Chapter 618 - : Refining Four Zombie Venerable Puppets

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“As expected, the attraction of rebirth to zombies is greater.”

Looking at Old Demon Wen Ling who was kneeling at his feet like a bootlicker, Lin Ye could not help but sigh from the bottom of his heart.

“Master, I’ll go and break Blood Vengeance’s array now to help the goddess beat this bastard to death!”

In order to please Lin Ye, Old Demon Wen Ling completely abandoned his status as a zombie and spoke excitedly.

“Wait, I’ll bring this along.” Lin Ye nodded and casually threw out 100 points of enlightenment energy.

“This is…”

Old Demon Wen Ling took it and his pupils dilated again.

She had long heard of the name of Enlightenment Energy and had been lucky enough to use a few drops in the past, but that was a long time ago.

It was no exaggeration to say that this was a cultivation material that could increase one’s epiphany.

Not only was it strong for the cultivation system, it was also the strongest cultivation material for array masters who were good at research.

Many array masters with high cultivation levels wished they could use coffin boards to buy enlightenment energy.

But even so, that was traded according to the number of drops.

After all, the source of enlightenment energy was almost monopolized. Other than the Reflection Hall, which was one of the four sacred halls, no one else possessed it.

“Don’t look anymore. Use it at ease. If it’s not enough, call me again.”

As soon as Lin Ye said that, he almost made Old Demon Wen Ling cry.

Such a master. F*ck, he should have come earlier. I wouldn’t have to stay in an empty room for so many years.

Thinking of this, killing intent appeared in her eyes.

Of course, the target of this killing intent was none other than Venerable Blood Vengeance who was displaying his might outside.

“Master said that as long as I kill it, I will have a chance to revive in the future.”

“Therefore, for the sake of my beauty that is about to recover, I will take your life!!”

In an instant, the 100 old demons split up.

Each old demon occupied a Blood God Array within a hundred meters and swallowed a large amount of enlightenment energy.

Their condition was like that of a god as they quickly cracked the loophole of the array.

On the other side, Lin Ye did not idle either. He leaped into the depths of the void barrier.

He activated Heart’s Web and scanned a range of hundreds of thousands of meters.

In just two breaths, he locked onto the corpses of the four zombie venerables who had been killed by Mad Howl.

“Found them!”

Lin Ye revealed a look of joy. He raised his hand and grabbed at the air. ” Universal Pull!”

A few streams of light flew out from the darkness and stopped in front of him.

At the same time, the difficulty of Hint changed again.

From F class to F+, E-, and E+, it was still increasing towards Class C.

“So fast!”

Lin Ye’s pupils constricted. He did not dare to waste any more time.

He took out a ten-meter-long Five Elements Creation Cauldron. This was a treasure he had obtained from the Five Elements Spirit Race’s treasure vault.

It had a wide range of uses. It could be used to refine pills, medicine, weapons, talismans, and even corpses.

Although the last one sounded a little disgusting and out of place, this cauldron was actually very hygienic.

The cauldron was burning with the fire of the five elements. Any bacteria or microorganisms would be destroyed by the intense ice and heat energy before they were born.

However, that was not the main point. The main point was that using this corpse refinement technique was extremely fast!

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was spying on him, Lin Ye waved his sleeve and opened the furnace.

The corpses of the four zombie venerables were thrown into the furnace.

With a seal, the Yin Yang Five Elements Fire in the furnace instantly lit up, and the flames were dazzling.

The bodies of the four corpses sizzled as smoke filled the air.

Even the skin of the Zombie Venerable could not withstand the burning of the Yin Yang Five Elements Fire. Its blood energy rapidly evaporated and its skin burned.

“As expected of one of the Five Elements Spirit Race’s ultimate treasures. Awesome!!”

Previously, in Heaven Cast City, he had used Master Ou Ye’s exclusive furnace.

At that time, he felt that it was the best of the best. Refining a zombie king was like drinking water.

But now, compared to the Yin Yang Five Elements Cauldron, that thing was simply trash.

The cauldron was too fast. In less than ten seconds, the refinement of the zombie corpses was completed, making him a little flustered.

Next were the Body Tempering, Puppet Runes, Puppet Array Formation, and the final consolidation.

He was already familiar with the process, but there were too many natural spiritual materials in the Void Ring.

“F*ck, it actually took me three seconds to find the materials. I’m indeed old!”

Lin Ye sighed and threw a vast amount of natural spiritual materials into the cauldron.

The runes and array formations were a little troublesome.

This was true craftsmanship, especially when facing the four zombie venerables whose levels were higher than his.

The difficulty level far exceeded the previous puppets.

In order to increase efficiency, the Three Pure Avatars appeared behind him.

“This… is… a… very… obedient… puppet…”

His main body and avatar quickly activated the puppet technique.

A violent explosion sounded above his head and the female Martial God, Tian Xi, sent a voice transmission.

“Sobs, Master, save me. My secret technique’s time is almost up!”

“Hold on for another minute!”

Lin Ye gritted his teeth and was sweating profusely.

The seals in his hand were made so quickly that even the shadow of his fingers could not be seen.

At the same time, bad news came one after another.

The level of the main team was still too low, even with the enhancement of the Heavenly River Sword Array.

They were facing the zombie venerables who were ranked in the top ten and had exceeded Level 30, it was still not enough.

Once their output and endurance could not keep up, they would be caught by the other party and beaten back.

In addition, the crisis prediction of Hint changed again. From E+ → C- → C+ → B-…

The difficulty jumped faster and faster.

“Damn it!”

Lin Ye understood that the other party’s reinforcements were about to arrive.

It would take at least a minute to three minutes.

Time was tight. He hurriedly said, “Mad Howl, go and help the main team!”

Then, he focused on refining the corpse. In the current situation, he was the only turning point.

As long as he refined the corpse before the enemy reinforcements arrived.

At that time, with 100xReward, there would be at least 400 zombie venerables above Level 30.

He could even spend some money.

He wanted 100xQuality to create 4 zombie puppets that were close to 36 kings.

If he went any further, he would choose random…

Bah, he decided not to think so far for now.

In any case, as long as he succeeded, no matter what he chose, he would be crushed.

He could easily kill Blood Vengeance and leave with all the members.

Of course, he was also prepared to fail. Once the other party’s reinforcements came first, he would retreat immediately.

Hidden in the void barrier was a mushroom array with a million-year-old life core.

If they were all detonated, the power would be enough to destroy any enemy they encountered.

When the crisis prediction of Hint turned into a bright red Class A.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four consecutive beams of light rose from the Yin Yang Five Elements Cauldron.

At the same time, the system sent a congratulatory message.