Chapter 888 - Ignorance

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Hearing Xia Mengyan’s explanation, Madam Yu smiled. “Jingting is so meticulous! He thought up of such a way to protect Manting.”

Xia Cheng understood what Xia Mengyan meant and said, “In-law, you know that although Jingting didn’t grow up in the Xia family, we know him. He would never have an affair. Moreover, he’s even stricter with those close to him. This means that he already treats Manting as his wife.

“He rushed over from the company because he was afraid that Manting would be bullied. When he saw that Manting was at a disadvantage, he reprimanded her. He didn’t want President Gu to make a move.”

Yu Manting’s face turned red as she said delicately, “In that case, Brother Jingting likes me. He’ll definitely be willing to marry me. He’s just not saying it now.”

“That’s right.” Xia Cheng chuckled.

Then, Madam Yu and Yu Manting left in satisfaction. The two of them had just left when Xia Cheng’s expression suddenly darkened. He slammed the table. “Bastard!”

Xia Mengyan hurriedly comforted him. “Grandpa, don’t be so angry. Aunt Yunqiu passed away when she was young. Without anyone to discipline Xi Xi, she’s developed a stubborn and mischievous character. However, you’re Xi Xi’s grandfather. You can’t just watch her do whatever she wants.”

“Don’t think I don’t know what she’s up to! If she wants to ruin the marriage between the Yu family and us, she has to ask for my permission first! Yin Jingting is my grandson. I have to decide who he will marry!” Xia Cheng said fiercely.

Xia Mengyan shook her head helplessly. “It’s been so many years, but Brother Jingting still blames us. He thinks that Grandma ruined your marriage with Grandma Yin, so…”

At the mention of this matter, Old Madam Xia’s eyes turned cold. It had been decades, but she still could not get rid of her identity as a mistress. As long as the Yin family was still around, no one would dare to acknowledge her identity as the mistress of the Xia family.

“Mengyan, why did you hide it from Yu Manting?” Xia Cheng asked.

Xia Mengyan explained with a faint smile, “As the saying goes, the ignorant are not guilty. Manting doesn’t know Xi Xi’s identity, so the Yin family can’t blame her. If she finds out Xi Xi’s identity, she’ll anger the Yin family. At that time, how will she marry into the family?”

Xia Cheng nodded thoughtfully, thinking that Xia Mengyan’s words made sense.

“Mengyan, you have a lot of influence overseas. Now that you’re back in the country, you have to perform well and strive to make a name for yourself in the country. You’ll bring glory to the Xia family.”

Xia Mengyan revealed a confident smile. “I’m prepared to collaborate with Gu Corporation. President Gu is able to separate personal and work matters. He won’t delay the company’s development because of my misunderstanding with Xi Xi.”

In the private room of a Western restaurant.

Qiao Xi leaned against the sofa with a cup of hot milk in her hand as she muttered, “The Xia family is really shameless. Xia Cheng clearly cheated on his first wife and abandoned his children. Now, he actually has the cheek to interfere in his grandson’s marriage? Where does he get his dignity from?!”

“Yin Jingting won’t marry Yu Manting. Xia Cheng’s plan will fail sooner or later. Yu Manting keeps saying that she’s the future young madam of the Yin family, but she has only met Yin Jingting a few times. If she hadn’t done many disgusting things, Yin Jingting would’ve forgotten who this woman is.”

Gu Zheng’s voice was indifferent, but he could not help but chuckle.

Yu Manting was really naive. How could the future head of the Yin family be controlled by others? He would not listen to Xia Cheng’s instructions to get married and have children. All of this was just her imagination.

Qiao Xi nodded. There was no love in Yin Jingting’s eyes when he looked at Yu Manting. They were clearly filled with disgust. Not to mention marrying her, he would even feel annoyed if he spoke to her.

“The Yu family is average in high society. Yu Manting has a bad temper and is stupid and irritable, but Old Master Xia likes this granddaughter-in-law a lot. Do you know why?” Gu Zheng asked casually.

“Because she’s stupid?” Qiao Xi asked.