Chapter 1278 - Antiquities from the Past Life

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Chapter 1278: Antiquities from the Past Life

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“Antidote? What do you mean?”

Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan aside. “It can’t be considered an antidote. I can only say that I discovered a certain antibody in Continent F and am preparing to send someone to retrieve it for the medical team to study. As long as there are antibodies, it will be much easier to study how to eliminate the virus.”

Xia Wanyuan was originally very worried, but seeing Jun Shiling’s calm expression, she felt a little relieved.

“Then An Rao doesn’t know, right?”

Jun Shiling shook his head. “Perhaps. Alright, don’t think about this anymore.” Jun Shiling pinched Xia Wanyuan’s face. “You worry so much every day. Don’t you feel tired?”

Xia Wanyuan pushed Jun Shiling. “Get up. I’m going to read the script.”

“Let’s go to the study. I still have work to do.”

The news that Jun Shiling was going to act in Xia Wanyuan’s television drama quickly spread online.

Basically, all the comments were belittling.

[ I think Jun Shiling is getting worse the more he lives… He doesn’t want to be the richest man and is fooling around with Xia Wanyuan. ]

[ Tsk tsk, must a man in love be so scary… I heard that Xuan Sheng is even Xia Wanyuan’s fanatical suitor. How is Xia Wanyuan filming a television drama? She’s saving up her harem. ]

Although the domestic netizens had some complaints about Xia Wanyuan changing careers to become a director, it did not mean that they were willing to see Xia Wanyuan being casually criticized by people from other countries.

There was immediately another anti-fan battle.

In Beijing Hospital, Xia Yu stood in front of the window. Lin Yi sat in front of the bed and looked at his back against the light.

“Mm.” Xia Yu nodded. “I’m more familiar with Continent F. Furthermore, I went to that desert alone back then. No one else is as familiar with the situation as me.”

The higher-ups did not want Xia Yu to know that they were going to Continent F for a mission. After all, Lin Yi’s situation was here, and Xia Yu had just returned from a dangerous place.

However, Xia Yu found out about this from somewhere and volunteered to go to Continent F.

Lin Yi pursed her lips. “I want to go with you.”

Xia Yu turned around. “No, your body hasn’t recovered yet.”

Lin Yi sighed slightly in his heart. “Then be careful.”

This matter was imminent, so that afternoon, Xia Yu packed his things and boarded a plane to Continent F, leaving China.

Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling sent him off at the airport together. Looking at the plane gradually leaving, a hint of emotion flashed across Xia Wanyuan’s eyes.

At this time last year, Xia Yu was still an awkward child. In just a year, he had grown into a man who could support the world.

“Xia Yu has a few first-class members of the cheetah team with him. He’ll be fine.” Jun Shiling tried his best to comfort Xia Wanyuan. “I have something to tell you. Follow me to the company to meet a few people later.”

An hour later, Xia Wanyuan sat in the Jun Corporation’s office. Looking at the few people sitting in front of her, Xia Wanyuan’s eyes were filled with confusion.

“Hello, Madam Jun.” The few people in front of her looked a little reserved. They were wearing simple clothes, but their eyes were very clear. “We’re residents of Fallen Phoenix Mountain in the West.”

“Hello.” Xia Wanyuan remembered that place.

Back then, when the entire production team of “Eldest Princess” was filming there, an actress died mysteriously there.

“We came here mainly to give this to you.”

As the villagers spoke, they pushed a large bag in front of Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan was stunned when she saw it, because the things in this package were basically antiques from her previous life.