Chapter 480 - : Underground People

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Galostan and Zheng Daoxing looked at each other in surprise. Who was this guy?

“Cough… let me introduce myself. I’m the person in charge of security at the Seres Security Company. I’m a little interested in the problem you encountered. Can I trouble you to introduce it in detail?”

Galostan and Zheng Daoxing were even more stunned.

This guy who suddenly appeared looked extremely young, at most around 20 years old. He was actually the person in charge of the Seres Security Company?

However, the person in charge of the caravan beside him did not raise any objections to this young man’s words. Instead, he smiled at him and moved to the side, his expression actually carrying a trace of respect.

Galostan and Zheng Daoxing looked at each other again. With a thought, Galostan nodded at Zheng Daoxing, who immediately said, “These two missing students are Angie Prairie and…”

“Chu Nan?” The young man opposite him suddenly interrupted Zheng Daoxing.

Galostan and Zheng Daoxing were stunned.

How did this young man guess that it was Chu Nan?

Seeing their expressions, the young man laughed, “It’s indeed this kid. I knew he was not a quiet guy. Now, he’s actually missing with Angie Prairie.”

Galostan could not help but ask, “You know Chu Nan?”

“Yes, I’m his friend.” The young man smiled and replied, “You don’t have to worry. Although Chu Nan is restless, he’s not an unreliable guy. Even if you temporarily lose contact, I don’t think anything will happen to him.”

“This…” Galostan and Zheng Daoxing did not know what to say for a moment.

“That said, your worry is not wrong.” The young man pondered for a moment and continued, “How about this? After we reach Planet Leppler, I’ll come and meet you. If Chu Nan has already returned, it’s fine. If he hasn’t returned, I’ll arrange for people to help you find him.”

“Really? That’s great!” Galostan and Zheng Daoxing were immediately overjoyed.

Obtaining the promise of help from this young man who called himself the person in charge of the Seres Security Company was undoubtedly much better than making a formal request.

“Alright, I’ll see you in a while.”

Seeing that the young man was about to leave, Galostan hurriedly stopped him.

“Can I ask your name? How can I contact you later?”

“Tell me your address and I’ll find it myself. As for my name…” The young man smiled,” You definitely don’t know it. My name is Dong Fang. ”

The large cargo fuel locomotive suddenly braked, bringing about a huge cloud of dust that enveloped the entire car.

The group of people in the back box were swayed by the huge force and immediately cried out.

Chu Nan patted the driver in charge of the locomotive and glared at him. “Wait obediently and don’t think of any crooked thoughts.”

When the driver was kidnapped by Chu Nan along with the freight locomotive, how could he dare to resist? He nodded repeatedly.

Chu Nan jumped out of the locomotive from the other side. Behind him, Sienna asked curiously, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

After two hours of speeding, they were finally extremely close to Nightclub City.

Looking forward, he could already see the shadow of the city on the far side of the horizon. Of course, Sienna did not want anything to happen at this moment.

Chu Nan waved his hand and did not answer. He arrived at the back of the carriage and squatted down between the front and back wheels. He said coldly, “Come out.”

Sienna and the others were all puzzled.

There was nothing under the car. Who was Chu Nan talking to?

After waiting for a while, there was still no movement.

Chu Nan pressed his hand on the ground and shouted in a low voice, “Come out! I know you’re hiding below. If you still don’t come out, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

There was still no movement.

Chu Nan waited for a while before suddenly raising his head. His gaze stretched out from the bottom of the train and looked behind it.

He suddenly grunted and pressed his palm lightly. His Internal Breath was activated, mixed with spatial energy, and surged into the ground. An obvious fluctuation came from his palm and quickly stretched out along the ground.

A moment later, this fluctuation seemed to have collided with something and suddenly exploded on the sandstone ground. A figure suddenly darted out from the ground.

Sienna and the others were shocked.

This person was actually hiding underground!

Although the ground of the wasteland was mostly sand and rocks, it was still extremely hard. How could a person hide inside?

After forcing this person out, Chu Nan tapped his feet and his body instantly flew nearly 20 meters away from the two of them before slapping out.

This palm strike did not use spatial energy or much Internal Breath, but it did not plan to directly kill the other party. Instead, it had the intention to capture him alive.

When that person saw Chu Nan’s palm slapping over, he spun in the air and slapped out in an extremely strange posture.

The two palms collided and Chu Nan could not help but exclaim.

The Internal Breath coming from this palm was not very strong, but it was very strange. It was as if countless needles had gathered together. They were sharp and dense, and they almost pierced through his Internal Breath.

However, Chu Nan’s reaction was abnormally fast. He sensed that something was wrong and immediately changed his Internal Breath to a gentler one, blocking the sharp intent in the other party’s Internal Breath. Then, he flipped his wrist and grabbed the other party’s shoulder.

That person’s body was extremely flexible, but his limbs were a little rough. It was as if he was purely relying on his instincts and could not be considered to have any exquisite external martial techniques. Soon, he was completely suppressed by Chu Nan.

Seeing that the situation was bad, he deliberately took Chu Nan’s palm strike. His body flew out and he pounced to the ground. From the looks of it, he planned to escape underground again.

However, Chu Nan was already mentally prepared. When he saw his actions, he sneered and raised his foot to guess. Another fluctuation surged over.

That person was lying on the ground when the fluctuation arrived. The ground suddenly exploded, sending his body flying.

Caught off guard, that person’s entire body soared into the air and he immediately danced.

Chu Nan tapped his feet and flew over. He removed the other party’s defense in a few moves and found a gap. He pressed his palm on the other party’s chest.

Internal Breath surged out, and that person spat out a mouthful of blood. He did not have the strength to struggle or resist.

Chu Nan grabbed the corner of his shirt and landed again.

Due to his special ability, Chu Nan did not throw him to the ground. Instead, he grabbed his collar and let him float in the air. He asked coldly, “Tell me, why did you follow us all the way? Are you from Sand Eagle?”

That person coughed twice before slowly replying with difficulty, “I… I’m not… not from Sand Eagle. I… I just want to… want to beg you… for help…”

Chu Nan was immediately stunned.

This was actually a girl’s voice!