Chapter 614 - Lin Clan vs Zombie Divine Hall's Eight Venerables!

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“Hehehe ~ ~ ~”

Upon hearing this, a tall and sturdy monster with ash-like skin stepped forward. A thick crack appeared at the corner of his mouth as he laughed strangely. “I’m the new season’s Human Lord. My name is Quan Dong, the controller of the Ash Mountain Map and third on the Zombie Divine Palace’s Venerable Leaderboard!”

Then, a second expert who was emitting a golden glow and looked like a zombie spoke.

His voice was like metal rubbing against each other, making one’s hair stand on end.

“Jin Taisheng, the controller of the Black Gold Valley Map, ranked fourth on the Zombie Divine Palace’s Venerable Leaderboard!”

The third was the female harpy’s venerable. As she healed Blood Vengeance’s injuries, she said coquettishly, “Oh, this human lord is a handsome man. It’s just that he’s too ruthless and injured our Boss Blood Vengeance to this extent. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely let you die comfortably later.”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Deng Qiu. I’m the controller of the map of Eagle Sorrow Cliff and ranked fifth on the Zombie Divine Hall’s Venerable Leaderboard!”

As the zombie venerables introduced themselves leisurely and confidently.

The emotions of Lin Ye’s camp became subtle.

“Human Lord, something bad has happened. The Zombie Divine Palace has actually set up a trap here. Other than the Second Venerable and the Ninth Venerable, everyone in the top ten are here.”

Ghost Cry’s expression was grave. “If we run out of strength later, please retreat immediately. Valkyrie Tian Xi and I can still hold on.”

“That’s right. As long as you are alive, there will still be hope. You are young and promising. Even though you might not be a match for them now, you will definitely be able to kill these demons in a few days. There’s no need to fight to the death now.” Fu Wanli stood in front of Lin Ye and nodded in agreement.

“Master, don’t leave my range of 10,000 meters. If you need to escape, I can use my nine-winged ancient god wings to instantly bring you away from the void wall.”

The Valkyrie sent a voice transmission expressionlessly.

At this moment, she looked as calm as an old dog, but she was actually panicking.

Ancient God-type experts had long lives.

Logically speaking, they were all geniuses of all classes. Be it in combat, research, survival, or anything else, they were all outstanding.

However, she was still young and her ability to survive was strong. In terms of a life-and-death battle, it was barely satisfactory.

After all, her Martial God’s Body had just been built for the new season and she was still adapting to her new life core.

It was fine to fight two or three experts of the same level at the same time.

Once there were more than four or five, it would not be enough.

The last resort for her was to risk her life and self-destruct her million-year Life Core, allowing her a chance at being able to turn defeat into victory and instantly kill these eight zombie venerables.

Of course, this was only if she had no other choice. As someone who cherished her life, she would never do this easily.

At this moment, the Succubus Queen [Mia Rao] spoke.

She stood in front of Lin Ye and said with a generous tone, “Human Lord, it’s a pleasure to meet you. You saved my life. In today’s battle, I will fight for you until the last second. I only hope that if you cause trouble in the future, you will give my Succubus Race a way out.”

Lin Ye was speechless when he saw that his three experts were committed to defeat already.

However, due to certain schemes, he did not say it clearly.

This performance made everyone think that he had also admitted defeat already.

All of them were dejected.

Even the members of the main team had ugly expressions.

They had followed Lin Ye all the way here. Whether it was resisting the zombie wave, destroying the Haunted House, killing their way into Heaven Cast City, or causing trouble in the Heavenly Palace on Dragon Island…

Everything went smoothly. When had they ever been schemed against?

Those so-called geniuses, noble young masters and noble ladies, were also crushed horizontally by the invincible Lin Ye.

However, the first time they went to Hell, they were immediately schemed against by the despicable Zombie Divine Palace.

This scene made Blood Vengeance and the other Zombie Divine Hall Venerables excited.

How many seasons had it been? Although venerables like them had a respected status in the Zombie Divine Realm, they were considered small figures in the entire Underworld.

In the past, the strongest human lord of the Human Race, otherwise known as the Human Sovereign, was still a top overlord no matter how lousy he was. He was definitely not someone they could talk to.

At the very least, one had to have a high status like the master of the Zombie Divine Palace.

But now, everything was different. The new season’s people were ridiculously strong and bold.

They actually dared to enter the Zombie Divine Realm so early and even dared to ambush and kill the number one on the Venerable Leaderboard, Venerable Blood Vengeance.

If not for the fact that they had other plans, they might have had a chance to succeed.

It could only be said that fate favored them after all.

This battle would definitely make the eight venerables famous in hell.

They were unsure of anything else, but it was definitely not a problem for them to be conferred the title of a noble.

At the thought of this, be it Blood Vengeance or the other Zombie Divine Hall venerables.

All of them revealed looks of joy as their blood boiled.

At the same time, the sixth venerable, who was also ranked eighth on the Venerable Leaderboard, introduced himself—Mad Howl.

This guy had a violent and arrogant name.

But unexpectedly, he was very quiet.

He was clearly a zombie, but he was wearing a white scholar’s robe unique to ancient humans.

His face was pale, and his clothes were neat.

Those who did not know would think that he was a poet from some era.

“So this guy looks like this.”

Lin Ye glanced at Mad Howl and was slightly surprised.

Mad Howl had the highest cultivation level among the zombie spies he had found so far, and his status in the Zombie Divine Palace was also the highest.

A spy with such a high status.

Logically speaking, unless he had no choice, he did not want to expose himself.

But he had no choice now.

Seven peak venerables, and they were ranked in the top ten of the Zombie Divine Palace’s Venerable Rankings.

They were definitely not simple to deal with.

However, if he killed all of them, not only would it be a painful blow to the Zombie Divine Palace, he would also be able to obtain their bodies.

After refining them into puppets and activating his 100xReward.

Tsk tsk, when the time came, his strength would increase instead of decrease. He would have at least 700 top-notch zombie venerable puppets.

If his luck was more heaven-defying, he might be able to trigger a consecutive hundredfold increase. That would be 70,000 top-notch zombie venerable puppets.

Just the thought of it made him drool.

Therefore, while Blood Vengeance and the others regarded him as a prey that was already in their bag, he also treated these seven venerables as the spoils of war.

At this moment, after the eight zombie venerables introduced themselves.

Blood Vengeance bared his fangs and waved his hand, indicating for the harpy zombies behind him to stop healing.

Although the short healing could not completely remove the pain of the backlash from the Life Origin Crystal, it would not affect his full strength in battle.

“Brothers, it’s getting late. It’s time to send the lord on his way.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the group of zombie venerables revealed evil smiles. A dazzling beam of blood energy surged from their bodies, and just as they were about to surround and kill him.

Suddenly, Lin Ye shouted, “Kill!”

Instead of retreating, he advanced.

He brought Valkyrie Tian Xi, Venerable Ghost Cry, [Mia Rao], Fu Wanli…

As well as the other members of the main team to form the Heavenly River Sword Array.

They then charged over aggressively.

“How dare you!”

Blood Vengeance narrowed his eyes, slightly shocked.

In the current situation, Lin Ye was clearly going to lose.

With its understanding of human nature, Lin Ye should be panicking to death.

He would definitely abandon their subordinates and escape alone.

But the result was the exact opposite. This fellow actually dared to lead his team to charge forward.

Although they felt that something was wrong, all the venerables were too absorbed by the potential reward they could get after killing Lin Ye.

It was definitely impossible to calm them down now.

After he could not think of a way for Lin Ye to turn the tables, he gritted his teeth and ordered, “Attack together!!”

Just as they charged forward, their backs were completely exposed.

The white-robed scholar howled. He leaned forward and spread his legs, standing in a bow stance.

The zombie venerables who were familiar with him knew that their Eighth Brother was going to use his ultimate move.