Chapter 483 - The History of the Rand Clan

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“Is she still unconscious?”

Angie Prairie looked at the Rand girl on the bed in concern and turned to ask Chu Nan.

Chu Nan shrugged, “Don’t ask me. She fainted because of you.”

Angie Prairie touched her forehead awkwardly and smiled. Then, she frowned and said, “But even if I knocked her unconscious, she should have woken up long ago. I heard from you that she’s an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist. She shouldn’t be so fragile.”

“I think… she might be in the same situation as you before. Her life force should have been severely exhausted, so her body is too weak now, causing her to be unconscious. However, her situation is clearly much better than yours at that time. She shouldn’t be in much danger and will wake up in a while,” Chu Nan explained.

Angie Prairie looked at the Rand girl with surprise and confusion.

“According to the current situation, isn’t what she did previously equivalent to transferring her life force to me? What strange cultivation method is this?”

Chu Nan glanced at Angie Prairie and confirmed that she had indeed recovered her usual energy and was in high spirits. He felt very strange.

That’s right, ever since this girl from the Rand Clan kissed Angie Prairie and injected that green aura into her body, her life force had clearly been replenished. Then, she woke up and quickly improved. In the end, this girl’s life force was clearly much weaker.

From this situation, it was as if she had sent her life force to Angie Prairie.

However, was there really such a cultivation method in this world that imparted one’s life force to others?

This was too magical!

However, looking at Angie Prairie and thinking about her master, Supremacy Oville, not only could the Flame of Life they cultivated stimulate the life force of the human body and help people quickly heal their injuries, but when cultivated to a high level, it could even make people regain their youth.

If such a magical cultivation method existed, it was not strange that there were still similar magical cultivation methods.

“We’ll ask when she wakes up.” Chu Nan turned around and instructed Angie Prairie, “Watch her here. I’ll go discuss something with them. Teacher Galostan and Director Zheng should be here soon.”

“Go. It’s fine if Teacher Galostan and the others are unwilling to help. I’ll contact Master and tell her these things. She’ll definitely help. Moreover, this girl’s cultivation method is so magical. She’ll definitely be very interested. She might even come personally.”

“Let her come herself?” Chu Nan glanced at the girl on the bed and thought for a moment. He did not say anything and waved his hand at Angie Prairie before walking out.

Due to the fact that he had brought a large group of old, weak, and disabled people, coupled with the fact that he was driving an ancient fuel locomotive, it was too eye-catching. Therefore, after Chu Nan brought them into Nightclub City, he did not continue to show off. Instead, he found a building at the edge of the city that seemed to be abandoned and temporarily settled them down.

At this moment, Sienna was sitting in the courtyard with the other villagers.

After traveling for an entire night, coupled with the fact that their lives were in danger along the way, although they could quickly escape on the fuel locomotive, it was still extremely bumpy and uncomfortable. This caused this group of people to be exhausted and sway in the courtyard. Many of them even fell asleep.

Even the strongest, Sienna, had a tired expression. When he saw Chu Nan come out, he barely raised his mind to welcome him.

“Is Angie Prairie okay?” The first person he asked about was her.

“She’s fine now.” Chu Nan pointed into the room, “On the other hand, the situation of that girl from the Rand Clan is a little bad.”

Sienna also glanced into the room. After a moment of silence, she sighed, “In order to save Angie Prairie, she should have used the legendary forbidden technique of the Rand Clan—the Blessing of Fate. Legend has it that this forbidden technique can inject all her life into another person. This way, even if the other person is in a dying state, she can immediately recover. However, she herself…”

Sienna sighed again and shook her head. Although she did not continue, the meaning was obvious.

However, Chu Nan smiled.

The Blessing of Fate that Sienna spoke of was very similar to the situation of the Rand girl saving Angie Prairie, but there was a very obvious difference.

Although that girl from the Rand Clan had clearly transmitted a large amount of her life force to Angie Prairie, she was actually unconscious because her life force was weak. There was no serious problem.

Compared to Angie Prairie’s previous situation, she was much better.

If the situation had not changed just now, when the group of them entered Nightclub City, Chu Nan would definitely have brought Angie Prairie to the best hospital to seek possible treatment immediately. However, this girl from the Rand Clan was clearly not like that.

She was only a little weak and did not show any signs of danger, so she would recover after resting for a period of time.

Of course, the reason why he did not bring her to the hospital immediately was because of her identity.

According to Sienna, the Rand Clan was too eye-catching. If her identity was exposed in the hospital, not only would it put her in danger, it might even bring danger to their group.

Chu Nan’s heart stirred. He pulled Sienna to a corner and asked in a low voice, “Uncle Sienna, what do you know about the Rand Clan? Introduce it to me in detail.”

Sienna glanced at Chu Nan in confusion but still replied honestly, “Actually… the Rand Clan is the true native of this planet…”

Under Sienna’s explanation, Chu Nan finally had a rough understanding of the Rand Clan.

Just as Sienna had introduced, the Rand Clan was originally a native race on Planet Leppler. They had lived on this planet for generations. Now, these guys who controlled almost all the areas on the planet and occupied more than 99% of the total population were all immigrants from other places.

1,300 years ago, this planet was still in an interstellar development state. The Rand Clan was still living the original life on the surface like the millions of primitive inhabited planets in the Milky Way.

If nothing unexpected happened, they would continue to live peacefully for hundreds or even thousands of years in this state.

This was because according to the “Pan Milky Way Civilization Protection Convention”, other countries could only observe such a planet that did not develop its own interstellar civilization, but they could not casually interfere and interrupt the other party’s civilization process.

However, because Planet Leppler was in an extremely special geographical location like the Sapphire Star Field, it caused all the countries to not have enough control over it. Therefore, it quickly fell into the hands of those interstellar refugees and after more than a thousand years of slow development, it became what it was now.

Due to their extreme backwardness, the Rand Clan did not have much resistance in front of outsiders with interstellar navigation ability. They naturally lost control of this planet.

Then, for various reasons, the extremely special eyeballs of the Rand Clan were hyped into rare treasures. Therefore, the Rand Clan was immediately slaughtered crazily.

Originally, it was said that there were at least 50 million Rand Clansmen on Planet Leppler, but now… it was probably less than a million in total.

“This girl from the Rand Clan and her clansmen clearly live in the wasteland and won’t easily appear in front of others. I don’t know why she followed us this time and even took the risk to appear to ask you for help.”

After hearing this, Chu Nan thought for a moment and asked Sienna, “Then, how trustworthy do you think her words are?”

Sienna was stunned. “Do you really plan to help her?”