Chapter 901 - Apologize To Qingfeng

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Chapter 901: Apologize To Qingfeng

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Assistant Gao glanced coldly at Jiang Qin and snorted. “Think carefully about whether you’ve offended that person. If anything goes wrong with this company merger, all of you will have to pay the price!”

Jiang Qin panicked. How could she have offended someone? It must be an employee who was blind and offended an important guest!

“Do you know what President Gu’s relationship with the president of Qingfeng Entertainment is? You even dared to offend the president of Qingfeng Entertainment. I really admire your courage!”

Jiang Qin was so scared that her face turned pale. She said in horror, “I… I really don’t know how I offended the president. My subordinates must be blind. How can they blame it on me?”

Assistant Gao replied indifferently, “Director Jiang, whether it’s you or your employees who offended the president of Qingfeng, you should be the one to solve this matter. I advise you to apologize to Qingfeng as soon as possible. If you’re sincere enough, they might forgive you and you can still keep your job.”

With that, Assistant Gao smiled meaningfully. “I heard that Miss Xia and the president of Qingfeng Entertainment are good friends! You can get Miss Xia to help you! With her helping you plead for your case, anything can be resolved.”

Jiang Qin’s eyes lit up. How could she have forgotten about Xia Mengyan?! She rushed to the president’s office without turning back. Xia Mengyan’s expression froze when she heard the words.

All these years, she had been claiming connections with the president of Qingfeng Entertainment to gain many benefits, but she had never met him before. She did not even know if he was a man or a woman, nor did she know his age. Hence, she could not help Jiang Qin at all. If she rashly appeared, she would be exposed. At that time, it would be troublesome.

Xia Mengyan hesitated for a moment. “Hold on. I’ll make a call first.”

With that, Xia Mengyan picked up the phone, stood up, and walked to the window. She pretended to make a call and said helplessly, “I can’t contact him. Maybe he’s in a fit of anger! If you really offended him, why don’t you visit Qingfeng and apologize? I don’t think the other party will make things difficult for you.”

Jiang Qin was mentally and physically exhausted. Why was Miss Xia so helpless? Wasn’t she very close to the president? If she couldn’t solve it, no one could help her.

After thinking about it, Jiang Qin could only brace herself and go to Qingfeng Entertainment. When she reached the entrance of the company, she was stopped by the security guards. When they found out that she was the director of Heavenly Voice Entertainment who specially came to apologize to the president, the security guards looked at each other with strange expressions. In the end, they let her in.

At this moment, Jiang Qin was standing at the door, extremely nervous. She thought for a long time but did not know how she had offended the president of Qingfeng Entertainment. Even if she were to apologize, she did not know where to start!

All these years, she had worked hard and used all possible methods to finally climb to the position of director. She absolutely could not lose this job. Fortunately, Miss Xia was the president’s friend. No matter how angry the president was, he would probably show Miss Xia some respect. The matter would be resolved then.

After hesitating for a moment, Jiang Qin took a deep breath and knocked on the office door. Unexpectedly, the door suddenly opened. Jiang Qin mustered her courage and walked in. She originally thought that the chairman was a middle-aged man. After all, Miss Xia had called him her senior. However, the person she saw was a young woman.

At this moment, there was only a young lady in the room. She was sitting on the president’s office chair and playing with her phone. When she heard footsteps, she slowly looked up. Jiang Qin was instantly stunned. She immediately swallowed the words of flattery and widened her eyes. “Why are you here?”

She never expected that Qiao Xi would actually be sitting in the president’s office. Jiang Qin, who was originally prepared to apologize humbly, instantly became imposing. “Mrs. Gu, you’re quite capable. You can even enter the office of Qingfeng’s president as you please. I’m looking for the president. Where is he?”

Qiao Xi glanced at her coldly, then continued playing the game on her phone. Waves of battle noises came from her phone. She did not take Jiang Qin seriously at all.

“Say something!” Jiang Qin shouted in exasperation.

She still did not know how she had offended the president of Qingfeng. Now that she saw Qiao Xi, Jiang Qin finally reacted. Qiao Xi must have come to Qingfeng and exaggerated things to badmouth her to the president, so the president did not send anyone for the handover.

Jiang Qin shouted, “I was wondering why there was a problem with the handover ceremony. You must be behind it. I want to see the president!”