Chapter 622 - Burn! Divine Blood!!

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Chapter 622: Burn! Divine Blood!!

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“What should we do? Should we go over?”

Looking at the shadow of the man and the corpse leaving, Valkyrie Tian Xi frowned.

“Don’t be anxious. With our strength, we will only cause trouble for the lord if we go over.” Mad Roar shook his head.

Although he did not have much contact with the new season’s Human Sovereign, but from the moment the Hidden Order Token was triggered to the ambush and revenge.

He could tell that this human lord was definitely not simple.

Rather than saying that he was overly cautious, he felt that it should be an elegant and flawless style.

One step, three steps.

Such a person could still remain calm and not escape when he saw that King Xing Chen was about to descend.

Other than having 100% confidence in winning, he could not think of any other reason.

As expected, not long after he finished speaking, a ball of hazy purple fog silently appeared in the darkness.

“Everyone, don’t move. It’s me!”

Soon, Heart’s Web rippled and Lin Ye’s voice reached everyone’s sea of consciousness.

At this moment, be it the main team, Fu Wanli, Mia Rao, Ghost Cry, Tian Xi, or Mad Roar, all of them revealed looks of joy.

“Master, who was the one who used the Great Light Celestial Body just now?” Tian Xi’s eyes flickered.

“That was one of my avatars.”

“F*ck, don’t disturb me. I’m not out of danger yet.”

“Although I’ve cut off the spying of the Zombie Divine Palace’s high priest, this King Chen Xing is very cunning. With the Blood God Array reconnected, his control is several times stronger than Blood Vengeance. Your every move is under his surveillance.”

“Don’t be anxious. I’m using the illusion technique that Ancestor Blackheart taught me. It’s enough to fool the Blood God Array.”

Lin Ye hurriedly replied.

The main body and the Three Pure Avatars were sweating profusely as they hid in the dense purple gas and quickly formed hand seals.

A moment later, countless shadows flashed.

A clear and bright mirror that seemed to reflect the world swayed on his fingertip.

He let out a low shout and suddenly raised his palm.

The fingernail-sized mirror enveloped everyone in the area.

In an instant, the mirror expanded rapidly.

It covered this area indiscriminately, reflecting everyone’s illusion avatars.

At the same time, the warning data from Hint changed rapidly.

From the previous scarlet A+, it dropped to Class D in a few breaths. Then, the decline slowed down.

At this level, although there was still less than 1% danger, it was insignificant.

After confirming again and again, he heaved a sigh of relief and came out of the dense purple gas.

“Human Lord, let’s return to my territory first. After we enter, I can cut off the connection between the Ghost Cry Tomb map and the Zombie Divine Hall. I can seal the spatial coordinates. No matter how powerful King Xing Chen, he won’t be able to catch us in the short term,” Venerable Ghost Cry suggested.

Lin Ye nodded and turned to look in the direction of the main team. “Song Kuaidi, summon a battleship. I’ll cover you guys as you go over.”

“Alright.” Song Kuaidi nodded and bowed.

His spirit vehicle talent had evolved many times and he could now change into all kinds of transport equipment at will.

Of course, safety was the most important thing.

The main characteristic of the spirit vehicle was its unpredictability. The more developed it was, the more silent it would be, like a ghost passing through. Unless one had a top-notch eye technique, one would not be able to see it.

Combined with Lin Ye’s dense ghost aura and the double buff, it was simply the strongest escape method in the current phase of the season.

As soon as he finished speaking, the green barrier of light around him expanded.

The next moment, it transformed into a void battleship about a hundred meters long.

At the same time, a green figure appeared at the top of the battleship.

“Dear fellow humans, zombies, and friends from the succubus race!”

“I’ve been a professional for 30 years. Don’t worry, I’m reliable!”

“Please swipe your card when you get in. Men get 10,000 points. Women can kiss me for free!”

Hearing Song Kuaidi’s playful voice, the members of the main team laughed in unison.

The people who were not from the Nine States did not understand what he meant.

Through the laughter, it silently eliminated the pressure brought about by the arrival of King Xing Chen.

However, soon, hundreds of sudden voices came from the Taichi Domain. The voices were filled with nervousness and excitement.

“10,000 points? I don’t have it, but don’t worry, I was once a woman too. I’ll let you in on a little secret. My first kiss is still there. I just hope that you can bring me along. I’m willing to give all 100 of my first kisses to you.”

These keywords instantly made everyone understand who it was.

All of them looked at each other and laughed.

However, as the person involved, Song Kuaidi could no longer remain calm. His expression was extremely ugly.

The next moment, before Song Kuaidi could say anything.

Figures flew out from the darkness. There were exactly a hundred of them.

In the blink of an eye, they pounced on Song Kuaidi.

“Hey, hey, old demon, shut up. I was just joking. Everything is free!”

“F*ck, how many years has it been since you brushed your teeth? It stinks!”

Soon, the farce ended.

Old Demon Wen Ling boarded the battleship in satisfaction.

The others held back their laughter and got into the cars one after another.

Lin Ye patted the dizzy Song Kuaidi.

He passed through a wisp of life force from the Yin Yang Flower Immortal World and forcefully woke him up from his poisoned state.

“Thank you for saving my life, my lord.”

Song Kuaidi panted with a look of lingering fear.

“Cut the crap. It’s time to go.” Lin Ye ordered. At the same time, the dense purple aura under his feet enveloped the entire warship.

Green light flashed and quickly disappeared into the depths of the void.

In the depths of the void barrier, a white and a purple stream of light flew through the void.

“Human Lord, you have many tricks up your sleeves, but against me, you won’t be able to escape!!!”

King Xing Chen’s face was ashen as he roared angrily.

He was the best at speed among the 36 kings, but even with the Star Escape Technique, he was actually unable to catch up to Lin Ye in terms of speed.

It was not that his speed was really inferior to Lin Ye.

It was because this kid was too slippery. The secret techniques, talents, and Great Dao he controlled were so many that it made one’s scalp tingle.

In just a few minutes.

He had already unleashed seven to eight types of suppressed domains and more than ten types of talents.

Especially the Great Dao. This was the most ridiculous.

One could imagine that the power of thousands of Great Dao was like a solidified barrier in front of him.

With every second that the Star Escape Technique flew, it would have to break through hundreds of walls of laws of different attributes.

Layers of resistance and weakening.

As a result, when he was about to catch up, he was instantly pulled away by Lin Ye. He was so angry that his liver was about to burn.

“Incompetent rage is a sign of weakness. How can you call yourself a king?”

‘Lin Ye’ curled his lips and mocked indifferently, “If the entire Zombie God Realm is filled with trash like you, I won’t have to worry. In a few days, I can destroy all of you with a raise of my hand.”

“Ignorant child, you don’t know what kind of existence you’re talking to!”

“If not for the fact that I was suppressed by the Blood God Lightning Tribulation, how could I let you be arrogant?”

“But it doesn’t matter. Congratulations on successfully provoking the anger of a king!”

“I promise you that the next few seconds will be the most brilliant curtain call of your life!”

“Burn! Divine blood!!!”

Upon hearing this, King Xing Chen’s eyes flickered with a dazzling light, and his already furious mentality completely exploded.

As he roared, blood light poured down from his body like a miniature sea of blood, illuminating tens of thousands of stars around it.

Be it combat power or the increase in all attributes, it instantly decreased by 100%.