Chapter 613 - Great Teleportation Talisman, Eight Venerables Gathering

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Coincidentally, the moment the Life Origin Crystal shattered.

Far outside the Ghost Cry Tomb map, in the depths of the void wall, Venerable Blood Vengeance’s expression changed drastically.

A mouthful of blood spewed out unconsciously.


“Who dares to destroy my Life Origin Crystal!!”

He let out an angry roar. His voice pierced through the Blood God Array and set off torrential waves in the black and red sea of blood.

The Life Origin Crystal had long fused with his fate.

As long as the crystal was not destroyed, he would not be destroyed.

But now, this balance was broken.

Not only was his immortal body destroyed, but even his main body was also implicated.

Although the pain of the backlash would not cause him to completely lose his combat power,

However, his intrinsic soul could now only unleash 60 to 70% of its strength.

Suddenly, it raised its head.

“Kill him!”

An unfamiliar voice sounded.

Immediately after, one, two, three, four, five…

More than ten zombie-faced attacks with terrifying auras surged over.

It recognized one of the corpses.

“F*ck you…”

Before he could curse.

Mysterious Dark Water Domain, Great Five Elements Demon Slaying Blade, Yin Yang Floating Earth Bell, Martial God’s Body, Goddess’ Glory Judgment, Human Sovereign’s Sacred Body, Heaven and Earth Emperor Fist, Heavenly River Sword Array…

The loud explosion kept ringing in his ears. It lasted for three minutes before it stopped.

“Is he dead?” Ghost Cry narrowed his eyes.

However, at the center of the explosion, there was blood-colored fog everywhere. It was impossible to see the situation inside.

“He should be dead.”

Valkyrie Tian Xi shook her hair elegantly and said disdainfully, “This guy’s realm is lower than mine. In terms of combat power, it’s probably inferior to me. If it’s a one-on-one fight, I can beat the shit out of it alone.”

“He was even devoured by the Life Essence Crystal just now. With so many of us ambushing him, he will definitely die.”

“Sister, zombies only drink blood and won’t poop,” Song Kuaidi reminded kindly.

Tian Xi was speechless. She scolded with a dark expression, “Do you know what an analogy is? You don’t have any EQ at all. You deserve to be single.”

“Sister, don’t slander me. I’m not single,” Song Kuaidi retorted bitterly. “My girlfriend is in another map. After a while, when the lord’s territory reaches her, I’ll pick her up.”

“Oh my god, are you really the legendary honest person?”

Tian Xi covered her face and didn’t want to say anything else.

“Don’t talk.”

At this moment, Lin Ye interrupted their show.

Although he could not see the situation inside, he could feel it.

The situation inside seemed to have become better.

Other than a beam of emotional light that was so dark that it was almost blood red,

There were also seven emotional particles of different attributes.

There was curiosity, excitement, teasing, anticipation, killing intent, helplessness…

Split personality? Or?!!

Suddenly, Lin Ye shouted, “Retreat behind me!”

Before he finished speaking, the Thousand Layered Armor and the Dragon Spirit Divine Armor emitted dazzling light.

The Human Sovereign’s Sacred Body and Martial God Body behind him exploded.

His sea of consciousness was also operating crazily.

At the same time, the Great Dao related to defence quickly gave him a buff.

In a thousandth of a second, all his passive defence and defensive counterattack operations were maxed out.

As expected, as soon as he finished speaking.

The spot where Blood Vengeance was originally at quickly shot out eight powerful killing moves.

The power of the explosion this time was no weaker than when they ambushed Blood Vengeance previously. It even had the upper hand.

“F*ck, eight attacks came at the same time!”

Lin Ye was about to curse. He could clearly sense that there was only one Blood Vengeance, but in the blink of an eye, seven more appeared out of thin air.

For no reason, it made the sure-win situation fluctuate.

However, when he sensed a familiar aura, even at the center of the crazy explosion.

He looked ahead and a teasing smile flashed across his face.

All the domain skills failed.

Fortunately, after being weakened by many domains, the power of these killer moves was no longer enough when they struck Lin Ye.

It was easily dodged by the Dragon Spirit Divine Armor.

Even if he was unlucky and did not dodge, the attack would not be able to break through the combined power of his Human Sovereign’s Sacred Body, Martial God’s Body, and Thousand Layered Armor.

He resolved the problem in a few seconds.

The energy fog dissipated, and a crisp slap sounded from the other side.

The corpse that clapped its hands was none other than Blood Vengeance, who had been ambushed by everyone earlier.

However, he was not in a good state either. His face was pale.

More than half of his body was blasted apart, and his entire face was covered in bone-deep wounds.

There was a harpy zombie who was good at healing behind him.

She was frantically circulating her blood energy to heal him.

A moment later, when the wound stabilized a little, a new body of flesh and blood was barely formed.

His eyes flashed with a terrifying blood glow. He first looked at Ghost Cry.

“Bastard, do you think you were very secret about what you did?”

“The high priest has long suspected you!”

“They specially set up a trap outside your territory to capture all of you scums in one go!”

“However, you’re good. You didn’t disappoint me!”

“Are you disappointed? I’ll kill you later!”

Ghost Cry was fearless. With its current strength, it was not afraid of Blood Vengeance who was heavily injured.

1v1 might not necessarily lose.


Blood Vengeance smiled coldly and ignored Ghost Cry’s mockery.

His eyes darted around as he swept his gaze across the main team.

“Five Elements Spirit Race!”


“Old ghost from the Ancient God System! And…”

In the end, its ruthless gaze focused on Lin Ye as it revealed a cruel smile.

“Human Sovereign’s Sacred Body!”

“To be able to cultivate this secret technique, there’s an 80% chance that you will be the new season’s lord.”

“Very good, you have some tricks up your sleeves!”

“If not for the protection of the Blood God Array and me being cautious enough…”

“You guys might have really succeeded.”

At this point, he revealed a smug expression and pointed at the seven figures that had mysteriously appeared beside him.

“But unfortunately, your luck ends here.”

“Eight of our top ten venerables came. We originally wanted to ambush and kill those traitors, but we didn’t expect to attract a big fish like you. It was worth it for me to waste a Greater Teleportation Talisman to teleport the seven of them over from the other maps.”

“If I kill you, just the contribution points will make up for my losses this time.”

“Perhaps each of us can exchange for a precious treasure in the Zombie Deity’s Treasure Vault.”

“Brothers, show your faces to the newbie. Don’t let him die in the hands of who!”