Chapter 484 - Old Friend

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“I don’t know yet.”

Chu Nan smiled and did not give a definite answer immediately.

“If it’s only a small favor to her, that’s fine. However, if I have to fight the Sand Eagle to help her…”

Chu Nan sighed and smiled bitterly.

“Even if I really have this intention, I’m afraid I don’t have enough strength.”

Sienna immediately nodded and echoed, “Yes, that’s right. The Sand Eagle is very powerful. However, you and Angie Prairie definitely can’t fight them.”

Seeing that he was so certain, Chu Nan was a little unconvinced.

He had killed two Void Break experts in front of Sienna. Why did he still have so little confidence in them?

Of course, since the Sand Eagle could casually send out two Void Break experts, this faction was clearly very powerful.

However, Void Break experts were not like rocks that could be seen everywhere in the wasteland. No matter how powerful the Sand Eagle was, it was impossible for it to casually throw out Void Break experts like trash.

As long as he did not encounter those top-notch fifth-stage Void Break Martial Artists who were only a step away from breaking through the atmosphere and entering space, with Chu Nan’s current strength, he was confident in fighting them.

In fact, even if he really encountered a fifth-stage Void Break Martial Artist, he was still confident that he could escape if he could not win.

The Sand Eagle might have a truly powerful Heaven Control expert, but he could not use such a true expert to deal with him, right?

“Uncle Sienna, what’s going on with the Sand Eagle? Tell me.” Chu Nan asked.

Seeing the unwillingness and eagerness in Chu Nan’s eyes, Sienna had a headache.

He knew that this was a trait that belonged to young people like Chu Nan and it was understandable. However, it could be said that he and the group of people behind him were only counting on Chu Nan and Angie Prairie to continue living. Naturally, they were unwilling to let him take the risk.

He took a deep breath and his expression became serious. He planned to describe the terrifying Sand Eagle to Chu Nan and let him understand that this terrifying organization was definitely not a colossus he could contend with.

“The Sand Eagle is the strongest on this planet…”

As soon as he spoke, Chu Nan’s expression suddenly froze. He raised his head to look at the courtyard and casually sneered. He tapped his feet and his body flew into the air.

A moment later, Chu Nan had already flown into the air and met a figure flying over.

It was actually another Void Break expert!

Seeing that the person was flying towards the building where they were hiding, Chu Nan did not say a word and threw a punch.

Previously, when he fought with Nemonta and Lumore, because Chu Nan had just broken through the Cosmic Heaven’s Gate, he did not have a very intuitive concept of a Void Break Martial Artist. He did not understand what many Void Break Martial Artists should do in battle, so he only continued to fight according to the previous martial technique method. In fact, it was very difficult for him to unleash his true strength.

This was very obvious in the battle with Lumore.

At first, he was almost completely suppressed by Lumore. However, after a period of actual combat, Chu Nan relied on his powerful data ability to quickly summarize the combat method of a Void Break Martial Artist. It also allowed his martial technique and the changes brought about after breaking through the Cosmic Heaven’s Gate to better fuse together. His combat strength naturally soared, allowing him to kill Lumore in one go.

The punch he threw now seemed to be simple, but as soon as he threw it, the spatial energy in the surrounding space naturally gathered in his fist. Moreover, the spatial energy in a larger area was also affected by his punch and pressed down on the other party with the force of his punch.

This method of spatial sealing and suppression was what he had obtained from the black cloud that Lumore used.

With his control of the spatial energy in a larger area, he could effectively restrict his opponent’s movements and make it easier for his attacks to be effective.

The person who flew over exclaimed softly. Without any action, a visible shock wave suddenly spread out from his body and immediately dispersed the large amount of spatial energy that pounced over with Chu Nan’s punch. Then, he slapped back.

This palm strike was condensed and did not move. It looked ordinary and did not seem to carry any spatial energy, but Chu Nan did not dare to be negligent. He focused on his fist and his Internal Breath perfectly fused with the spatial energy, maintaining the best fist momentum as he threw it.

The fist and palm collided ruthlessly without any tricks. Then, the surrounding space emitted a cracking sound as if something had shattered. Countless black souls spread out from the place where the fist and palm touched, as if a black spiderweb had suddenly formed in the air.

This scene was definitely impossible for a battle between Internal Breath Realm Martial Artists.

Chu Nan’s body swayed slightly and he was sent flying.

Through this collision just now, he immediately sensed that regardless of whether it was the thickness of his Internal Breath or the degree of spatial energy contained in his palm, the other party clearly surpassed him. He was definitely a high-level Void Break Martial Artist one or two levels higher than him.

Facing such an opponent, it was naturally impossible to fight head-on. He could only use other methods.

His figure flashed and he rushed over again. His palm flew up and turned into palm shadows that filled the sky.

He used the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm again.

After breaking through the Cosmic Heaven’s Gate, because of the consecutive battles with Nemonta and Lumore, Chu Nan finally understood why martial techniques like the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm were evaluated as an A-rank martial technique and why the hundred plus external martial techniques he had come into contact with in the academy’s martial arts database could only be evaluated as low-level martial techniques like F-rank or E-rank.

Not only was the move clearly exquisite, but more importantly, when he used those low-level martial techniques, no matter how exquisite the modifications were, it was very difficult to mobilize spatial energy and fully unleash the powerful force of a Void Break Martial Artist.

When he used the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm, Chu Nan discovered that he could easily mobilize the surrounding spatial energy and perfectly fuse it into the palm technique, allowing it to unleash power that far exceeded ordinary martial techniques.

In fact, this palm technique could even move space, causing the entire space to seem to float like a flowing cloud. It was unpredictable and invisible, causing the opponent’s movements in this space to be greatly affected.

Only such a palm technique was qualified to be evaluated as an A-rank martial technique!

However, the person opposite him did not panic when faced with such a palm technique. Instead, he laughed loudly.

“Haha, Little Brother Chu Nan, I didn’t expect it to really be you!”

Hearing this familiar voice, Chu Nan was stunned. He hurriedly retracted his palm shadows and looked at the other party for the first time.

When he saw the other party’s appearance, Chu Nan was shocked.

“Uncle Costa, why is it you?”