Chapter 621 - Blood Vengeance Dies, King Xing Chen Appears!

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“Blood Vengeance, do you understand the fate of traitors?”

Hearing Blood Vengeance call out to Lin Ye from afar, the voice of King Xing Chen suddenly became cold.

“Traitor? Fate?”

Blood Vengeance’s face was filled with disdain. “I’m already going to die. Why should I care about anything else? So what if the Zombie Divine Palace orders a blood oath? At most, I’ll hide in the void wall for a few weeks.”

“When the rules of the Surface World support me to go up and join the human lord, will I still be afraid of you?”

Before he could finish speaking, his face was kicked by a pair of silver-white legs.

He spat out blood and flew far away.

“F*ck, why are you still fighting? I surrender!!”

Blood Vengeance was trembling with anger, but he did not dare to curse.

He was not stupid. Valkyrie Tian Xi’s status in the Lin Clan was not low. If he really offended this little girl, it would probably cause a lot of trouble.

“It’s none of my business if you surrender. As long as the Human Lord doesn’t say anything, I’ll beat you to death. Besides, I don’t want to be companions with a fool like you. Why? You’re degrading myself!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the Valkyrie, Tian Xi, charged forward again, beating Blood Vengeance until his head was covered in blood.

Blood Vengeance was about to cry.

F*ck, who did I offend?

But in the current situation, he had no choice.

The high priest and King Xing Chen had schemed against him. If he did not join Lin Ye, King Xing Chen might personally kill him.

Once things developed to this stage, it would be too late.

Therefore, there were only two ways left.

Firstly, he could borrow Lin Ye’s strength and pretend to join him to lure him out.

If King Xing Chen saw that Lin Ye could not kill Blood Vengeance, he would definitely appear personally to kill him.

At that time, he would definitely fight Lin Ye as well.

In that case, he might have a chance to escape.

The second plan was to sincerely submit to Lin Ye. Even if they could not defeat King Xing Chen with so many people working together.

Sacrificing half of his men was definitely not a problem for him to escape.

However, the passive choice was handed over to Lin Ye.

Thinking of this, a strange glint flashed across Blood Vengeance’s eyes. He endured the surging blood in his body and blasted Tian Xi back with a Blood God Killing Fist.

He raised his head and shouted again, “Master, I sincerely submit. If you don’t believe me, I’m willing to offer you the Blood God Array Map outside the Ghost Cry Tomb Map and the Zombie Divine Palace’s supreme cultivation technique, the Blood God’s Scripture. Please show yourself!”

“How dare you!”

“Blood Vengeful Rogue, how dare you leak the secrets of my race. You’re courting death!”

This time, even King Xing Chen who was hiding in the starlight vortex could not sit still.

The cold killing intent was almost corporeal, freezing the surrounding temperature by a few degrees.

A moment later, the vortex passageway emitted a dazzling light as beams of light flew through it.

Seeing this, Xue Chou panicked. “Human Lord, in less than 30 seconds, King Xing Chen will be teleported over. Come out quickly. We’ll hide in the Ghost Cry Tomb map and cut off the connection with the Blood God Array. Then, we’ll get the Ghost Cry to block the spatial coordinates. King Xing Chen will definitely not be able to find us in the short term!”

“Only then can everyone live!!”

No one replied. For a moment, it was so calm that it was a little scary.

Blood Vengeance was sweating profusely, and his wounds could not stop bleeding.

However, he couldn’t care less now. As long as Lin Ye was willing to appear, he was confident that he could live!

After all, he was the first person to dominate the Zombie Divine Palace for dozens of seasons.

His strength, value, and secrets were enough for Lin Ye and King Xing Chen to fight.

On the other side, Tian Xi and Mad Roar also stopped their attacks.

From the looks of it, King Xing Chen was indeed about to descend.

This time, he was actually doing it. He was no longer as slow as before.

It would probably take less than thirty seconds, twenty seconds, or even faster.

Suddenly, an extremely fast afterimage flashed through the depths of the void barrier.

Before Blood Vengeance could react.

Without giving him a chance to resist, the terrifying power in the palm exploded and directly suppressed all the blood energy particles in his body.

At the same time, an invisible wave spread out and quietly shattered its core.

“It’s… it’s you?!!”

Blood Vengeance’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the black shadow that killed him. However, when he saw the other party’s face clearly.

A trace of confusion and confusion flashed across its eyes.

Then, his neck tilted and he died.

Seeing this, the crowd exploded.

“That’s too strong!”

“What fast speed!”

The core team was shocked.

“But this guy looks a little familiar.” Ghost Cry scratched his head.

From its angle, it could vaguely see half of its face.

Although this fellow’s face was terrifyingly dark, his appearance was similar to a fellow it knew.

Furthermore, they had met a few minutes ago.

“It seems to be Venerable Deng Qiu who was killed by me!” Mad Howl narrowed his eyes and said with a frown.

He was confident that Deng Qiu definitely died under that Dark Night Violent Blade.

“Idiot, that’s an alchemy puppet.”

Soon, Valkyrie Tian Xi, who was the first to understand, whispered, “It’s Master’s method. Don’t talk too much!”

Upon hearing this, be it Mad Howl or Ghost Cry, they were all a little surprised.

Was this human lord so omnipotent?

Previously, they thought that this human lord was too scared. While everyone was fighting to the death, he hid in the dark and spied on them.

If he was no match for them, he could escape at any time.

They never expected that the other party did not run at all and instead got an impressive alchemy puppet.

However, they vaguely felt that something was wrong.

With Venerable Deng Qiu’s strength, even if he was refined into a perfect quality alchemy puppet, shouldn’t its combat power be the same as before?

However, the speed at which he instantly killed Blood Vengeance did not seem to be the combat power that someone of this realm should have.

Just as they were feeling bewildered.

The starlight passageway in the distance froze, and a dazzling figure quickly emerged from it.

The light was very strong and one could not see its exact appearance.

But from the looks of it, the person who came was definitely not a zombie but one of the 36 kings, King Chen Xing.

However, before it could stabilize itself.

The depths of the vortex passageway spun crazily again, and a ball of blood-colored lightning that was so dark that it was purple chased out.

It slashed at King Xing Chen crazily.

“Mere rules, you are just an inanimate object!”

King Xing Chen curled his lips in ridicule.

He tore a special spirit talisman with a pained expression.

In an instant, the power of the spirit talisman transformed into a flowing barrier of light that surrounded it.

The energy of this arc of light was special.

It could actually block 90% of the power of the Blood God Lightning Tribulation.

The remaining 10% was nothing to King Chen Xing, who had become one of the 36 kings.

As soon as he landed, he clapped with a faint smile on his face.

Calmly but not elegantly, he said, “Human Lord of the new season, regarding the matter of Blood Vengeance, consider it that I owe you a favour. It’s just that I’ve risked the Blood God Lightning Tribulation to come personally. Why don’t you show yourself?”

“There’s no need. Just tell my puppet avatar.”

The person who spoke was not Lin Ye himself, but his voice through Deng Qiu’s puppet body.

At the same time, he did not forget to grab the corpse of Venerable Blood Vengeance and put it into his Void Ring.

The smile on King Xing Chen’s face froze.

Fortunately, his entire body was emitting starlight, and the others could not see his expression.

After a while, he smiled strangely and said, “Why? Are you afraid?”

“What a joke. You? You’re not qualified!” The puppet avatar sneered.

“A puppet close to Level 40. Is this your confidence?” King Xing Chen shook his head, and starlight flashed.

With a loud bang, the puppet avatar seemed to be hit by a meteorite.

Its entire body flew tens of thousands of meters back uncontrollably before stopping.

“If you don’t come out, not only will I shatter your combat puppets, I will also cruelly kill all your subordinates.” King Chen Xing was calm. With the Blood God Lightning above his head, the sea of blood under his feet surged and covered the sky.

Obviously, he was also proficient in the Blood God Array and the Blood God Demon Scripture. Compared to that half-baked Blood Vengeance, it was much stronger.

“Catch up to me if you have the ability!”

Suddenly, a shout came from the darkness.

The next moment, countless light particles exploded. They were so fast that the naked eye could not lock onto them and instantly disappeared.

“Great Light Celestial Body!!”

“Very good!”

King Xing Chen was overjoyed. His body transformed into starlight as he tore through the air and chased after them.