Chapter 900 - Scram With Her!

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Chapter 900: Scram With Her!

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“Even if she complains to President Gu, President Gu might not be on her side. After all, President Gu is able to make a clear line between personal and work matters. He’ll definitely think about the company’s interests. How can we give such an important position to a rich madam who only knows how to eat, drink, and play?”

“That’s right! Miss Xia was chosen by the president of Qingfeng Entertainment. How could that be changed so easily? No matter what, President Gu has to show the president some respect.”

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Hearing everyone’s discussion, Jiang Qin cleared her throat and said seriously, “You should all know that the president of Qingfeng Entertainment is a business genius. All the programs he invests in are very popular, and his taste is very sharp! Hence, the person he has his eyes on will definitely be fine. Miss Xia, you definitely have the ability to be the president and lead everyone to glory!”

When Qiao Xi went upstairs, she happened to hear this. She agreed with this very much. She also felt that the president of Qingfeng Entertainment had sharp eyes and was a business genius.

When Gu Yao saw her going upstairs, he hurriedly followed her. His handsome face was filled with anger as he shouted hysterically, “Qiao Xi!”

“Are you trying to scare me to death by shouting so loudly?!” Qiao Xi frowned unhappily.

Gu Yao said angrily, “When did you become so weak? Those people are all pointing at your nose and mocking you, but you’re not saying anything? If you can’t win, I can help you! Why don’t you let me make a sound?”

Qiao Xi paused for a moment and rubbed his slightly bristled hair. “Don’t be angry anymore. I’m only doing this to see through some people. If I want to take over Heavenly Voice Entertainment, I have to know who’s loyal to me. Just take Director Jiang for example. Don’t you think that it’ll be a waste to keep this person in Heavenly Voice?”

Gu Yao instantly reacted and looked at her with admiration. “Qiao Xi! You’re really too smart!”

Qiao Xi smiled disdainfully. Didn’t Jiang Qin like to curry favor with Xia Mengyan? Then she should scram with her!

At this moment, everyone from Heavenly Voice Entertainment was preparing for the handover ceremony. Everyone’s positions were still the same as before, and the company’s business had not changed much. Heavenly Voice would still be focused on movies and TV shows, while Qingfeng was focused on variety shows. The two companies would not compete for benefits. At the same time, they could exchange resources and broaden their network of connections to achieve a win-win situation.

However, although Heavenly Voice Entertainment was ready, the people from Qingfeng Entertainment were still nowhere to be seen. Previously, they had agreed that the person in charge would definitely be here before 10, but it was already noon and there was still no sign of him.

Xia Mengyan suddenly had a bad feeling and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Could it be that the president of Qingfeng Entertainment knew that she was pretending, so he canceled the merger?

However, this was impossible! If the president really knew about it, he would definitely have sent someone to expose her instead of doing nothing.

Jiang Qin was so anxious that she stomped her feet and hurriedly called the people from Qingfeng. Unexpectedly, the other party’s response was that their people had already made their way over, but the employees of Heavenly Voice Entertainment did not welcome them, so they left.

Hearing this, Jiang Qin’s face instantly darkened. She flew into a rage at the few receptionists. “Who received the person in charge of Qingfeng? I told you long ago that today’s handover ceremony is very important and you must be 120% focused, but you actually chased the person in charge of Qingfeng away?”

The few young ladies lowered their heads with tears in their eyes. They had been waiting for the entire morning, but the person in charge of Qingfeng Entertainment did not come to visit at all. Moreover, they were not rude to anyone. Could it be that there were too many people in the company today and it was a little chaotic? Did the person in charge leave angrily when he realized that no one was around to welcome him?

At two in the afternoon in the vice president’s office, Gu Yao questioned with a gloomy expression, “Where’s the person in charge of Qingfeng Entertainment? Director Jiang, I handed the matter to you. Is this how you do things? Do you still want to work here?”

Jiang Qin’s heart trembled. She knew that President Gu valued the merger of the companies very much because President Gu had said many years ago that he founded the company for a friend. She guessed that the friend was the president of Qingfeng Entertainment, but the president had handed the company to Xia Mengyan to manage.

If something really went wrong during the handover ceremony, not only would she offend President Gu, but she would also offend the president of Qingfeng Entertainment. Her future would be completely ruined. Jiang Qin was so afraid that she broke out in a cold sweat. She went out of the door and asked Gu Yao’s assistant for information. “Assistant Gao, what exactly did Qingfeng Entertainment say? Did we not receive them well, or was it because of something else?”