Chapter 1279 - The Same Person

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Chapter 1279: The Same Person

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Xia Wanyuan looked at them carefully again. Those things were all items she was very familiar with in her previous life.

Xia Wanyuan was even more puzzled. “Where did you find these things??”

The villagers handed a photo to Xia Wanyuan. “On the mountainside where we live, someone went up the mountain to cut firewood and accidentally fell into a very deep hole. When he was saved, he was carrying these.”

“What’s the name of the mountain?”

Long Qi Mountain.Xia Wanyuan repeated this name in her heart and felt that it was a little strange.

“Do you remember where that cave is?”

The villagers shook their heads. “Later on, we went back to look, but we couldn’t find that cave. The people who looked for us went down and tried, but they couldn’t find the way in.”

Xia Wanyuan’s gaze landed on the thing in front of her. After a while, she looked up. “Thank you for coming. I’ll get someone to get you a bonus later.”

When the villagers heard that there was a bonus, their eyes lit up and they left happily.

After they left, Jun Shiling walked in.

Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling. “How did you find them?”

“Didn’t you exchange some things from the antique shop last time? I got someone to find these people through the sales channel. Are these things from your previous life?”

Xia Wanyuan nodded. The things in this bag were not only from her previous life, but also specially used by emperors. This was a ritual that only her younger brother was qualified to use when he was buried.

Xia Wanyuan could not help but guess.Could it be that my younger brother was buried there back then?

However, how was that possible? The Great Xia Dynasty’s territory was in the north. At that time, the south had not been developed at all.

Furthermore, wherever the previous rulers were buried, they followed their ancestor’s tomb.

No matter what, these things should not appear in Linxi City.

Xia Wanyuan did not understand.

Jun Shiling walked over and held Xia Wanyuan’s hand. “I’ve already gotten someone to dig again and see if we can find more things in that mountain. Don’t worry, okay?”

Xia Wanyuan nodded. Her heart felt a little empty for no reason. “Jun Shiling, do you think I’ll find the coffins of my relatives in this era?”

“Perhaps.” Jun Shiling patted Xia Wanyuan’s hand. He could understand Xia Wanyuan’s current mood.

At this moment, on Long Qi Mountain,

A few frightened birds suddenly flew out of the quiet mountain.

A few people crawled out of the ground, their faces covered in dust.

“Pfft, if not for the fact that I was given a lot of money, I wouldn’t have suffered like this. This lousy place is really difficult to fill.”

“I wonder if the person paying is crazy. Why must he block this cave?? I didn’t see anything valuable inside. It’s just a pile of scrap metal. No one is willing to take it out to sell trash.”

“Alright, quickly report to the other party. Let’s take the money and leave.”

After the few of them completely climbed out of the ground, they went to the side and dug soil to fill the hole, completely burying the entire hole.

Soon, people in Continent F learned of this news.

“Young Master.” The assistant walked to the study upstairs and carefully knocked on the door.

The assistant walked in and lowered his head very carefully. Chu Yi’s temper had been too changeable recently. He was afraid that he would see something he shouldn’t see and anger Chu Yi.

“Young Master, there’s news from there. The traces have been destroyed.”

Chu Yi was looking at the thumb ring in his hand with a magnifying glass. When he heard this, he looked up. “No one noticed, right?”

“Jun Shiling seems to have sent someone to Longqi Mountain, but they missed. We got someone to bury all the holes in the ground.”

“Mm.” Chu Yi narrowed his eyes. “Strictly seal this news. If any of it is leaked…”

“I understand, Young Master.” The assistant’s expression turned cold.

“Alright, you can leave. Bring Su Yao over.” Chu Yi waved his hand and gestured for his assistant to leave.

Soon, Su Yao arrived.

Hearing footsteps, Chu Yi looked up at Su Yao. “Why don’t you wear the red dress I prepared for you?”

Su Yao pursed her lips and lowered her head slightly, looking a little delicate. “Young Master, that dress is too gorgeous. I don’t like it very much. I like to wear white dresses.”

Chu Yi’s eagle-like sharp eyes glanced at Su Yao. “I said, I told you to change into that red dress. Didn’t you hear me?”

Su Yao clenched her fists in her sleeves, but she had a smile on her face. “Okay, I’ll change now.”

Ten minutes later, the sound of high heels sounded at the door.

Chu Yi looked up and his pupils constricted.

Su Yao was wearing a bright red dress, fiery red lips, and her hair was slightly curled.

Her facial features were clearly different from Feng Wuyou’s, and even her expression was not the same. Feng Wuyou was always wanton and ostentatious, while Su Yao’s eyes were filled with shyness.

However, Chu Yi had a strong feeling that Su Yao was very similar to Feng Wuyou.

Chu Yi’s voice was slightly hoarse as he put down the thing in his hand. “Come here.”

Su Yao looked at Chu Yi innocently and slowly walked towards him.

Chu Yi reached out and pulled Su Yao into his arms. He held Su Yao’s chin with his hand. “Call me.”

“No, call me Chu Yi.”

Su Yao looked into Chu Yi’s eyes in a daze. At that moment, those beautiful eyes seemed to have a painful sorrow that tugged at Su Yao’s heart.

Su Yao was wondering what Chu Yi was mourning for.Could it be that he missed me? Ridiculous.

“Call me.” Chu Yi tightened his grip on Su Yao’s chin.

Su Yao blinked. “Young Master, I don’t dare. You’re hurting me.”

“Just call me when I tell you to.” Chu Yi’s eyes were filled with impatience. He almost crushed Su Yao’s chin.

Su Yao’s eyes were filled with tears of pain. She pushed Chu Yi’s arm. “Young Master… Chu… Chu Yi.”

Before Su Yao could finish speaking, she saw Chu Yi’s facial features rapidly enlarge in front of her. In the next second, a touch of warmth landed on her mouth.

Before she could react, Chu Yi had already entered.

There was a despair and pain that she could not understand.

Su Yao began to struggle fiercely, but the more she struggled, the more excited Chu Yi seemed to be.

Later on, Su Yao simply stopped struggling and even began to respond to Chu Yi.

As she had expected, the moment she began to respond, Chu Yi seemed to have reacted. He left Su Yao’s lips and frowned at her. “Get out.”

Su Yao clenched her fists and climbed onto Chu Yi’s shoulder. Her voice was soft. “Young Master ~”

Chu Yi became even more disgusted and pushed Su Yao away. Fortunately, she had expected this and grabbed the desk in advance. Otherwise, she would have been pushed to the ground by Chu Yi like before.

“You can’t come in without my permission.” After Chu Yi finished speaking, he took a tissue and wiped his mouth fiercely. He even rinsed his mouth in front of Su Yao.

“…” Looking at Chu Yi’s crazy behavior, Su Yao was speechless. A hint of disgust flashed across her eyes, but her voice was still as sweet as ever. “Okay, Young Master.”

With that, Su Yao slowly left the study.

Looking at Su Yao and Feng Wuyou’s completely different backs, Chu Yi frowned.

Why did they give me the same feeling when they were clearly two completely different people? It even made my actions a little out of control.

Chu Yi narrowed his eyes. He made a call and the other party quickly picked up. “Young Master.”

“Go and investigate if Feng Wuyou and Su Yao are the same person.”

After the call was hung up, Chu Yi sat in the study and quietly looked out the window to think. After some time, Chu Yi finally turned around and made another call.

“Hello, this is Chu Yi. I have something to discuss with you.”

At the same time, in Continent F, Wei Zimu was talking to Yu Qian when Yu Qian suddenly picked up a call.

The other party only said a sentence, but Yu Qian’s expression was a little strange.

“I’m naturally willing to accept Young Master Chu’s invitation. Alright, see you then.”

Hearing the words Young Master Chu, Wei Zimu’s eyes flickered. “Chu Yi?”

“Mm.” Yu Qian nodded and threw all the fish food in his hand into the pond. Then, he stood up. “Go and inform Jayce to come with me.”

“Aren’t you going to let me go with you this time?” Wei Zimu subconsciously asked.

Yu Qian turned around and looked at Wei Zimu with a faint smile. “Brother, did you integrate so well here? Do you even care who I bring along?”

Wei Zimu was stunned by Yu Qian’s words. He looked straight at Yu Qian. “I’m just asking out of concern.”

The corners of Yu Qian’s lips curled up. “Then thank you for your concern, Brother. You don’t have to go this time. I’ll go myself. You can just be in charge of the base.”

With that, Yu Qian turned and left.

Yu Qian left immediately and quickly left the base with Jayce.

Now, Wei Zimu had considerable power in the entire base. No one would stop him wherever he went.

He walked to Yu Qian’s laboratory. When the guards saw that it was Wei Zimu, they let him in.

Five minutes later, Wei Zimu walked out of the laboratory.

In China, the staff in charge of surveying Longqi Mountain returned empty-handed. Although Xia Wanyuan was a little disappointed, she did not continue to dwell on it since she could not survey it.

Jun Shiling went out from noon and did not return until nine in the evening. Xia Wanyuan was about to call Jun Shiling to ask when the butler came forward.

“Madam, Young Master sent Special Assistant Lin to pick you up.”

Sitting in Lin Jing’s car, Xia Wanyuan was a little puzzled. “It’s so late. Where are we going?”

“I don’t know the details. Young Master asked me to come over. Madam, you’ll know when you arrive.” Although Lin Jing felt that he was quite good at guessing Jun Shiling’s thoughts, Lin Jing had never understood Jun Shiling’s thoughts when it came to Xia Wanyuan.

“Okay,” Xia Wanyuan replied. She recalled all sorts of important times with Jun Shiling in her mind, but in the end, she did not understand what Jun Shiling was going to do today.