Chapter 469 - Chase

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The star had already fallen below the horizon an hour ago. The entire wasteland was now covered in darkness.

Planet Leppler did not have a large enough satellite around it, so there was naturally no moon. Moreover, because it was located at the edge of the Orion Arm, there were much fewer stars that could be seen in the sky.

Only a few stars flickered in the night sky, enveloping the endless wasteland in a hazy light green light.

Two of the three-lipped hamsters unique to Planet Leppler crawled out of the underground hole and looked up at the starlight. Then they rustled together and hid behind a rock. After chirping a few times, they began to do something happy and inappropriate for children.

Just as they were immersed in their activity, rumbling sounds suddenly sounded from afar.

A huge sound sounded through the ground of the wasteland, causing the two three-lipped short-legged rats to jump up in unison. Looking up, they discovered that a few dazzling lights in the distant wasteland were rushing over at high speed with a bang.

Not only was it on the ground, but even a few intense lights also swept over from the sky. Accompanied by a few huge black shadows, they quickly floated over like dark clouds in the night.

The two three-lipped short-legged rats chirped. They could not be bothered to be happy anymore and quickly returned to the cave at an even faster speed than before.

Two minutes later, a huge tire rolled through the hole they had entered. Mud and sand surged into the hole, completely covering the small hole.

After a while, five large fuel freight locomotives stopped. More than a hundred heavily armed men jumped out and completely surrounded the small village that had fallen into darkness.

One of the burly men raised his hand and threw an old grenade into one of the huts.

After a violent explosion and flames flashed, the hut collapsed and turned into ruins.

Then, several people did the same.

Soon, more than half of the small village had turned into ruins.

However, under such an exaggerated sound, no figure flashed in the entire village. It was still silent and abnormally strange.

The sound of airwaves rolling sounded above his head as three small low-altitude shuttles slowly landed.

A short and thin middle-aged man jumped out of the small low-altitude shuttle in the middle. The burly men beside him immediately bowed and leaned over respectfully.

“Boss Lumore, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the village.”

The small man called Lumore had his hands behind his back and took a step forward. He was clearly stepping in the air, but it was as if he was stepping on a solid step. As he stepped forward, his body slowly rose into the air and he walked to the sky above the entire village.

After looking down, he raised his right hand and slowly pressed down.

An invisible airwave fell with his palm, crushing the dozen or so houses that had yet to be destroyed. The entire village instantly turned into ruins.

After doing this, his gaze suddenly landed on the ground. He exclaimed softly and before he could do anything, his body had already arrived on the ground.

With a wave of his hand, the two human legs on the ground automatically flew into his hand.

He took a look and his eyelids suddenly twitched. Two sharp lights shot out from his eyes as if two light bulbs had suddenly lit up and penetrated the dense night around him.

“Hmph! That fool, Nemonta, actually died without even a complete corpse. How sad.” Lumore shook his head and waved his hand beside him, “Search! They can’t have gone far!”

The surrounding burly men replied in unison and scattered.

After a while, various search reports were sent back.

From all kinds of signs and analyses, the people in this small village had left together more than four to five hours ago. From the traces left behind, they should have fled in the direction of the northeastern Nightclub City. Moreover, it could be deduced that they did not have any transportation, because they did not even take away a small van beside the forest.

“Hmph, you want to escape with such a large group of people in this wasteland? Dream on!” Lumore waved his hand again, “Chase!”

The burly men replied again. Just as Lumore was about to set off, a subordinate suddenly stumbled over from afar.

Lumore frowned. “Why are you panicking?”

That subordinate held a round thing in both hands and ran straight to Lumore. He touched the thing in his hand as if he was presenting a treasure.

“Boss… Boss Lumore, this… this is…”

Lumore glanced at it and his gaze focused.

This round thing was actually a human head that clearly belonged to Nemonta!

Looking at the still terrified expression on the head’s face, Lumore narrowed his eyes and frowned slightly.

Although he had always looked down on Nemonta, he had to admit that his strength was actually not much weaker than his.

From his current expression, he seemed to have experienced something very unbelievable and terrifying before he died, causing him to die with remaining grievances.

“Could it be that the two little fellows mentioned in the report actually have such powerful strength? Or is there actually an expert hidden in this inconspicuous village?”

After thinking for a moment, Lumore stretched out his hand and waved to the side.

A subordinate closest to him leaned over.

Lumore whispered into his ear, “Go send a message to the headquarters. Tell them that there might be an unknown expert among the enemy. We need reinforcements here.”

That subordinate looked at Lumore in surprise, “Lord Lumore, this…”

“Cut the crap. Go quickly!” Lumore said sternly.

That subordinate did not dare to ask anymore. He hurriedly nodded and entered a small low-altitude shuttle.

Lumore looked northeast, thought for a moment, and waved again.

“Let’s go and follow.”

Soon, three small low-altitude shuttles and five large fuel freight locomotives started up together and galloped towards the wasteland in the northeast with a roar. Soon, they disappeared into the vast night.

After they walked away, the calm wasteland suddenly shook again.

This time, it was not the two three-lipped short-legged rats that crawled out of the soil and sand, but a black figure.

The figure raised its head and looked in the direction where the small low-altitude shuttle and the large fuel freight locomotive had disappeared, its eyes filled with doubt.

“Strange… who’s so bold? They actually dared to kill the leader of the Sand Eagle?”

Although she deliberately lowered her voice, it could be heard that this black shadow was actually a young girl.

After muttering, the black shadow moved and quickly chased in the direction where Lumore and the others had disappeared.