Chapter 481 - Lily Blossom

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Hearing that it was a girl’s voice, Chu Nan relaxed his grip slightly and let her hands fall to the ground. However, he still strangled her neck tightly and did not allow her to escape.

“If you’re not from Sand Eagle, why are you following us?” Chu Nan shouted.

“I…” The girl took a deep breath and continued,” I don’t want to be… seen by so many people. ”

“You don’t want to be seen by so many people? Are you ashamed?” Chu Nan asked curiously.

He sized up the girl in his hand. Although she sounded like a young girl, he could not tell from her appearance.

This fellow’s entire body was gray, and even her face was covered in a thick layer. Her face could not be seen at all, and only a blurry shape could be seen.

However, her eyes were quite large. The dark blue gem-like pupils were embedded in her eyes, and they were like two clean gems. They were extremely beautiful and dazzling, and they were completely incompatible with her dirty and gray face.

As for other places… Chu Nan could not see any evidence that she was a woman.

Although she was considered petite, her chest was almost flat. Because her figure was hidden in her clothes that were almost completely mixed with the soil and gravel, no one could tell her true gender at first glance.

“No… it’s just… it’s just…” The girl hesitated as if she did not know how to answer Chu Nan’s question.

“She can’t be seen indeed.” Sienna had already jumped out of the vehicle and walked over to finish the girl’s sentence.

“Why?” Chu Nan was even more puzzled.

“Because she’s from the Rand Clan.” Seeing that Chu Nan still had a puzzled expression, Sienna pointed at the girl’s eyes and continued to explain, “Did you see her eyes? Do you think they’re very special?”

Chu Nan stared at the pair of blue eyes that were extremely incompatible with her and could not help but nod.

“This is the symbol of the Rand people. It’s such a pair of eyes. If they’re completely extracted and preserved, they can be sold for at least 300,000 Trans,” said Sienna.

Trans was the common currency on Planet Leppler and one of the common currencies in the Sapphire Star Field. According to Chu Nan’s understanding two days ago, from the perspective of material exchange, it was about a million federation coins. Its value was clearly extremely high.

However, what really surprised him was not that this girl’s eyes were so valuable, but Sienna’s attitude when he mentioned this.

He spoke casually and matter-of-factly as if extracting this girl’s eyes was a very normal thing.

The girl also heard Sienna’s words and could not help but shrink. She raised her hand to cover her face and eyes.

Sienna glanced at her and turned to Chu Nan, “Since she’s from the Rand Clan, she shouldn’t be related to the Sand Eagle. On the contrary, the Sand Eagle should be the greatest enemy of the Rand Clan.”

“Oh?” Chu Nan looked at the girl from head to toe and let go.

Although the girl from the Rand Clan was trembling slightly and was clearly afraid, after Chu Nan let go of her, she did not immediately choose to escape like before.

After staying on the spot for a while, she seemed to have mustered her courage. Her body stopped trembling and she slowly put down her hand. She opened her hand and looked at Chu Nan with her blue gem-like eyes that were still filled with nervousness.

“You… you won’t dig out my eyes, right?”

Chu Nan immediately laughed and shook his head. “If I wanted to dig, I wouldn’t have let go of you.” After saying that, he waved his hand at her, “Alright, you can leave. Since you’re not from Sand Eagle, don’t follow us anymore.”

“No… no!” The girl rushed to Chu Nan, “I… I came to pursue you because… because I hope you… can help me.”

Perhaps it was because she was nervous or because she usually spoke too little, the girl’s words were always intermittent, and she seemed to be stammering.

“Help you?” Chu Nan frowned, “Help you with what?”

“Help me chase away the Sand Eagle and save my clansmen!” Seeing that Chu Nan had finally asked the key question, the girl immediately became excited and her speech became much smoother, “They’ve… been captured by Sand Eagle’s people. They’re in danger now. I hope you can help me save them!”

“Oh…” Chu Nan nodded and waved at her, “Goodbye.”

With that, he turned around and left.

The girl and Sienna were stunned. The girl hurriedly chased after him and asked anxiously, “Aren’t you… Sand Eagle’s enemy?”

“I’ve indeed made enemies with Sand Eagle and the others, but this has nothing to do with helping you save your clansmen,” Chu Nan replied with a cold expression, “Hurry up and leave. We’re going to Nightclub City now. If you don’t want to be captured by others and have your eyes dug out, it’s best you leave now.”

The girl became even more anxious. She reached out to pull Chu Nan, but he easily dodged.

“But… but if I don’t save them, they’ll all die… I beg… I beg you, help me, save them!”

The girl sounded like she was about to cry, but Chu Nan was unmoved and continued to walk towards the freight train.

The girl stopped and thought for a moment before suddenly speeding up. She circled around Chu Nan and actually rushed into the carriage behind the freight train. She squeezed through the villagers in the carriage and arrived beside Angie Prairie who was still lying on the wooden board in a coma.

Chu Nan was immediately shocked. His figure flashed and he instantly broke through more than ten meters between the two sides. He arrived beside the girl and slapped down.

He was careless and actually let this fellow slip to Angie Prairie’s side.

If she harmed Angie Prairie, it would be too late for regrets!

However, in the next moment, he forcefully stopped his palm.

After the girl arrived beside Angie Prairie, she did not do anything else. She actually knelt down, bent down, and placed her face beside Angie Prairie’s. Then… then she actually kissed her!

Seeing the girl’s lips touch Angie Prairie’s, Chu Nan was completely stunned.

This girl… what was she doing?

Only then did the surrounding villagers react. When they saw the girl’s actions, they were all dumbfounded.

No matter her personality, Angie Prairie was very beautiful. Now that she was lying there quietly, she looked even more peaceful and beautiful.

However, now, this dirty fellow rushed over and kissed her!

This… this scene was too shocking…

Chu Nan blankly looked at this scene and felt as if a lily was slowly blooming in front of him…

Then, he shook his head and threw away his thoughts. He prepared to go forward and pull the girl away.

As soon as he moved, he immediately stopped and stared at the girl and Angie Prairie’s lips. He was surprised.

From the girl’s lips, a trace of green aura slowly seeped into her body through Angie Prairie’s lips.

Under the effect of this green aura, the expression on Angie Prairie’s face actually improved at an astonishing speed!