s size should’ve been able to possess, but there was something more. He just didn’t know what it was.

When he was in contact with Lucifer, he could feel that his flames were getting weaker, as if their strength was being sucked.

Unlike Mander, Lucifer was much more relaxed. His hands were burnt a little, but his healing took care of his hands. He was back to normal. The only one who was still hurt was Mander. Unlike Lucifer, Mander couldn’t heal himself.

“So that’s what it is… You are better at me in close range. But that just means I’ll have to fight without getting close.”

Mander kept advancing ahead, shooting fireballs at Lucifer. With each fireball he tossed, his flames kept getting darker and more fierce. It was as if the more he used his flames, the stronger his flames became.

“You’re right. I’m bad when I’m close… But keeping me away isn’t something you can do…” It was as if Lucifer’s feet danced with the wind as he dodged all the fireballs. But a single fireball could touch him.

Instead, the fireballs flew past him, advancing to the spectators who also had to dodge at the last moment.

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The flames hit almost everyone except the target itself.

Unfortunately, Mander didn’t appear to be in a hurry either. It was less like he was trying to attack Lucifer and more like he was trying to make his flames reach their peak strength. The more flames he used in the battle, the closer his flames reached to the limit.

“Like that, can he even hit Lucifer? Isn’t he wasting his energy?” Malin chuckled, surprised that Mander was using such a stupid thing. He was only weakening himself.

“I think it’s more than just him getting impulsive…” Maya grimaced. “Can’t you see? The more he uses his flames; the darker his flames are getting. I think he’s stimulating his Bloodline, bringing out his strongest flames.”

“What’s the benefit of calling forth his strongest flames if they can’t even hit Lucifer?”

“There is a benefit to that. If I’m not wrong, he wants to use the Flaming Battlefield again, just like he did before. The fireballs can’t hit Lucifer, but as long as he’s on the battlefield, he can’t avoid the Flaming Battlefield.”

“That guy… He is intentionally using his flames so much… It’s not an impulse… It’s preparation for his final attack. Since he can’t let Lucifer get close, that removes his biggest advantage. And in the long range, the flaming field is his strongest skill.”

“His Flaming field couldn’t pass through Lucifer’s barrier before, but he wants to use his dark flames now… And if he does, there’s a good chance that Lucifer’s barrier couldn’t last before it… He’ll need to finish the battle faster, not giving Mander an opportunity…”<sub> </sub>

“Shouldn’t we tell him…?” Malin was about to yell, but before she could, Maya stopped him.

“Don’t forget the rules. We can’t interfere or give any advice… We are just spectators. Why else do you think Lucifer didn’t tell you to surrender instead of surrendering himself for you?”

“Let him handle it. I’m sure he should be able to realize what Mander is trying to do. He is much smarter than we give him credit f-“

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Maya was in the middle of her sentence when her jaws dropped. Almost everyone in the area had the same reaction. One moment, they were watching Lucifer being bombarded by the fireballs, and the next moment, something entirely different happened!

The flames had almost turned pitch black. Mander also prepared for the end.

He placed his hand on the ground. The flaming field once again appeared on the battlefield. The entire field was once again covered in flames. This time, the flames were pitch black in color though.

“He is too late!” Maya exclaimed. Just as she thought Lucifer could do something, the flames covered everything. Let alone her; no one could see anything!

No one outside could see what had happened—no one except the old man. If everyone could see, they could have seen Lucifer disappearing just a brief moment before the flames rose from under his feet. He used his Teleportation at the last moment, appearing right behind Mander.

If there was a place on the battlefield which wasn’t covered in flames, it was the immediate surroundings of Mander, and that’s exactly where Lucifer appeared.

He waited until Mander was completely confident of his victory before making a move. Just as Maya had expected, Lucifer also noticed the flames getting stronger. In essence, he was also waiting for Mander to use the Flaming Field. When the enemy thought they were invulnerable, that was the time when they were at their most vulnerable.

By the time Mander realized that someone had appeared behind him, it was too late. Lucifer was standing behind Mander, and Mander’s neck was in his hand. One grasp, and he could crush the neck of the young man. However, he didn’t do it. Even though it wasn’t going to get him punished if Mander died in the battle, Lucifer didn’t want to kill Mander.

He knew Mander came from a high family, and it wasn’t worth making enemies of theirs, especially when he already had a quite messy future prediction.

Unfortunately, it appeared as if destiny had something else in its kind. Just as Mander felt a hand around his neck, he was shocked. He thought that Lucifer was going to kill him. In his haste, a flaming knife appeared in his hand, which he stabbed into the chest of Lucifer without thinking twice.

“Urgh!” As the knife was stabbed in his chest, Lucifer subconsciously clenched his fist. His strength took care of the rest.

Mander’s neck was crushed, and the young man’s eyes closed. One minute, he was fighting, and the next minute he was dead. The flaming knife disappeared from Lucifer’s chest as soon as Mander died. The flames in the surrounding area also started going down slowly while Lucifer’s chest wound healed.

When the flames appeared, everyone expected Lucifer to be dead, but when the flames went away, everyone else was in shock of their lives, as they saw the person who was lying on the ground, lifeless…