Chapter 475 - There's Still Hope

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Chapter 475: There’s Still Hope

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Lumore steadily stopped in the sky and lowered his head to look at the huge pit smashed by Chu Nan before sneering.

“I thought that you had some ability since you were able to kill Nemonta. I didn’t expect you to be so weak. From the looks of it, you’re probably a rookie who has just broken through the Cosmic Heaven’s Gate. You can’t even block a single strike of mine.”

Lumore did not deliberately lower his voice. Instead, he deliberately raised it and spread his voice clearly in all directions.

The subordinates of Sand Eagle who had long dispersed below looked at each other in confusion.

Who was Lord Lumore talking to?

“Get up, stop pretending.” Lumore continued to look at the pit and said coldly, “Although you’re a rookie, you shouldn’t die so easily.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an explosion suddenly sounded in the pit. A figure darted out and landed outside. It was Chu Nan.

At this moment, his entire body was covered in dust and he looked extremely miserable, but the light in his eyes did not decrease at all. Only his face was slightly pale. Clearly, the strike just now did not cause any fatal damage to him.

When the few Sand Eagle subordinates closest to him saw Chu Nan suddenly jump out, they were first shocked. Then, they looked at each other and with a thought, they picked up the gunpowder weapon in their hands and attacked him.

The sound of machine guns and rockets firing sounded and Chu Nan’s location was instantly enveloped by the dust brought about by the explosion.

The few Sand Eagle subordinates were overjoyed, thinking to themselves that this guy was indeed heavily injured in the battle with Lord Lumore just now, so much so that he could not even dodge their attacks.

However, just as this thought arose in their hearts, they saw a hurricane blowing out of thin air where Chu Nan was. It instantly blew away all the smoke and dust, revealing him who was still standing on the spot without moving.

Chu Nan turned to look at them and his subordinates were immediately frightened. They did not hesitate to turn around and escape.

However, before they could take two steps, they felt a huge force strike their chests from nowhere. It was as if they had been suddenly struck by a sledgehammer. Their ribs shattered and their chests sank.

The few of them fell to the ground together and spat out blood. Their limbs twitched twice before they stopped moving. Clearly, they were no longer alive.

Before they lost consciousness, their eyes were filled with doubt as the same thought spun in their minds.

“How did this guy… hit our chests? We clearly had our backs to him…”

Seeing that his subordinates had been killed by Chu Nan, Lumore frowned slightly and shouted, “Get lost! What qualifications do you have to interfere in our battle?”

The other Sand Eagle subordinates scattered in all directions looked at each other and hurriedly retreated further away, not daring to act rashly.

Lord Lumore was right. The battle between these two Void Break Martial Artists was simply a battle between superhumans. It was not something ordinary people like them could interfere in.

It was best to let the superhumans resolve their own matters.

After berating his subordinate, Lumore’s gaze landed on Chu Nan again and a trace of praise flashed through his eyes.

“Your talent is indeed very good. You clearly knew nothing about the use of spatial energy just now. I didn’t expect you to master it to this extent in such a short period of time. If I give you enough time to grow, I’m afraid I’m really not your match.”

Chu Nan raised his head and looked at him, “Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to kill me and let me escape? I’ll take revenge on you in the future?”

Lumore sneered, his tone revealing powerful confidence.

“Since I dare to say this, I have enough confidence to make you unable to escape. You originally had the chance to become an even stronger martial artist, but you made the wrong choice. For a mere few lowly commoners, you actually dare to fight us, the Sand Eagles, and even dare to fight me head-on. Now, you no longer have the chance to regret it!”

After saying that, he waved his hand and the black cloud behind him continued to spread. As his figure fell towards Chu Nan, it was like a huge black cloud that truly covered the sky.

Chu Nan narrowed his eyes and looked up as his mind raced.

Lumore’s control of the spatial energy in the surrounding space was indeed extremely outstanding. Moreover, as soon as he used this Great Dark Sky, it was as if he had directly changed the attributes of the spatial energy. However, he could not even control these spatial energies, let alone counterattack. As a result, he was directly struck down from the sky the first time he came into contact with it and was injured.

However, this did not mean that he did not even have the chance to escape.

With his powerful data ability, Chu Nan could determine the state of control of spatial energy the moment he came into contact with it. He could even easily calculate the range of spatial energy he affected and build an accurate model in his mind to deduce what the space that he could control was like. Then, he could find the weak part and break out.

Even if he would still be chased by Lumore, Chu Nan was confident that he could last until Nightclub City without being killed.

As long as he returned to Nightclub City and entered the crowd of the large city, he did not believe that Lumore had the ability to find him again.

If there was really no other way, he could still send a distress signal to Teacher Galostan.

With Teacher Galostan’s powerful strength at the fifth-stage Void Break Realm, it was definitely not a problem to kill this Lumore.

However, in order to protect the villagers, especially Angie Prairie, Chu Nan would not choose to escape until he was certain that he had no hope of defeating Lumore.

As for now, he still felt that there was hope.

Seeing that Lumore had already pressed down and the spatial energy in the surrounding space had already begun to become violent under the influence of the Great Dark Sky, Chu Nan’s mind frantically circulated and instantly absorbed the slightest situation in the surrounding space into his mind to make the most precise calculations.

Then, he raised his hand and lightly slapped out.

This palm strike seemed to be weak and slow, but after slapping out, it showed that the space around his palm was clearly distorted. Then, the range of this distortion became larger and larger, enveloping his entire body. Then, it continued to expand until it reached a range of five meters in front of him and collided with the black cloud that was attacking him.

There was no world-shaking sound. After the two spatial energies collided, they first emitted a few strange sounds. Then, countless electric currents lit up in the place they touched, illuminating the surrounding space until it was white. The space in that place was twisted beyond recognition, and even the black clouds of Lumore were completely shattered.

Lumore’s body in midair shook slightly and the black cloud suddenly retracted. He looked at Chu Nan in surprise.

The hard ground of the wasteland under Chu Nan’s feet suddenly cracked. His body suddenly sank and his feet actually sank into the ground. Clearly, he could not completely eliminate the pressure.

However, there was no panic on Chu Nan’s face. Instead, he revealed a trace of joy.

Through the attempt to deal with those Sand Eagle subordinates and this head-on confrontation with Lumore, he had already grasped some methods to use spatial energy.

In fact… it was that simple.