Chapter 897 - The Best Person

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Chapter 897: The Best Person

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Jiang Qin could not stand Qiao Xi to begin with. Yesterday’s affair and Xia Mengyan’s arrival at the company today proved that President Gu no longer liked her. He might abandon her one day.

Moreover, Jiang Qin had already latched onto Xia Mengyan. No matter how she looked at the situation, she felt that Qiao Xi was a good-for-nothing who only knew how to drink tea and admire flowers, so she became even more arrogant.

“Mrs. Gu, you should know that the position of the president was reserved for a friend of President Gu’s. That person is the friend of the president of Qingfeng Entertainment. If you snatch the position, won’t you be slapping President Gu’s face?

“After the two companies merge, the president will be in charge of all matters. This position concerns the company’s future development. Of course, we can’t casually hand it to someone. I believe that even if President Gu comes, he won’t let you do as you please. Moreover, the real president has already arrived. Do you still want to use your identity as Mrs. Gu to chase that person away?”

Everyone’s eyes were filled with disdain. Miss Xia was already here, yet Mrs. Gu still had the cheek to come and snatch the position. She was really overestimating herself. She did not even have the ability. What right did she have to fight with Miss Xia?

“If we rely on our connections to get to where we are, then there’s no need for us to open a company anymore. It’s not fair to people like us who relied on our own hard work to survive. After all, who would be willing to work hard for a company like that?”

“That’s right! We were all selected to work at Heavenly Voice, so we’re naturally more capable than Mrs. Gu. If you say you’re the president, we can say the same too!”

Looking at the agitated crowd, Jiang Qin smiled in satisfaction. “Miss Xia is the best candidate to be the president. Mrs. Gu, if you don’t want to be embarrassed, you’d better leave quickly. Don’t wait for President Gu to personally chase you away. You’ll lose all your dignity then.”

Qiao Xi heard the words ‘Miss Xia’ from her mouth and was suddenly stunned. Could it be that this Miss Xia was the person Li Jiang was talking about?

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth twitched as a small flame ignited in her heart. What bullsh*t handover ceremony was this? Was this the surprise Gu Zheng was talking about?

With that, she picked up her phone and sent Gu Yao a message before walking toward the elevator. Seeing that she was about to go upstairs, Jiang Qin shouted in exasperation, “You’re Mrs. Gu today, but you’ll be chased out of the house tomorrow! You’re hoping to get President Gu’s assets? Dream on!”

“Director Jiang.” At this moment, a gentle female voice sounded. She slowly walked in front of everyone and said softly, “It’s natural for Mrs. Gu to come to Heavenly Voice Entertainment. She’s here to inspect the work on behalf of President Gu. If Mrs. Gu has really taken a liking to Heavenly Voice, it means that Heavenly Voice is capable and can catch Mrs. Gu’s eye.”

Qiao Xi abruptly raised her eyes and met Xia Mengyan’s provocative eyes. She understood in her heart. It was her!

Xia Mengyan greeted the people around her, then walked in front of Qiao Xi and smiled lightly. “Cousin, are you going to run for the position of president? But I’ve already officially taken over. You must be doing this on a whim. After all, you don’t have the time to manage such a large company.”

Qiao Xi rolled her eyes and curled the corners of her mouth. “Miss Xia, who asked you to take over?”

Hearing this, everyone immediately gasped. Jiang Qin was even angrier. “The person who asked Miss Xia to take over the position is President Gu! It was President Gu who personally gave the order. Moreover, he said that all matters would be handed to the president. He asked us to listen to Miss Xia’s orders. Miss Xia was sent by the president of Qingfeng Entertainment and is famous overseas. Of course, she’s the most qualified person to be the president!”

Xia Mengyan could not help but blush. “Director Jiang, I’m not as outstanding as you say, but I promise everyone that I’ll do my best to manage the two companies after I take office. I’ll make Heavenly Voice and Qingfeng better.”