Chapter 1108 - Harming Others

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Chapter 1108: Harming Others

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Lu Yan’s eyes were filled with confusion. A few days ago, the old master had already shut himself in and refused to see anyone. Everyone knew that the old master was seriously ill and that he was angered by Gu Zheng. How did the situation completely turn around in just an hour?

“Young Master Lu, do you want to know how this happened?” Qiao Xi asked slowly.

She slowly walked toward Gu Zheng, but when she passed by Lu Yan, she suddenly turned around and said in a faint voice, “You planned for so long and even made Chairman Lu stay at home for so many days, but this crisis was resolved by me in an hour. I’m really too smart. With Young Master Lu’s IQ, you’re still hoping to fight me? Save it!”

Lu Yan’s eyes were bloodshot and almost burned with anger.

However, as soon as Qiao Xi finished speaking, she walked past Lu Yan and left. She stood beside Gu Zheng and gently held his arm. She said word by word, “Young Master Lu, your Lu family’s character is really bad. For the sake of this 5% of shares, you didn’t hesitate to spread rumors and slander Gu Zheng. You even said that you treated Gu Zheng as your family. Just how disgusting are you?!

“Actually, Gu Zheng doesn’t care about your Lu family’s shares at all. If he really wanted the shares, he wouldn’t have allowed your Lu family to delay the matter for a few months. He’s so busy every day and has projects worth tens of millions of yuan every minute. How could he have time to play with you?”

These words were like a fierce slap to Lu Yan’s face, causing him to see stars and his lips to turn pale. He could not help but roar angrily, “Qiao Xi!”

Lu Yan never expected that everything he had carefully planned would be resolved by Qiao Xi in an hour. Moreover, Mr. Li even publicly announced that he refused to collaborate with the Lu family. Following that, a group of companies that were working with Gu Corporation stood up to boycott Lu Corporation.

Everyone from the Lu family turned green. A trace of fear surged in Lu Yan’s heart. He knew very well what this international meeting meant to the Lu family, but now, the negative public opinion that should be on Gu Zheng had all fallen on him. He had no chance of competing for the position of director now.

If they were boycotted by these partners again, the Lu family would definitely have difficulty doing business.

“Young Master Lu, you should’ve just obediently handed over 5% of the shares, but you took the risk and harmed yourself. Now that the Lu family is in trouble, are you satisfied?”

Qiao Xi said in a teasing tone, “If Young Master Lu hadn’t forced me to make a bet back then, things wouldn’t have turned out this way. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you lost your shares. If you really had any difficulties, you could have talked to Ah Zheng. He wouldn’t have made things difficult for you on the account of the Lu family, but you just had to frame us. Who taught you these ideas?!

Song Shiyu pursed his lips. Others did not know what Young Madam meant, but he knew very well that Young Madam was deliberately trying to drive a wedge between the Lu family and make them turn on each other.

However, the higher-up of Lu Corporation who was in a fit of anger did not notice Qiao Xi’s intentions. These bad ideas were clearly thought up by Lu Yan. If it were not for his greed, how could this incident have happened?

Now that the Lu family was being boycotted by other entrepreneurs, who would still do business with the Lu family in the future?

“If the Lu family really gives the company to Lu Yan to manage, then it’s over!”

“From the beginning, it was Lu Yan who schemed against Mrs. Gu. In the end, he lost. He felt indignant and played tricks behind her back. Not only did he embarrass himself, but he also caused everyone in the Lu family to lose their dignity!”

“Why did Chairman Lu choose him to be the heir? How did he choose such an idiot? In the past, he caused the company to lose a lot of money. Now, he caused the company to be boycotted. In short, he’s not cut out to be the president!”

Lu Yan’s face was pale as he clenched his fists tightly. His fingers were pale. He forcefully suppressed his anger and said with difficulty, “Everyone, calm down. I’ll handle this.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his sharp gaze descended on Qiao Xi as if he wanted to devour her.

Qiao Xi smiled proudly at him when she heard everyone’s discussions. Now, the Lu family was having a taste of being plagued by rumors.

At this moment, everyone did not want to see the Lu family’s detestable faces anymore and left one after another. Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng also turned around and walked to the other corridor.

“So, the Lu family’s matter was resolved by Mrs. Gu.” Gu Zheng’s magnetic voice came from above her head. He bent down slightly and leaned close to her ear. He asked gently, “Mrs. Gu, how do you want me to thank you?”

His scorching breath sprayed by her ear, causing Qiao Xi’s entire body to tremble. She pondered. How exactly did she want him to thank her?