Chapter 891 - Husband And Wife Cooperation

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Gu Zheng looked at her meaningfully as if he had seen through her thoughts. He smiled sinisterly. “Mrs. Gu, it’s time to eat. Do you want me to give you a kiss?”

Qiao Xi: “…” ‘Help!’

“Mrs. Gu, you used to like kissing me before dinner. Even when you were at work, you’d still go to Gu Corporation to ask for a kiss. Why don’t you want it today?”

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth twitched slightly as she complained in her heart. ‘Bastard! Don’t you know why I don’t want a kiss before dinner? You’re asking the obvious!’

However, she could not scold Gu Zheng, so she tried to persuade him. “Gu Zheng, you’re usually so busy with work. How can I trouble you to cook dinner? Why don’t I cook?”

Gu Zheng smiled. “Since cooking is so difficult, how can I let you cook?”

Qiao Xi’s eyes were filled with tears. “Ah Zheng, you’re a president who can earn hundreds of millions in minutes. How can I let you cook? You don’t have to cook in the future, alright?”

Gu Zheng paused and nodded. “Alright.”

Not long after, Gu Zheng prepared a table full of dishes. Qiao Xi had stared at Gu Zheng from the beginning until the end. From the moment he washed the dishes until now, she had watched every step carefully. There seemed to be no problem. Moreover, every dish looked very tempting.

At this moment, the dining room of Longwan Residential was very quiet. The sky was gradually turning dark. Gu Zheng set the cutlery and looked at his wife opposite him with gentle eyes. “Mrs. Gu, do you still need a kiss before dinner?”

Qiao Xi’s eyes stared fixedly at the dishes on the table. No matter if it was the color or the fragrance, they were all very tempting. The dishes from last time were the same, but they were extremely difficult to swallow.

For the sake of preventing her from losing her composure in front of Gu Zheng, Qiao Xi said without the slightest hesitation, “No need.”

Gu Zheng snorted, picked up a bite of food, and put it in his mouth. He chewed carefully. “Mrs. Gu, you’ll regret it.”

Qiao Xi observed his expression, but he was still expressionless as usual, making it impossible to determine if this dish was delicious or not.

As she had not eaten lunch, Qiao Xi was really hungry. She picked up a piece of meat and put it in her mouth. It seemed that she had not eaten tasteless food for a long time, so she was not quite used to it. She barely filled her stomach before putting down her chopsticks.

Gu Zheng ate elegantly. Not long after, there were not many dishes left on the plate. Gu Zheng stood up and went to the kitchen to cut some fruit. He even poured a cup of tea for Qiao Xi. While he was close to her, he bent down and kissed her lips.

Qiao Xi was stunned for a few seconds before gradually tasting the remaining taste in her mouth. It was not as bad as she had expected. Instead, a delicious taste appeared.

No way? Gu Zheng’s cooking was so delicious?

Looking at Qiao Xi’s dazed appearance, Gu Zheng raised his eyebrows. “Mrs. Gu, I told you you’d regret it.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes in surprise as she looked at the empty plates on the table. Her eyes were filled with regret. Coincidentally, there was still a piece of meat on her plate. She picked it up excitedly and placed it in her mouth. “Ah Zheng, can you still cook for me in the future?”

Qiao Xi’s regretful appearance was probably too cute. Gu Zheng deliberately teased her and said arrogantly, “I’m usually very busy with work. I can earn hundreds of millions in minutes. How can I waste my time cooking? I probably won’t cook anymore.”

Qiao Xi suddenly reacted. Wasn’t this what she had just said? She leaned forward with a flattering expression. “I was joking just now. Actually, I really like your cooking.”

“Mrs. Gu, you said that you wouldn’t let me cook anymore, so I won’t cook anymore.” Gu Zheng looked calm.

Qiao Xi glared at him angrily. This bastard just had to make her angry.

After clearing up the table, Gu Zheng sat on the sofa and slowly said, “Let’s talk about serious matters. There’s an entertainment company under Gu Corporation called Heavenly Voice Entertainment. Their development direction is in film and television dramas, while Qingfeng Entertainment focuses on various programs and online dramas.”

Qiao Xi narrowed her eyes as she recalled the deliciousness of the braised pork. “I know! But what does Qingfeng Entertainment have to do with us?”

Gu Zheng glanced at her and chuckled. “Mrs. Gu, I’m not only your senior but also your husband. There are some things that you don’t have to hide from me. I know everything anyway.”

His eyes were filled with smiles, and his tone was teasing but filled with gentleness. Qiao Xi’s heart thumped. How did he know that Qingfeng Entertainment was her company?

“Qingfeng’s and Heavenly Voice’s development has already reached its peak. It’s very difficult for them to make another breakthrough. We need to change the current situation, so do you want to work together, Mrs. Gu?”