Chapter 615 - Dark Night Killing Blade, Instant Kill! Instant Kill!

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“Mad Howl, why are you so anxious? Play with our master for a while longer.”

The only female venerable, Deng Qiu, chuckled.

The other venerables glanced at him and their hearts tightened, afraid that this lunatic would snatch their credit.

Instead, their blood energy surged as they prepared for their ultimate move.

Suddenly, the world fell silent. One could only hear the pleasant sound of a saber.

Then, darkness engulfed the ground.

That saber beam was darker than the night and deeper than the abyss.

It devoured light, wind, and afterimages.

It seemed to have disappeared. It was invisible and weightless.

However, everyone’s hearts trembled, as if they had sensed something terrifying was about to descend.

“Old Eight’s saber is still so stunning!”

Blood Vengeance sighed inwardly, but it was also a pity.

Among the 72 zombie venerables, although Old Eight’s combat ability in long fights was inferior to his other brothers.

However, in terms of frontal offensive power, even when he was at his peak.

He was also unable to withstand Old Eight’s saber beam that had stunned dozens of seasons.

In the previous venerable ranking competition, there were only two reasons why the top seven could defeat Old Eight.

On one hand, it was because he was too lazy and stopped fighting when he reached eighth place. On the other hand, it was because he was very bad in long fights.

His saber path cultivation was close to the Dao, far surpassing that of venerables of the same level.

Unfortunately, in order to pursue a more extreme killing move, this fellow tried to integrate the power of the five elements into his supreme saber.

In the end, he secretly cultivated the incomplete Five Elements Divine Technique and ended up going crazy.

Even with the help of a mighty figure from the Zombie Divine Palace, his body still suffered irreversible injuries.

Once he used his killer move too many times, he would fall into the Five Elements Reversal and his body would collapse.

This was also the reason why he could only be the eighth venerable even though his combat power was clearly comparable to him.

“It’s over. With Eighth Brother’s saber speed, the chance to get the first kill is definitely gone!”

Deng Qiu had a bitter expression, as if she could already see the outcome of Lin Ye’s death.

“Since the ones with the most merit points have been taken, snatch the others. Traitors and succubus spies are not bad either.” Third Brother laughed sinisterly.

“That succubus is mine. Mm, it smells so good. I can smell the faint fragrance of pure blood from afar. Her blood must be delicious.” The fourth brother, Jin Taisheng, licked his fangs, revealing the terrifying look in his eyes when he saw the little rabbit.

“Wait, something’s wrong!”

Suddenly, Blood Vengeance had a sudden urge and his eyelids twitched.

However, before it could react.

The pitch-black saber beam spread and exploded behind the four venerables.

It emitted a dazzling light.

Deng Qiu, Quan Dong, and Jin Taisheng were furious.

Amidst his shocked and furious cries, it was silently drowned by the Dark Night Violent Blade that contained the power of the five elements.

Their souls extinguished like a candle.

All of their eyes darkened as their corpses fell into the void barrier.

This change stunned not only the zombie venerables on Blood Vengeance’s side.

Even the main team, Ghost Cry, [Mia Rao], and the Valkyrie looked at each other.

“Human Lord, what’s going on?” The corners of Ghost Cry’s mouth twitched as he looked at Lin Ye for help.

“You must have done it, right? That guy is also a spy?” Tian Xi took a few deep breaths and asked in shock.

“As expected of the human lord. He can always predict the enemy’s moves first!”

[Mia Rao]’s beautiful eyes flickered with a strange light. Her understanding of Lin Ye had unknowingly increased by a few levels.

In that situation just now, even someone as calm as her collapsed.

However, they did not expect that in the blink of an eye, three of them had died.

As for Blood Vengeance, although he was not dead yet, his life was much tougher than ordinary venerables.

However, after taking the attack head-on, half of his recovered body instantly exploded, looking extremely miserable.

“Boss Blood Vengeance!”

The other four zombie venerables who were ranked at the back were shocked. They helped Blood Vengeance up and hid far away.

“Mad Howl!!!”

“Do you know what you’ve done?!!”

Blood Vengeance gnashed his teeth. His blood-red eyes were like nails as he glared and howled.

Before this, he could accept and understand the betrayal of Ghost Cry. After all, the other party was only a venerable ranked 33rd and was insignificant.

Other than the top 20, the others would change almost every season.

However, Mad Howl was different. He was ranked eighth.

His true combat power might be between him and the second venerable.

His talent and saber techniques had always been valued by a certain supreme expert of the Zombie Divine Palace.

He was such a promising zombie.

As long as he did not die prematurely, he would definitely be able to ascend to the throne of the 36 Kings in the future.

At that time, their identities would be completely different. In the Zombie Divine Realm, they were simply above billions of corpses.

He could not believe that someone with such a bright future…

Was a human spy like Ghost Cry??

If this was true, then the Zombie Divine Palace…

With this thought in mind, it froze.

It was too terrifying. He did not dare to think further and could only glare at it in shock and anger.

Facing his crazy questioning and cold gaze, Mad Howl did not speak and looked at it expressionlessly.

Then, he leaned forward, spread his legs, and stood in a bow stance.

The world fell silent again, and one could only hear the pleasant sound of a saber.

Blood appeared on the neck of Pang Long, who was supporting Blood Vengeance. His neck tilted and he followed in the footsteps of his three other colleagues.

“Lin Ye, you’re courting death!”

This time, Blood Vengeance was completely furious, almost going crazy.

A shocking blood-colored beam of light soared into the sky from under his feet.

The Blood God Array above its head seemed to sense its call and slowly poured down the Blood Sea Liquid.

In this state, his defense and offensive power were maxed out.

With his back to the Nether Blood Sea and the protection of the Blood God Array, he unleashed the strongest killing move given to it by the Zombie Divine Hall’s high priest.

A deafening roar came from the void barrier.

Immediately after, several thousand meters long blood-colored killing fists exploded, instantly surrounding the escaping space.

“Human Lord, save me!”

Seeing this scene, the white-robed scholar, who had a calm expression on his face and looked like a peerless expert, instantly broke down.

He turned around and ran towards Lin Ye.

Lin Ye was speechless.

“Ah, this…” Ghost Cry cried and covered his face.

Tian Xi and the others were shocked and could not accept it.

Was this the same person who had not said a word and had just killed everyone?

F*ck, are you kidding me!!!

“Run my a**! Turn around and slash him again!” Lin Ye cursed resentfully.

“Sobs, I want to kill this little bastard too, but I don’t dare to. If I use the Dark Night Violent Blade again, I don’t know if the little bastard will die, but the backlash of the five elements will definitely kill me.”

He raised his belt and shouted as he ran. He looked back at the Blood Dragon Killing Fist that was about to devour him and almost peed.

Right at this moment, a few golden beams flashed between the gaps of the blood dragons.