Chapter 895 - She's The President?

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Chapter 895: She’s The President?

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When Qiao Xi opened her eyes, Gu Zheng had already gone to work. She stood up and went downstairs. After breakfast, she went to Qingfeng Entertainment to meet the person in charge, Li Jiang.

“Mr. Li, I’m going to Heavenly Voice first before returning to Qingfeng to handle the relevant matters.”

Li Jiang replied respectfully, “Yes! Boss, there’s something…”

He hesitated for a moment, and Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows as she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“A woman came to the company this morning and said that she’s your friend. She seems to think that she’s the president. I wanted to explain things to her, but she didn’t listen at all. She already went to Heavenly Voice Entertainment.”

Qiao Xi asked in confusion, “Xue Yi? Or Li Xing’er?”

Li Jiang thought carefully. “I’ve seen both of them before. I don’t know the lady who came today, and she didn’t reveal her identity.”

It was not Xue Yi or Li Xing’er. It was someone Li Jiang did not know. Qiao Xi could not think of anyone else for a while. “Forget it, I’ll go see what’s going on.”

After that, Qiao Xi stood up and left. She drove to Heavenly Voice Entertainment. She was very curious about what kind of surprise Gu Zheng had prepared for her and who the woman who claimed to be the president was.

An hour ago, in the Xia family’s residence.

“Mengyan, you said that when you were overseas, you were good friends with Qingfeng’s Mr. Li Jiang?” Xia Cheng rushed over and asked excitedly.

Xia Mengyan was sitting on the sofa and drinking tea. She replied hesitantly, “Actually, I’m not familiar with Mr. Li, but I’m very close to Qingfeng’s boss.”

No one knew who the boss behind Qingfeng was. No one could verify it, so they naturally would not know that she was lying. As long as she could forge connections to Qingfeng Entertainment, she would definitely receive preferential treatment in the country.

Xia Cheng and Old Madam Xia asked in surprise, “Mengyan, then do you know Heavenly Voice Entertainment that’s under President Gu’s name?”

At the mention of Gu Zheng, Xia Cheng and Old Madam Xia’s expressions were a little strange. Such an outstanding man actually married the daughter of their rebellious daughter, Xia Yunqiu. It just so happened that Qiao Xi had nothing to do with the Xia family and would not bring benefits for the Xia family at all. However, if Mengyan married Gu Zheng, then it would be different for the Xia family.

When Xia Mengyan heard this, she replied with a faint smile, “Of course, I know! Heavenly Voice Entertainment is the most famous entertainment company in the country.”

A trace of hope appeared on Xia Cheng’s face. “Yesterday, President Gu suddenly announced that Heavenly Voice Entertainment will be separated from Gu Corporation and merged with Qingfeng Entertainment. He said that he wants to hand over both entertainment companies to one person to manage. That person is related to the president of Qingfeng Entertainment, but that person hasn’t appeared yet. I’ve been thinking for a long time. Could it be that the person he’s talking about is you?”

Xia Mengyan’s heart skipped a beat, and her expression froze. “No, that’s impossible. Xi Xi and I have a conflict, and Xi Xi is President Gu’s wife, after all. President Gu probably won’t let me be the president.”

“Mengyan, you can’t think that way.” Xia Cheng looked proud. “President Gu has always been clear about public and private matters. What he values is not interpersonal relationships but personal ability. Moreover, since he wanted the two companies to merge, he definitely would’ve discussed it with the president of Qingfeng Entertainment. That president might have recommended you. Moreover, President Gu might not even know that the person the president behind the scenes recommended is you. Perhaps he just heard that you’re a good friend of Qingfeng’s president.”

Xia Mengyan was so excited that her face turned red. Grandpa was right. Rumor had it that she was good friends with the president of Qingfeng Entertainment, but President Gu probably did not know about it. He only decided to leave this position to the president’s friend. Even if President Gu found out in the future, he could not go back on his word.

Sometimes, miracles would happen. Moreover, no one had stood up to say that they were the president, so it was very likely that the person was her.

Xia Mengyan’s breathing quickened. “But Gu Corporation didn’t call me. Maybe…”

“President Gu said that this was a surprise for that person, so he definitely wouldn’t have informed you in advance. He must have wanted to let you guess.” Xia Cheng was all smiles.

His granddaughter was smart and beautiful. He wanted to let that woman from the Yin family see that only the Xia family could nurture such outstanding talents. They should not have left the Xia family back then, and Qiao Xi had no right to be compared to Mengyan.

When Xia Mengyan heard Xia Cheng’s words, a trace of hope surged in her heart. She knew that she was not the friend of the president of Qingfeng Entertainment, but she still wanted to deceive herself. She did not want to give up this rare opportunity.