Chapter 691 - Hide and Seek in the Asteroid Belt

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Chapter 691: Hide and Seek in the Asteroid Belt

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An hour later, Grek looked at the asteroid belt covered in rocks of all sizes and sneered in his mind.

“Kid, do you think it’s fine to hide in here?”

Just as the super small spaceship that had been chasing Chu Nan was about to catch up, it watched helplessly as he rushed into the asteroid belt to hide.

There were many asteroids of different sizes in the asteroid belt. It was obvious how difficult it was to find a super mini spaceship that was not much larger than a rock.

Moreover, as soon as Chu Nan entered the asteroid belt, he used the pitiful attack weapon on the super mini spaceship to sweep through it, causing the surrounding asteroid belt to be in chaos.

Then, he turned off the engine of the super mini spaceship and everything else, causing it to be no different from a rock in the universe. It was impossible to distinguish it from the surrounding gravel.

If that was the case, it was fine. As a Heaven Control expert, Grek had many ways to find Chu Nan.

However, the most important thing was that as soon as Chu Nan entered the asteroid belt, all his aura suddenly disappeared, causing Grek to be unable to sense it at all. It was as if he had suddenly died.

Of course, Grek did not believe that this detestable kid would die so easily. Therefore, Chu Nan must have used a strange cultivation method to hide all his aura and avoid getting found through spatial energy fluctuations.

“However, where did a young kid who’s not even 20 years old learn so many amazing cultivation methods?”

This question had once risen in the hearts of Dakota, Kansas, and many powerful Sand Eagle martial artists. Now that it rose in Grek’s heart again, it made him even more determined to kill Chu Nan.

From this kid’s repeated troubles, it was basically impossible to take him in.

In that case, he could not let him live.

“Hmph, do you think I can’t find you like this?”

Grek sneered in his mind and raised his arm. Spatial energy surged wildly in the space in front of him. The smaller boulders in a large area were directly crushed into powder by the crazy spatial energy. The larger boulders that were enough to be called asteroids were shattered by the spatial energy and shattered into several smaller boulders before being crushed into powder.

In just a moment, he had forcefully cleared a large clean area in the asteroid belt.

Grek cleared the surrounding gravel and flew forward quickly.

Wherever he flew, the area was swept away by the violent spatial energy. It looked simply like a space bulldozer with terrifying momentum.

“Hmph, kid, let’s see how you dodge?”

About 4 light-seconds away from the area that Grek had cleared, Chu Nan continued to stay in the super mini spaceship and sank into an asteroid with a diameter of 60 kilometers without moving.

Earlier, he had given up all control of the super-miniature spaceship and used his cultivation method to make precise adjustments to all his Internal Breath and the spatial energy fluctuations around him, allowing him to completely fuse into the surrounding space without revealing any abnormalities and guarantee that he would not be easily discovered by Grek.

Of course, he had not completely lost contact with the outside world.

Through the only facility on the super mini spaceship that he did not close—the signal detection device—he could still maintain his detection of a large area nearby and the lowest connection with the Seres Security Company’s fleet.

After he decisively lured Grek away, Dong Fang quickly made a decision. As soon as Chu Nan left, the fleet of the Seres Security Company and the modified spaceship carrying Angie Prairie and the others headed towards the Stargate.

Before Chu Nan hid in this asteroid belt, they had already jumped through the stargate.

Under normal circumstances, they should have already arrived at another star system hundreds of thousands of light-years away and were basically safe.

“Do you want to eat hotpot together when I get back?”

Chu Nan looked at the last message sent by Dong Fang before the Seres Security Company’s fleet jumped the stargate. He smiled and closed all communication.

Now that Dong Fang and the others were finally safe, he could no longer have anything to worry about and work hard to protect his life.

Although there was an absolute difference in strength between him and Grek, he also had an advantage, which was the ultra-miniature spaceship under him.

If he used his Internal Breath and mobilized spatial energy, it would be very easy to expose his location and be discovered by Grek. However, he was only alone now and it was impossible for him to have any powerful technology detection equipment beside him. Therefore, he only needed to hide his Internal Breath and spatial energy fluctuations to avoid Grek’s detection.

Instead, with the signal detection device of the super-miniature spaceship, he could bully Grek for not having high-tech methods and brazenly release the signal detection to accurately grasp his location.

On the virtual screen, it could be seen that the signal point representing Grek was quickly approaching.

According to the system’s central A.I., if Grek continued to maintain his current speed, he would threaten the asteroid Chu Nan was hiding on in 6 minutes and 37 seconds.

Chu Nan was not in a hurry. As he observed Grek’s movements, he seized the time to adjust his breathing.

In order to help the Seres Security Company’s fleet repel those cosmic pirates, Chu Nan had exhausted a lot of his Internal Breath. He had to hurry up and recover.

In order to avoid being directly sensed by Grek, Chu Nan did not dare to mobilize too much Internal Breath when adjusting his breathing. Every time, he could only carefully mobilize a trace of Internal Breath to circulate. Moreover, he had to pay attention to the spatial energy fluctuations around his body to prevent any abnormalities from being sensed by Grek. Therefore, his speed of adjusting his breathing was very slow.

Under normal circumstances, he only needed less than a minute to completely adjust his breathing and recover his Internal Breath. This time, he spent a total of five minutes before finally finishing teasing.

Feeling the rejuvenation of his dantian and his mind full, Chu Nan gently exhaled and lowered his head to look at the monitoring image on the virtual screen. He discovered that although Grek had taken some detours and wasted some time, he was still close and was less than a light second away from Chu Nan’s location.

With Grek’s current speed, he would reach here in less than two minutes.

If he discovered Chu Nan’s location, with his shocking flying speed as a Heaven Control expert, he could reach him in less than half a minute.

Chu Nan composed himself and opened his personal terminal. He connected to the mainframe A.I. of the mini spaceship and entered a sentence.

After inputting it, Chu Nan pressed his finger and opened the engine of the super mini spaceship again. It quietly flew out from the other end of the asteroid.