Chapter 898 - Young Master Gu Is Angry

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Chapter 898: Young Master Gu Is Angry

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The current situation was that the two of them were fighting for the position of president. Jiang Qin almost did not hesitate to choose Xia Mengyan’s side. After all, Mrs. Gu was already an abandoned wife. However, Miss Xia was President Gu’s new favorite. Not only was she capable, but she was also the daughter of the Xia family and a friend of the president of Qingfeng. She might even be President Gu’s second wife in the future, so of course, she had to help Xia Mengyan.

When Qiao Xi heard the words ‘President Qingfeng’, she smiled meaningfully. “Oh! Miss Xia, so you’re a friend of the president of Qingfeng Entertainment!”

Xia Mengyan smiled and replied, “Yes, I met the president of Qingfeng Entertainment overseas. He’s a very outstanding senior and has taught me many things. He can be considered my master.”

Jiang Qin praised her proudly, “The president of Qingfeng Entertainment has always been mysterious. All these years, only Miss Xia has seen him. She’s very close to him and even learned a lot from him. But what do you know, Mrs. Gu? Do you know the president too?”

Qiao Xi said, “Yes, we’re very familiar with each other.”

“Keep bragging! Miss Xia said that she knows the president of Qingfeng Entertainment, so you’re now saying that you know him too. Looks like you’re determined to snatch this position today, huh?”

At this moment, Gu Yao was already standing at the door, looking extremely nervous. “I can’t embarrass Gu Zheng or Qiao Xi. I’m the vice president of Heavenly Voice Entertainment. I can do it! I’m the best!”

The assistant said, “Young Master, calm down. You’re not the main character today. The company’s matters will be handed to Young Madam in the future. You just have to help her, so you don’t have to be nervous.”

Gu Yao’s face was filled with admiration. “How can Qiao Xi be so outstanding? She knows how to play the piano, design jewelry, and translate. Now, the company will even be passed to her to manage. I just want to know if there’s anything she doesn’t know? Compared to her, I’m simply a pile of mud!”

Just as Gu Yao was sighing, someone suddenly pushed the door open and rushed out. The secretary rushed in front of him. “Young Master Gu, you should hurry in. Something is happening in the hall! Two people are here to snatch the position of the president!”

Gu Yao was stunned for a moment. Two people? Wasn’t Qiao Xi the president of Heavenly Voice? Moreover, Qiao Xi was the president of Qingfeng Entertainment. After the two companies merged, apart from Gu Zheng, no one was more qualified than her to sit in this position. Who would dare to snatch the position from Qiao Xi?

The secretary said while panting, “Miss Xia came to the company early in the morning. She’s the friend of Qingfeng’s president. She should be the new president, but I don’t know why Mrs. Gu is here too. She insists on snatching Miss Xia’s position. She’s too unreasonable!”

The assistant blinked crazily at the secretary. Gu Yao asked with a dark expression, “Who did you say is the president?”

The secretary replied in fear, “Miss… Miss Xia!”

“You don’t even know who the president is? If that’s the case, you don’t have to stay by my side anymore.” Gu Yao, who had always been good-tempered, suddenly had a cold expression. “Moreover, what right do you have to criticize Qiao Xi? Are you worthy? Get out of my sight immediately!”

The secretary’s body went soft, and her lips turned pale. “Young Master Gu, I… What did I do wrong?” She was just telling the truth. Mrs. Gu was unreasonable. She should not be snatching Miss Xia’s position!

Seeing that she was still unconvinced, the assistant said helplessly, “On the account that you’ve been by Young Master’s side for a few months, I won’t fire you for the time being. Go to the grassroots department and reflect on yourself. Moreover, who are you to gossip about Mrs. Gu’s identity? With her background and ability, does she need to snatch a position from anyone?”

At this moment, the secretary’s eyes were filled with regret. It was because she listened to those people’s words that she was momentarily muddle-headed. She thought that Mrs. Gu was not favored anymore. Now, she realized that Mrs. Gu was the real president. Miss Xia was clearly here to ruin things.

When Gu Yao entered, he happened to hear an arrogant voice. “Miss Xia is the president. Mrs. Gu, do you have any objections?”

Who was so shameless?

Gu Yao was about to speak when Qiao Xi happened to look over. The two of them looked at each other. Although they did not say a word, they had a special tacit understanding. He did not say anything and suppressed his intense anger.

However, he really wanted to curse. This was Gu Zheng’s company, yet his subordinates actually dared to bully Qiao Xi? Were they all crazy? He had to teach these ignorant people a good lesson today and teach them what respect was!