Chapter 1277 - Casting

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Chapter 1277: Casting

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“Under the Sky” was different from some traditional television dramas in the past.

Over the years, Chinese television dramas had mostly been about love between men and women. No matter how ambitious the television drama was, in the end, it would still be reduced to a love drama with lofty intentions.

The original work of “Under the Sky” mainly portrayed three men who grew up in different environments.

The three youths of the God Clan, the Human Clan, and the Demon Clan gathered at Dian Cang Mountain to cultivate at the same time. After experiencing an ordeal, the three of them inherited the system and finally joined hands to save the world.

There was naturally love in this novel, but at the same time, friendship, teacher-student relationship, classmate relationship, and the righteousness of the world were equally dazzling in this novel, making one’s heart flutter.

Among the three main male actors, only Yan Ci was the more normal casting choice.

Yan Ci would play the role of the third prince of the human race. He was gentle and refined, and his chest was broad. It matched his temperament very well. He was at the standard agreed upon by book fans.

However, it was not an exaggeration to say that the other two shocked everyone.

Because the actor of the crown prince of the Gods was Jun Shiling, a person that no one would think of even if they racked their brains.

As for the successor of the devils, he was Xuan Sheng, a person that no one could imagine.

[??? Is this world magical or am I magical?? It’s already ridiculous enough that Jun Shiling knows how to act in television dramas. Xuan Sheng?? I don’t think I’m awake.]

[… Shocking the casting of my entire family. As expected, such a situation can only happen when Xia Wanyuan is the director. What kind of godly configuration is this… If nothing goes wrong, no matter how this television drama is filmed, it should be popular.]

[ I still can’t understand. It’s fine if Jun Shiling acts in this, but Xuan Sheng? Doesn’t Xuan Sheng like Xia Wanyuan? CEO Jun can actually endure acting with his love rival. Amazing. ]

There was a heated discussion on the Internet. In the production team, Chen Yun and Lu Li were also stunned.

Xia Wanyuan was very calm, although she did not know why Xuan Sheng had come to the audition.

However, she only valued the outcome. In the end, although Xuan Sheng’s acting skills were not professional, his unique temperament was indeed very similar to the Demon Venerable’s temperament.

Hence, Xia Wanyuan chose him.

As for Jun Shiling’s casting, it was really because Jun Shiling had used his family status to get in through the back door.

Jun Shiling was originally not interested in filming any television dramas, but he happened to flip through the script and realized that Xia Wanyuan would guest star as the wife of the crown prince of the god race.

In addition, he knew that Xuan Sheng had successfully auditioned and become the actor of the successor of the devil race.

How could Jun Shiling be at ease with Xia Wanyuan filming with Xuan Sheng every day? He immediately decided that he wanted to join the production team too.

Xia Wanyuan wanted to object, but the moment she saw Jun Shiling change into his costume, she was stunned.

Jun Shiling had a noble and restrained temperament. In his costume, he really looked like a god from the sky.

Xia Wanyuan did not object anymore and chose him.

After returning to the manor for dinner that night, Jun Shiling carried Xiao Bao to the study to do his homework, then carried Xia Wanyuan into the bedroom.

“Baby, can we discuss something?”

“No.” Xia Wanyuan knew what Jun Shiling was going to say and stopped him in advance.

Jun Shiling buried his chin in Xia Wanyuan’s neck and rubbed it. “Baby.”

“How can you be like this? Didn’t I agree to let you join the production team?? What are you worried about?”

“Hmph.” Jun Shiling grabbed Xia Wanyuan’s waist in dissatisfaction. “Cut it out.”

Xia Wanyuan wrapped her arms around Jun Shiling’s neck. “Are you still worried that I’ll run?”

“That’s not it.” Jun Shiling believed in Xia Wanyuan, but he just did not like Xuan Sheng’s gaze to land on her.

Xia Wanyuan took the initiative to kiss Jun Shiling. “CEO Jun, you’re a magnanimous person, okay?”

Jun Shiling snorted and leaned down to kiss Xia Wanyuan’s red lips.

In Glory World Corporation, the assistant handed the contract to Xuan Sheng.

“CEO Xuan, Miss Xia has already agreed to cooperate. This is the production team’s contract.”

“Mm.” Xuan Sheng took the contract and glanced at it.

The assistant sighed silently in his heart, thinking that their CEO Xuan was really miserable.

Isn’t it good to be the CEO of a corporation? He probably went to act in a television drama just to take a few more glances at Xia Wanyuan.

“CEO Xuan, Xia Wanyuan and the rest have also announced a few other candidates for the main lead. One of them is Jun Shiling.” At this point, the assistant only had one thought. Xia Wanyuan was indeed a big shot to be able to get someone like Jun Shiling over, but in this way, their CEO Xuan was in trouble.

“It’s expected.” Xuan Sheng was not surprised at all. According to Jun Shiling’s possessive personality, it would be strange if he did not come.

After saying this, Xuan Sheng suddenly thought of something. “How’s Feng Wuyou?”

Chu Yi had attacked too quickly, so much so that he did not give anyone a chance to react. Xuan Sheng had even bought a plane ticket to America, but bad news had already arrived.

“Chu Yi brought Miss Feng’s body back to Continent F. Other news has been blocked,” the assistant reported in detail.

“Pfft.” A hint of mockery appeared in Xuan Sheng’s eyes. “She’s already dead. Who is he pretending to be?”

Xuan Sheng was a man, so he could naturally tell that there was a light in Chu Yi’s eyes that he had not noticed.

However, who would have thought that Chu Yi would really be so ruthless? He actually uprooted the Feng family and left nothing behind.

“Alright, you can leave first. Tell me if there’s any news.”

After the assistant left, Xuan Sheng picked up the contract in front of him and looked at it.

Just as the outside world had guessed, he was indeed not interested in television dramas. He mainly wanted to be closer to Xia Wanyuan. He had never thought of disturbing her. It was fine to take a look.

However, when he thought of what his assistant had just said about Chu Yi, Xuan Sheng’s originally longing expression turned into pain.

Feng Wuyou was the only friend he had accidentally made overseas, but he had not even seen her for the last time.

At this moment, in Continent F, Chu Yi was working in the study. Su Yao stood outside and looked into the distance.

Over the past few days, Su Yao had become the only woman who had been left behind. The butler had high hopes for her. “Miss Su, Young Master usually likes to drink a little plum wine at this time. Why don’t you bring him a glass?”

Hearing the plum wine, Su Yao’s expression did not change, but her heart ached.

She used to like plum wine the most.

“Okay, I’ll get it now.”

Soon, Su Yao came over with a glass of wine. The butler gave her a look and Su Yao knocked on the door.

Under the butler’s gratified gaze, Su Yao walked in.

This was the first time Su Yao had entered Chu Yi’s study.

The furnishings in the study were very different from what Su Yao had imagined. It was not as domineering and wild as Su Yao had thought, but very simple.

Chu Yi looked up at Su Yao. “Look up at me.”

Su Yao looked at Chu Yi with her glass-like eyes. Chu Yi’s heart skipped a beat.

These eyes were too similar, but other than these eyes, there was nothing else that looked like Feng Wuyou.

“In the future, you’re not allowed to lower your head in front of me. You have to look straight at me, understand?”

Su Yao was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Okay.”

“Come here. What did you take?”

Su Yao brought the plum wine over. Chu Yi smelled a faint wine fragrance. He reached for the wine glass and handed it to Su Yao. “Drink it.”

Su Yao looked troubled. “Young Master, I don’t know how to drink.”

Chu Yi frowned. “I told you to drink it.”

Su Yao pursed her lips and took a sip of wine. Then, she choked and coughed.

Looking at Su Yao’s coughing and flushed face, a hint of disappointment flashed across Chu Yi’s eyes. “Come here.”

Su Yao coughed lightly as she walked towards Chu Yi. Caught off guard, Chu Yi pulled her over and wrapped her around his lap.

Su Yao’s face flushed red and her eyelashes fluttered. She pushed Chu Yi in embarrassment. “Young Master, don’t be like this.”

Chu Yi placed a hand on her waist and pulled her closer. “How is it? Just sit here and watch me work.”

With that, Chu Yi focused on the document in front of her, as if he really did not have any other thoughts.

Su Yao carefully glanced at Chu Yi, then lowered her head and glanced at the things on the document.

With just a glance, Su Yao was stunned.

At that moment, all sorts of information about Xia Wanyuan was written on the document, as well as all sorts of ancient cultural relics. From the looks of it, that era seemed to be a thousand years ago.

Sensing Su Yao’s shock, Chu Yi narrowed his eyes slightly. “Why? Do you know this person?”

Su Yao clenched her fists slightly and nodded.

The moment she nodded, she sensitively realized that Chu Yi was holding her waist more tightly.

“Of course I do.” Su Yao looked at Chu Yi innocently. “Xia Wanyuan, isn’t she that famous actress? I’ve seen the movie she acted in.”

“Really?” Chu Yi replied calmly and did not ask further. He continued to flip through the documents in his hand.

Su Yao felt a little frustrated by Chu Yi’s question. She did not look at the document in Chu Yi’s hand anymore. She sat quietly and obediently.

She was the complete opposite of Feng Wuyou, because Feng Wuyou could not sit still at all. If she were to sit obediently for ten minutes, it would be as if she was going to die.

An hour later, for some reason, Chu Yi suddenly pushed her off his lap. Su Yao lost her balance and almost fell to the ground.

Chu Yi’s expression did not look good. His side profile was cold. “Go out and bring everything out.”

“Okay, Young Master.” Although an awkward blush flashed across Su Yao’s face, there was no anger. She lowered her head, picked up her things, and walked out.

After Su Yao disappeared at the door, Chu Yi grabbed the document in his hand and threw it aside.

After a while, Chu Yi stood up and removed an ancient painting on the wall. Behind the ancient painting was an ancient mechanism.

Chu Yi hid his hand in the mechanism and entered something.

With a crack, the entire wall split into two.

Chu Yi walked into the wall and it closed again.

Inside was a long corridor. Chu Yi walked for a long time, passing countless stone doors in the middle before finally reaching the innermost room.

The room inside was quite empty. There was only a young and handsome man lying in a huge coffin in the middle.

This man had long hair and was wearing ancient clothes. He slept quietly, as if he was emitting a thick historical charm.

Around the coffin were many strange words. On the top layer of the coffin, there were all sorts of rare treasures and ancient artifacts.

Chu Yi took out the information in his hand and compared it to the cultural relics on the coffin. His eyes darkened.

It was actually the same. Even the patterns could be completely matched.

Looking at the young man in the coffin, Chu Yi’s eyes darkened. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Half an hour later, Chu Yi walked out of the basement and returned to the study.

At that moment, Su Yao happened to enter with a cup. Chu Yi looked up at her. “Get out.”

Su Yao was already very used to Chu Yi’s unpredictable temper. She raised the cup in her hand. “Young Master, I’m here to bring you tea.”

“If you don’t want to die, I don’t want to see you again in three seconds,” Chu Yi said without looking up.

Su Yao’s eyes flickered, but in the end, she closed the door and left the room.

It had been a long time since An Rao had come to Xia Wanyuan’s side. Now that she heard that Xia Wanyuan wanted to be a director herself, An Rao pulled Bo Xiao over and asked Xia Wanyuan to arrange a role for her.

“Wow!! I once had a dream that my best friend could become a director, and then I could use my connections.” An Rao hugged Xia Wanyuan’s arm. “Now, this dream has finally come true. Wanyuan, I want to use connections!”

Xia Wanyuan placed the script in front of An Rao. “In this, there’s a character that suits you quite well. Take a look.”

An Rao took the script and looked at it seriously. Her eyes lit up and she hugged Xia Wanyuan happily. “Sister, I knew you loved me the most.”

At this moment, Bo Xiao walked over with Xiao Qingli. Seeing An Rao’s silly expression, Bo Xiao shook his head helplessly.

An Rao had not seen Xia Wanyuan for too long. Now that she had endless things to say, Bo Xiao could only bring Xiao Qingli and Xiao Bao to the side to play.

However, not long after, Xiao Qingli’s earth-shattering cries came from Bo Xiao’s side.

An Rao and Xia Wanyuan hurriedly went over to take a look.

On the other side of the sofa, Bo Xiao was coaxing the child. He looked up and looked at An Rao apologetically. “You guys talk. I didn’t hug him just now and let him fall. Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

An Rao instructed Bo Xiao to take good care of the child before returning to chat with Xia Wanyuan.

After An Rao and the rest left, Bo Xiao frowned and rubbed his elbow.

For a moment, he lost consciousness there.

An Rao did not notice Bo Xiao’s abnormality, but Xia Wanyuan did.Bo Xiao had always been a very meticulous person. How could he make such a mistake?

Hence, the moment Jun Shiling returned home that night, Xia Wanyuan asked him bluntly, “Did something happen to Bo Xiao?”

Jun Shiling nodded. “Yes, but now that we’ve found a solution, we’re about to send someone out to get the antidote.”