Chapter 619 - Breaking The Blood God Array!

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“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have obtained 4 Level 35 Zombie Venerable Puppets!”

1. 400 Level 35 Zombie Venerable Puppets! (Can be chosen separately)

2. 4 Level 40 Zombie Venerable Puppets!

3. Random Level, Quantity of Zombie Venerable Puppets (Excludes the appearance of Level 30 Zombie Venerable Puppets and below from appearing!)

“F*ck, starting from Level 30? That’s too much of a loss!”

Lin Ye bared his teeth and directly rejected option 3.

In this situation, even if he was lucky, with the help of the golden dragon of luck and the many luck buffs.

He was definitely unable to ensure that he did not suffer a loss.

If he wanted to make a killing, he had to cross at least seven to eight steps.

It was undoubtedly difficult for the old lady to climb the mountain.

His gaze paused on options 1 and 2 for a moment.

Unfortunately, there was no time for him to think.

The prediction interface of Hint had already turned red, and the difficulty level had changed from Class A to A+.

At the same time, a dazzling vortex-like starlight appeared at the void wall far away.

Obviously, there was a powerful figure forcefully opening a spatial passageway in that area.

“Hahahaha, human brat, you’re dead for sure. Starlight Vortex, this is one of the 36 kings, King Chen Xing!”

Seeing this scene, Venerable Blood Vengeance was overjoyed. The more he fought, the braver he became.

For a time, Tian Xi and Mad Howl were forced back.

“Awesome, damn human trash. I swear, all of you will die. All of you will die!”

Not far away, the Seventh Venerable Cang Ji laughed excitedly and cursed viciously.

In the past few minutes, he had been beaten up too badly.

In the past, Ghost Cry’s strength was far inferior to it.

But after not seeing him for half a day, this bastard actually soared to above Level 30. It was simply ridiculous.

Other than that, the Succubus Demon Race’s [Mia Rao] was powerful.

Her Netherworld Black Water Domain suppressed all his attributes by at least 30%.

This also led to its complete defeat in a 1v2 situation.

He had been suppressed and beaten up. He felt so aggrieved.

Therefore, when he saw the starlight vortex in the distance, he should be the happiest among the remaining three zombie venerables.

However, at this moment of joy, he heard a sound wave attack.

It was Ghost Cry. At the critical moment, he caught the loophole in Cang Ji’s mind and used a sound wave secret technique to clash with his sea of consciousness.

“[Mia Rao]l!” He shouted angrily.

[Mia Rao] didn’t waste her breath. She controlled the extremely cold and dark water to transform into a thousand-meter dark nether snake.

The snake’s body twisted like a hemp flower, breaking the body of the venerable.


The intense pain finally awakened the venerable. He struggled crazily, trying to break the binding of the snake with brute force.

Unfortunately, the Netherworld Black Water was not only extremely cold, but also incomparably heavy.

With [Mia Rao]’s current realm, every drop of Netherworld Black Water could reach a weight of 500kg or a thousand meters long.

Its weight was definitely not inferior to more than ten towering mountain ranges.

“I’ll kill you while you’re down!”

Ghost Cry was experienced and quickly went up to add fuel to the fire.

A miserable saber beam slid down like a blood moon. In the waterfall of blood, a head covered in cracks fell to the ground.

Seventh Venerable—Cang Zi, dead!

“Old Cang!!!” Blood Vengeance’s eyes turned red.

“Blood Vengeance, save me!”

This time, it was the Sixth Venerable, Mu Yong, who panicked.

The situation was originally pretty good. Blood Vengeance was suppressing Tian Xi and Mad Howl.

On the other hand, he was suppressing the other party’s main force.

Old Cang was in charge of holding back the wailing ghosts and the succubus traitors.

As long as the Star King descended smoothly, all the humans and traitors present would die.

But now that Old Cang had suddenly died, and his combat power was only slightly stronger than Old Cang.

The current him was in the most dangerous situation.

Once Ghost Cry and the succubus woman who had killed Old Cang attacked together with the main team, he would definitely die.

“F*ck, use your trump card! Trash!”

Venerable Blood Vengeance cursed angrily, but his work was done quickly.

As he clashed with Tian Xi, he roared crazily.

As he took out a wisp of energy source the size of a fingernail from the Blood God Array, he flicked his finger and fused it into Venerable Mu Yong’s body.

“Good, so strong!”

“This power is the power of the Blood God Array?”

“This is too magical!”

Sensing the terrifying effect of the Blood Sea Liquid, Mu Yong was shocked and furious.

F*cking Blood Vengeance!

Why was such a powerful secret technique only spread to Blood Vengeance?

And not passed on to them?

If all the venerables could control the Blood God Array and the Blood God Sutra.

In that case, there was no need for King Chen Xing to take action in this battle. Just the eight venerables were enough.

They could definitely easily sweep through the scum of the Human Race and the traitors of Hell.

For the time being, he suppressed the distracting thoughts in his heart. He bathed in the blood light and accepted what Blood Vengeance gave him with all his heart.

Although he only obtained a wisp, it was his first time using the Blood Sea Liquid.

Especially since this was the Blood Sea Liquid that Blood Vengeance had purified through the Blood God Sutra.

For a time, his blood energy particles increased drastically. Not only did he recover from the consumption from before, he even showed signs of breaking through to their current realm.

This time, his confidence took over again.

He was confident that even if [Mia Rao] and Ghost Cry joined the siege, he could definitely last until the arrival of King Chen Xing.

“I’m in trouble!”

On Lin Ye’s side, the expressions of [Mia Rao] and Ghost Cry changed drastically.

The aura in the distance became stronger and stronger. Before King Chen Xing could pass through the vortex, the terrifying power of the zombie king bloodline pressured them until their scalps went numb.

“Where’s the human lord?”

They wanted to gather Lin Ye. If they fled now, they still had a chance.

Of course, under the entanglement of Blood Vengeance and Mu Yong, there would definitely be sacrifices.

A decision of this level could only be made by a human lord.

Other than the area where everyone was fighting, there was a hidden corner where there was a weak fluctuation of the Taichi Domain.

Unfortunately, with their cultivation, they could not see or detect the situation inside.

“What should we do!” Ghost Cry was secretly anxious.

“There’s no other way. Let’s risk our lives. Without the Human Lord’s orders, no one is allowed to leave!” [Mia Rao] glared at Ghost Cry warningly.

After all, the connection between spies and Lin Ye was only the Hidden Order.

If Ghost Cry wanted to betray him, the Hidden Token alone would not be able to restrain him.

“Why are you looking at me? I want to run, but do you think I dare!” Ghost Cry smiled bitterly.

At all times, he could sense the direction of the main team. A pair of sharp eyes locked onto him from afar.

Once he had the intention to do so, not to mention turning hostile, even the hidden dangers left behind in the Five Elements Divine Technique could take his life.

“Then let’s fight. Give your life to the Human Lord. I believe in him!” [Mia Rao]’s gaze was firm.

As soon as she finished speaking, she forcefully suppressed the nervousness in her heart and turned around to cooperate with the main team to kill the Sixth Venerable, Mu Yong.

“Kill, kill! I’ll risk my life today!”

Ghost Cry cursed angrily and followed closely behind to join the battle.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes were bloodshot.

At this moment, the eyes of the hundred Old Demon Wen Lings who had been hiding in the Taichi Domain to break the Blood God Array lit up.

With her cultivation and attainments.

Even with 100xReward and the help of enlightenment energy,

She still needed about three minutes to break it.

After all, this was the strongest Blood God Array in the Zombie Divine Realm.

Even though Blood Vengeance only knew the area of the green beans outside the map, the difficulty of deciphering it was infinitely high.

However, Blood Vengeance was courting death. He actually dared to split the more complete Blood God Array in his hands.

This way, there would be a loophole in this complete array.

In the eyes of others, it was nothing.

However, there were a total of 100 Old Demon Wen Lings here, which was also 100 creation-level array masters.

When the quantity reached this level, a qualitative change could also occur.

The next moment, following the clues, the hundred of them revealed overjoyed expressions. “Found it!!”

“As long as we break the array, we will have done a great deed!”

“Break for me!”

Thinking of this, how could the hundred of them still hide their strength?

With the protection of the Taichi Domain above their heads, they did not panic at all and directly controlled the 100 array flags.

The array flags were extremely fast and entered the various nodes in the void in the blink of an eye.

In an instant, the blood light shattered, cutting off the connection between the Blood God Array and Mu Yong.