Chapter 620 - Killing A Zombie With A Borrowed Sword

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“Damn it, what’s going on!!!”

He could feel the amount of Blood Sea Liquid descending from the Blood God Array decreasing. In fact, it completely disappeared a few seconds later.

Blood Vengeance’s expression turned from ashen to panic.

Once he lost the Blood Sea Liquid, his greatest advantage would be gone.

In the blink of an eye, the Life Origin Crystal shattered and a wound was slashed open by the Mad Howl.

Under the crazy bombardment of Tian Xi and Mad Howl, he collapsed again.

Blood flashed. In less than a breath, he became a bloody person.

Not far away, Mu Yong was not much better.

The Blood Sea Liquid that was supplied to him was cut off as well.

He was also surrounded by the main team, [Mia Rao], and Ghost Cry.

Soon, one of his arms was ruthlessly crushed by [Mia Rao], and he screamed repeatedly.

At this moment, Li Xinyi was surrounded by blood energy.

After many fights, including the four zombie venerables from before and after slaughtering Mu Yong’s arm.

The buff of the Blood Feast had already reached an unprecedented level.

Her eyes were bloodshot, and she looked like a god of death.

The cold killing intent that made one’s scalp tingle was like a materialized black blade that pierced straight into Mu Yong’s pupils.

The next moment, she left the Heavenly River Array.

“Sister Xinyi!”

Han Qingqing shouted loudly, wanting to stop her.

However, in this state, Li Xinyi had already gone crazy and casually sent Han Qingqing flying.

She turned around and transformed into a blood-colored blade.

When she appeared again, she was already standing behind Venerable Mu Yong.

“So fast!”

Mu Yong’s eyes widened as he turned his head in disbelief.

A spot of blood appeared on his neck, and his corpse fell to the ground, dead.

“My lord, I… I did it.”

Li Xinyi was panting and sweating profusely.

With her cultivation and willpower, if not for the two experiences in the Demon Hall.

The side effect of forcefully absorbing the blood essence of the four zombie venerables was enough to devour her main consciousness and turn her into a zombie.

Fortunately, she persevered in the end and gathered all her blood energy at one point to unleash a sure-kill attack.

This allowed her to successfully kill Venerable Mu Yong.

For one of a lower class to kill one of a higher class, especially when the difference in strength was more than ten classes, the experience gained was simply unimaginable.

In an instant, more than ten upgrade golden beams descended from the sky, and seven of them flew towards Li Xinyi.

The remaining upgrade golden light entered the main team.

In the blink of an eye, Li Xinyi levelled up 7 times in a row and reached Class 27!

Lin Hai and the others also reached Class 21 and 22 one after another.

“F*ck, I did my best too. Why isn’t there any for me!” Fu Wanli sat on the Yin Yang Floating Earth Bell.

As he complained sourly, he quickly used the storage beam to keep Mu Yong’s corpse into his Void Ring.

He knew his lord’s ability. Once he refined the corpses of these zombie venerables into puppets.

That was a true treasure!

These things happened in an instant.


Not far away, Venerable Blood Vengeance saw this and let out an ear-piercing roar.

He could not believe it.

Lin Ye was just a new season’s Human Lord, and he had yet to obtain a Heaven’s Fate Medal.

Yet, he could actually break the trap that he and the high priest had planned for a long time and kill so many venerables to the point that he was the only one left.

Even if he could win this time, he would have to pay a painful price.

“You’re dead!!!”

Blood Vengeance gritted his teeth. The situation was turning around.

Originally, he was the one who was pressuring Tian Xi and Mad Howl, but things had changed one after another.

He was too weak now and could only protect himself.

However, it did not matter. He could wait. As long as King Xing Chen completely descended and he was still not dead.

So what if he was punished?

“Die your a**!”

“I’ll kill you first!”

On the other hand, Tian Xi and Mad Howl were having a good time killing, changing their previous disadvantage.

The god and corpse cooperated well, beating Blood Vengeance until he fled.

“Pu! Pu!”

Without the enhancement of the Blood God Array, the difference was obvious.

In three breaths, Blood Vengeance’s waist was hit by the Valkyrie’s Sword of Glory.

“Well done, goddess.” Mad Howl crazily bootlicked behind.

“Continue, let’s continue!”

Tian Xi was so excited that her eyes lit up.

Five breaths later, Blood Vengeance’s crotch was hit by Little Dark Night Killing Blade, and blood poured down.

Ten breaths later, Blood Vengeance’s butt was hit by a sword and a saber, piercing deep into his bones.


“Damn it!!!”

Blood Vengeance exploded as he spewed out curses crazily.

A tiger like him was actually being bullied by dogs!!!

If not for the fact that the Life Origin Crystal had been stolen, if not for the Blood God Array being broken, if not…

These two sons of b*tches, he could beat them until they knelt down and called him father.

But now, in order to protect himself, he could only protect the most important core.

In this state of being beaten up, facing the crazy attacks of Tian Xi and Mad Howl, he could only passively accept the continuous bullying of the two defeated opponents.

“Rascal, curse again!”

Tian Xi raised her eyebrows.

The 100th Ascension to God Technique slashed in different ways, causing Blood Vengeance’s entire body to shatter as he screamed continuously.

“Miss Goddess is awesome! Miss Goddess is awesome!”

He licked his lips and acted as a bootlicker. At the same time, he sneakily stabbed Blood Vengeance’s damaged waist.

“King Xing Chen!!!”


Blood Vengeance wailed and his cries were earth-shattering.

He no longer cursed at the Valkyrie.

He turned his head and spat angrily in the direction of the starlight vortex.

After being beaten up for so long, anyone could tell that there was definitely something wrong with the starlight vortex.

How long had it been?

Even if he was teleported dozens of maps away and had to withstand the punishment of the Infinite Blood God Lightning Tribulation.

With the strength of a King, he should have arrived long ago.

However, although the starlight vortex became brighter and brighter, no one appeared.

It was obvious that King Xing Chen wanted him to die first.

As expected, when he heard Blood Vengeance’s curse, a calm and cold voice came from the starlight vortex.

“Blood Vengeance, don’t hate me. You’ve coveted the position of the 36 Kings for a long time. I could have given you some face, but Heavenly Ghost King offered a higher price that I couldn’t refuse. Go in peace. I will avenge you personally.”

“High Priest!!!”

“B*tch, b*tch, you!!!”

Blood Vengeance was shocked.

Upon hearing the words ‘Heavenly Ghost King’, he completely understood.

All of this was a ploy by the high priest.

This thief had repeatedly hinted that the Heavenly Ghost King’s body was about to collapse and used the spare title to attract him.

Then, he imparted the Blood God Array and the Zombie Divine Hall’s supreme cultivation technique, Blood God Sutra.

This made him grateful to the high priest and he was willing to work for him.

Now that the high priest knew that his Life Origin Crystal had shattered and was of no use.

He wanted to use someone else to kill him and deliberately send the news to the Heavenly Ghost King.

As long as he did not die, the Heavenly Ghost King would not be at ease. He would definitely pay a trump card to buy his life.

His logical thinking was too clear. Even a child would instantly understand when they saw it.

However, he was unwilling to accept this!!!

As he cursed, his back was struck again, leaving a sword mark of more than ten centimetres.

“Zombie brat, you’re really miserable.”

Behind him, Tian Xi immediately retreated and mocked from afar.

“Alright, alright, alright. All of you want me to die!!”

Although he hated humans, at this moment.

Compared to humans, he hated the high priest, the Heavenly Ghost King, and King Xing Chen more.

“Human Lord, come out and meet me!”