Chapter 692 - Where's the One-On-One Duel?

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Chapter 692: Where’s the One-On-One Duel?

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Although it was difficult for Grek to discover Chu Nan when he was still in the asteroid belt, when he flew out of the asteroid belt with the ultra-small spaceship, he discovered his traces immediately.

Seeing that Chu Nan had actually circled around and flew in the direction he came from, Grek grunted and did not hesitate to turn around and chase after him at full speed.

Soon, the two sides repeated the scene before entering the asteroid belt, but in the opposite direction.

Chu Nan was still driving the super mini spaceship to escape at full speed while Grek chased after him at full speed. Due to his flying speed even exceeding the super mini spaceship, the distance between the two sides was also closing bit by bit.

However, because Chu Nan had hidden in the asteroid belt for a while and chosen a clever angle to fly out, he happened to avoid the nearest intercept distance of Grek and used the asteroid belt to stop him for a while, the distance between the two sides was much longer than before, causing him to have to spend more time to approach.

Through the mainframe A.I. and his A.I.-like brain, he determined that it would take at least 51 minutes for Grek to catch up. Chu Nan gently exhaled and relaxed.

51 minutes was enough for him to fly to the stargate and jump over it.

Although the mini spaceship was a mini spaceship and usually did not have the ability to jump through space, the mini spaceship that Uncle Mu Luo had assigned to Chu Nan had been specially modified by the Seres Security Company. It had a certain amount of energy shield and could complete a one-time stargate jump.

No matter how powerful Grek was, he was only a Heaven Control expert in the end. He did not have the ability to jump through the stargate with his body.

Therefore, Chu Nan only needed to jump through the stargate to safely escape.

When he thought of this, Chu Nan’s mood was relaxed. He adjusted the direction of flight of the super-miniature spaceship and let it move straight towards the stargate. Then, he operated the mainframe A.I. and sent out the sentence he had typed.

Grek, who was chasing closely behind Chu Nan, suddenly discovered a huge light screen shining in front of him. He stared at it in shock and discovered that it displayed a row of Milky Way common language.

“Leader Grek, thank you for your warm hospitality. We’ll meet again~”

Grek was furious. His breathing immediately became unstable and his flying speed involuntarily slowed down.

He immediately realized that this was Chu Nan’s trick to disturb him. He immediately calmed his mind, adjusted his Internal Breath, and increased his speed to chase after him again.

A moment later, the huge light screen in front of him changed, and another row of words floated out.

“Actually, I still don’t understand. I can understand why you want to kill me, but why do you have such a deep hatred for Dong Fang and the others and plan to kill them too?”

Grek sneered in his mind.

“What does a young kid like you know about these things?”

The light screen ahead changed again.

“However, it’s fine. In any case, Dong Fang and the others have already safely retreated. It’s just a pity that you must have spent a lot of money to invite those cosmic pirates over, right? Now, not only did you not complete your goal, you even made those cosmic pirates suffer heavy losses. I think you’ll definitely lose a lot this time.”

Grek almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Damn, wasn’t it because of your appearance that my carefully prepared plan was ruined?

It was one thing for there to be only some cosmic pirates, but the key was that there were also some other factions mixed in with those cosmic pirates. They had suffered losses, so it was the greatest problem if they did not achieve their goal.

If not for this, Grek would not have hated Chu Nan so much and would rather chase after him alone for so long.

“Damn kid, when I capture you later, I definitely won’t let you die quickly. I must torture you to my heart’s content before I let you die in humiliation!”

Grek swore fiercely in his mind and focused on circulating his Internal Breath with all his might to increase his speed again.

Seeing that Grek’s speed had increased from the monitoring screen, Chu Nan was not shocked but happy.

Even if his speed increased, it was impossible for Grek to catch up before he arrived at the Stargate.

Moreover, if someone like Grek wanted to increase his flying speed by expending a large amount of Internal Breath, it would only make his momentum even weaker and give Chu Nan more room to operate.

As Chu Nan continued to send all kinds of carefully fabricated words to disturb and anger Grek, he opened the communication device again and sent a message to the fleet of the Seres Security Company that had already arrived in another star system 41 light-years away, indicating that he would soon jump over the stargate and ask them to prepare to receive him.

After receiving Dong Fang’s surprised response, Chu Nan laughed and stopped harassing Grek. He also started the super mini spaceship with all his might and adjusted its engine output to the limit before flying towards the stargate.

Both sides used full speed flight, causing the journey that originally needed 51 minutes to end in only 43 minutes.

When he saw the symbol of the stargate appear on the star map of the mainframe A.I., Chu Nan was overjoyed.

This meant that the stargate was only less than five light-seconds away from him. With his current speed, he could reach it in less than five minutes.

However, just as he was about to adjust his direction, the mainframe A.I. suddenly sounded an alarm.

Chu Nan was shocked and discovered that on the monitoring screen, dozens of cosmic battleships of various sizes had suddenly appeared in the Cosmic Realm that led to the stargate.

“Damn, where’s the one-on-one duel?!”

Chu Nan thought for a moment and immediately understood.

Clearly, after Grek discovered that Chu Nan was escaping towards the stargate, he had guessed his goal and contacted Sand Eagle’s space fleet to stop him.

As expected, the moment the mainframe A.I. sounded the alarm, countless particle beams shot over from the distant dark universe.

Chu Nan only had time to curse before he hurriedly lowered the engine power output of the super mini spaceship. He closed the automatic driving mode and took over the manual driving.

With his super data ability and reaction speed, it was naturally impossible for these particle beams to hit him from at least two light-seconds away. He easily dodged them.

However, by doing these dodging actions and lowering the engine’s power output, it inevitably caused the speed of the super mini spaceship to decrease.

In just this short while, the monitoring screen had already displayed that Grek had closed a long distance behind him.

However, Chu Nan had no choice. He could only try his best to dodge the attacks of the distant space fleet and find the safe path to the stargate from the dense particle beams.

4 light-seconds away from the stargate.

Grek was 5.7 light-seconds away.

3 light-seconds away from the stargate.

Grek was 4.2 light-seconds away.

2 light-seconds away from the stargate.

Grek was 2.7 light-seconds away.

1 light-second away from the stargate.

Grek was 1.2 light-seconds away.

When he was 130,000 kilometers away from the stargate, Grek finally caught up.