Chapter 478 - God

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“Brother Sienna, why isn’t that kid back yet…”

Seeing the worry in his companion’s eyes, Sienna sighed inwardly, but his expression remained firm.

“Don’t worry, he’ll definitely come back.”

“I don’t think so…” A sinister voice sounded, “I think that kid must have seen that the situation was bad and left us behind.”

“That’s right. He’s so young. How can he have the guts to find trouble with Sand Eagle and the others?” another person echoed.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” The other person immediately retorted, “It’s not like you didn’t see it yesterday. Didn’t he and Angie Prairie kill a leader of the Sand Eagle?”

“That’s only because he was forced into a corner at that time, okay? He couldn’t escape at that time, but can’t he leave now? I think he ran away alone.”

“Nonsense! If he wanted to run, he should have run long ago. Why did he follow us so far? Do you think he can’t run himself?”

“He must have felt that there was some hope of escaping with us yesterday. Now that he sees Sand Eagle’s people chasing after us, he knows that he can’t escape and hurriedly ran away alone.”

“Impossible! Angie Prairie is still here. Forget about us. If he runs, won’t he run with her?”

“Tsk, a calamity is imminent. Why would he care about Angie Prairie?”

“Enough!” Sienna shouted. The argument in the surrounding crowd instantly stopped. Everyone looked at him.

Sienna wiped his face in frustration and turned to look in the direction Chu Nan had left.

Ever since Chu Nan left, the smoke that represented his pursuers in the sky stopped not long after. This proved that he had definitely collided with the Sand Eagle’s pursuers. Otherwise, they would have long caught up.

Then, a few consecutive explosions sounded from behind. At the same time, a few balls of flames seemed to have exploded in the distance.

The voice and flames came from the same direction, causing Sienna to guess that Chu Nan had fought with the pursuers behind him.

Sienna could not think of a reason for the commotion.

In the beginning, Sienna hoped that Chu Nan could deal with all the pursuers from the Sand Eagle and allow them to safely retreat to Nightclub City.

However, a long time had passed since the explosion and flames, but Chu Nan was still nowhere to be seen.

What was even stranger was that there was also no movement from the wasteland behind. Everything had become quiet, and the situation was extremely strange.

“What’s going on? Could it be that that kid died with the Sand Eagle’s people?” After seeing no movement for a while, Sienna became even more vexed.

“Hey, Brother Sienna, let’s not wait here anymore, right?” After the crowd was silent for a moment, one of them suggested, “Let’s run as far as we can before Sand Eagle and the others catch up. It’s best if we can encounter a train going to Nightclub City. As long as we can get in, it’ll be much easier.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Didn’t that kid say that as long as we go to Nightclub City and find that person, we’ll be safe?”

Sienna glanced at the group and shook his head lightly.

They had a good plan, but in fact, if Chu Nan was unable to stop the Sand Eagle’s pursuit, with the speed at which they advanced, they would be caught sooner or later.

Their only hope was that Chu Nan could kill all those pursuers and give them enough time to rush to Nightclub City before the Sand Eagle’s subsequent pursuers reacted.

Moreover, even if they went to Nightclub City, Sienna actually did not think they could be so at ease.

That kid spoke very nicely, but who could guarantee that what he said was true?

Even if what he said was true, who could guarantee that the important figures from the Earth Federation would really agree with him and be willing to take in their group?

Sienna knew his place. He knew very well that their group was a useless bunch of trash and a burden to society.

If not for Angie Prairie, that young man called Chu Nan would definitely not look at them.

Thinking of Angie Prairie, Sienna’s worry deepened.

He turned to look at Angie Prairie, who was still being carried by two people. He discovered that her eyes were still closed and her face was abnormally red. Clearly, she was still in a bad state.

If anything really happened to her…

“Or should I just do as Chu Nan says and find a place to bury Angie Prairie?” Sienna’s heart stirred. He looked at Angie Prairie’s beautiful but still young face and felt that he could not bear to see her like this.

This girl, who was about the same age as his dead daughter, had already helped them a lot on Leviathan. Now, in order to let them live a better life and avoid the threat of the Sand Eagle, she even risked her life.

He could not convince himself to bury her alive.

However, if he continued to bring her along, not to mention that it would affect the speed of the team, if the Sand Eagle’s people caught up, her first target would definitely be her. Bringing her along would only make it easier for their group to be attacked by the Sand Eagle.

“Am I really going to bury her…”

While Sienna was struggling, someone suddenly pointed behind him and shouted.

Sienna and the others turned to look and their expressions changed.

Behind them, another cloud of dust billowed.

Although it was much inferior to the aura of the group of pursuers earlier, it was obvious that Sand Eagle’s people had caught up again…

“Brother Sienna, what do we do now?”

The group looked at Sienna with sad faces, their faces filled with panic.

At this moment, Sienna’s mind was also in chaos.

If the Sand Eagle’s people caught up, with these unarmed guys, they definitely could not resist. They could only allow themselves to be slaughtered.

“Brother Sienna, why don’t we leave Angie Prairie behind?” A person suddenly shouted, “Sand Eagle’s people want her and that guy called Chu Nan. If we leave Angie Prairie here, when Sand Eagle’s people see her, they definitely won’t chase us anymore?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding people looked at him angrily.

“Rem, are you still human?!”

“That’s right. What are you saying? Miss Angie Prairie helped us so much, but you actually want to leave her alone?”

“Rem, you’re a f*cking b*stard!”

Rem hurriedly retracted his head and muttered softly, “That kid also said that he wanted us to bury her… In any case, since we’re going to die, why don’t we let her help us one last time…”

With a thought, Sienna suddenly felt that Rem’s suggestion was the best choice now.

Indeed, if they left Angie Prairie here and Sand Eagle’s people grabbed her, it was very likely that they would not continue to pursue useless people like them. Then, they would have hope of surviving.

But…. how could he do such a thing?

Of course, if he did not do this, Sienna could not think of a way to let everyone survive.

Just as he was feeling conflicted again, another person suddenly shouted.

“Look! Someone seems to be flying over!”

“Someone flew over?”

Sienna looked in the direction that the person was pointing in surprise. As expected, she saw a figure quickly approaching from the distant sky. In a short while, he had already flown to the group’s leader and landed, raising a cloud of dust.

The group of people were shocked and looked at the person warily.

A breeze suddenly blew through the dust and blew away all the dust, revealing a familiar figure.

“Heh, it seems that everyone is fine. That’s great.” Chu Nan smiled at everyone and turned to look at Sienna, “Uncle Sienna, let me tell you a piece of good news. I snatched a large cargo fuel locomotive from Sand Eagle’s group. It should be able to load everyone. This way, we can reach Nightclub City in two hours.”

“Really?” Sienna’s eyes widened.

“It’s true. It’s behind me.” Chu Nan pointed behind him in the direction of the rolling dust.

Sienna looked up in that direction, his heart filled with joy.

He turned around to look at Chu Nan. Although he was covered in dust and his face was dirty, making it almost impossible to see his original appearance, he was already like a god in Sienna’s heart!