Chapter 693 - Destined to Die Here

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Chapter 693: Destined to Die Here

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Seeing that Grek had already appeared behind the super mini spaceship that was almost visible to the naked eye, Chu Nan gritted his teeth and activated the automatic driving mode of the super mini spaceship again, allowing it to quickly fly towards the stargate. He opened the door and flew out of the super mini spaceship before rushing towards Grek and throwing a punch.

A trace of surprise flashed across Grek’s face, then turned into a sneer filled with mockery.

“Kid, you know that you can’t escape, so you want to risk your life?”

Grek sneered in his mind and spun his palm. The surrounding space seemed to have spun with his palm. Chu Nan immediately felt the spatial energy around him being sucked dry, causing him to almost be unable to control his movements. Even his body felt suffocated because of the lack of spatial energy.

Fortunately, Chu Nan quickly reacted and adjusted the frequency of the spatial energy. In the blink of an eye, he adapted to this change and still threw a punch at Grek.

This time, Grek was really surprised.

He did not expect Chu Nan to still have the ability to move under such circumstances and even counterattack!

“Kid, no matter how you possess such a magical ability, you’re not a Heaven Control expert like me!”

Grek retracted his palm and slapped Chu Nan from afar.

When he slapped out, it was as if the entire space had been absorbed into his palm, causing Chu Nan to have nowhere to dodge and hide.

However, Chu Nan did not think of hiding at all. He sensed the change in spatial energy in the surrounding space and adjusted his punch slightly, hitting the most turbulent point in this space.

There was no sound in space, but Chu Nan felt a loud bang in his head. His eardrums were instantly shattered, and his entire body seemed to have been struck by a huge hammer. Blood spat out from his mouth and nostrils at the same time, and blood seeped out of the corners of his eyes. His entire body was broken and his flesh was mangled from the intense vibration.

Under the heavy blow, Chu Nan’s body flew back at a speed that far exceeded his normal speed.

Even if the strength of his body had already reached the Heaven Control Realm, the powerful difference in Internal Breath between him and a true Heaven Control expert like Grek made it impossible for him to win or face it head-on.

With just a strike, Chu Nan had already lost all his ability to resist.

However, this was not the end. It did not mean that Chu Nan had given up resisting.

Even under such circumstances, Chu Nan still barely controlled his body to fly in a strange arc in space.

At first, Grek was a little strange, but a moment later, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

“Good kid, you actually calculated this!”

The direction in which Chu Nan was sent flying was actually at the right angle to the star in the direction of the stargate.

According to the current movement, Chu Nan would actually overlap with the super small spaceship in front of the stargate and pass through it.

Grek did not know if that super small spaceship had the ability to jump through the stargate, but he was very certain that since Chu Nan dared to do this, he could.

Although his true contact with Chu Nan was not much, he still left a very deep impression.

Regarding this kid, he was even more confident than his most capable subordinate many times.

Seeing that Chu Nan and the ultra-small spaceship were getting closer and closer and were about to overlap and pass through the stargate, Grek’s heart and expression gradually sank.

This kid was extremely talented and his cultivation method was magical. If he was let go like this, he would definitely become a huge problem in the future.

However, his palm strike earlier could already be considered to have been done in anger and he planned to kill Chu Nan with a palm strike. He did not expect that Chu Nan would be able to find the strongest point in his palm strike in such a dangerous situation and rely on his head-on collision to escape his spatial seal. Moreover, he was prepared in advance, causing the speed at which Chu Nan was sent flying to be countless times faster than Chu Nan’s own flying speed.

With just a glance, Grek knew that he definitely could not catch up. He could only watch helplessly as Chu Nan and the super-miniature spaceship approached and were about to overlap.

When he recalled that most of the important matters that he had carefully planned for many years had been destroyed by this kid, but now, he could only watch helplessly as he escaped, Grek was filled with anger and regret.

If only he had listened to Modo’s advice back then and directly killed this kid the first time he saw him, he would not have fallen into this situation.

However, when he recalled Chu Nan’s shocking performance in several incidents, Grek discovered that he did not have the 100% confidence he had when he encountered everything in the past.

Even if he had really made up his mind to kill Chu Nan at that time, could he really succeed?

Looking at Chu Nan and the super mini spaceship that had completely overlapped in the distant universe, Grek felt a trace of doubt.

At this moment, several dazzling white lights suddenly shuttled past Grek and instantly crossed tens of thousands of kilometers to shoot towards the distant Chu Nan and the super mini spaceship.

One of the white lights cut through the black starry sky and struck the ultra-miniature spaceship.

In the particle beam fired by the Stellar-Grade cosmic battleship, the super-miniature spaceship that did not have any defense instantly turned to dust. It did not even explode and disappeared from the universe.

Grek was stunned and could not help but laugh.

“Kid, it seems that you’re destined to die here! Haha…”

In the vast universe, the chances of hitting a super mini spaceship that was only a few times larger than a person in the distance from more than 100,000 kilometers away were definitely not higher than accurately hitting a mosquito 500 kilometers away with a cannon shell.

When Grek summoned these space fleets, he originally only recalled the effect of obstructing Chu Nan’s speed and did not have high hopes for them. He did not expect that at the most critical moment, they had actually completed the most important strike!

The light of the particle beam faded. Grek looked at Chu Nan’s lonely figure that continued to float in the cosmos in the distance and laughed wildly.

“Kid, let’s see how you escape this time!”

After shouting in his mind, Grek’s figure flashed and he crossed more than a thousand kilometers to slap Chu Nan.

This palm strike fused all his anger, helplessness, and regret from before. The danger of this palm strike was so great that even the entire Cosmic Realm seemed to be shaking. It was more than world-shaking.

He had to kill Chu Nan with this palm!

This time, he would not allow Chu Nan to have any chance to escape!