Chapter 694 - Insurmountable Difference

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Chapter 694: Insurmountable Difference

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Even with a super brain that was comparable to the latest A.I., the moment he saw the super mini spaceship being accurately struck by the particle beam, Chu Nan was stunned for a moment.

His only hope of escaping Grek’s clutches was to pass through the stargate.

After all, Grek was not a Star-Grade Martial Artist and could not pass through the stargate with his body. Clearly, it was impossible for him to lead the fleet to jump through the stargate and pursue Chu Nan. Therefore, as long as Chu Nan passed through the stargate and met up with Dong Fang and the others, he could confirm his safety.

However, now… his only hope was shattered in front of him.

He was only a step away. To be precise, he was only 0.37 seconds away from successfully flying into the cockpit of the super mini spaceship and activating it with all his might. He only needed less than two seconds to jump over the stargate and successfully escape.

However, this 0.37 second difference made him only be able to watch helplessly as the super mini spaceship was accurately struck by the particle beam and turned to dust.

This was Chu Nan’s first thought after he recovered.

Now that he was alone in space, without the help of a super mini spaceship, not to mention crossing the stargate, he did not even have the capital to continue playing hide and seek with Grek in space.

Even if he had a powerful Heaven Control body, so what if he could survive in space?

There was no way he could fly faster than Grek, and he was no match for him.

Therefore… he was dead.

As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, Chu Nan immediately felt the crazy surge of space energy in the universe behind him.

Clearly, Grek would not miss this rare opportunity and immediately attacked.

Feeling the terrifying spatial energy behind him, Chu Nan smiled bitterly in his mind.

No matter how easily he could kill low-level Void Break Martial Artists and defeat high-level Void Break Martial Artists, and even if he was confident that he could face the top-notch fifth-stage Void Break Martial Artists, a Void Break Martial Artist was still a Void Break Martial Artist. Even if he should be the most special Void Break Martial Artist in history, he was only a Void Break Martial Artist in the end.

Void Break Martial Artists were still different from Heaven Control Martial Artists.

The difference in level was simply worlds apart.

In front of the true Heaven Control expert, Grek, it was impossible for him to win or survive.

The surrounding space continued to compress and spatial energy crazily attacked Chu Nan. Coupled with Grek’s palm that seemed to have filled the entire world, Chu Nan’s mind was completely suppressed and even his thoughts of resisting disappeared.

A huge roar suddenly sounded in space. It was Grek using the vibration of spatial energy to spread his roar.

Although this would consume more Internal Breath, he did not care.

He was certain that it was impossible for Chu Nan to escape. This roar was not only to sentence him to death but also to vent the anger in his heart.

This guy who had brought countless troubles to Sand Eagle and destroyed countless of Grek’s hard work was finally going to die in my hands!

The furious roar entered Chu Nan’s ears along with the vibration of spatial energy. The powerful spatial energy vibration caused his body to tremble. Blood flowed out of his seven orifices that had just stopped bleeding, and even his skin was covered in blood, causing him to look like a bloody person.

Feeling the pain all over his body, Chu Nan’s mind jolted, but he immediately woke up from his shock and despair.

Then, he felt furious.

“How can I wait for death so easily?!”

Chu Nan also roared in his mind. An extremely dazzling white light suddenly erupted from his body. At the same time, an extremely bright green aura rose and enveloped his entire body.

With the powerful supplement of the Goddess’ Song cultivation method and the Flame of Life, his body, which had been heavily injured from fighting with Grek, instantly recovered. Then, he threw another punch.

This time, both sides also attacked with all their might without holding back. The intense spatial energy fluctuation caused by the battle actually caused a large area of the surrounding cosmos to tremble violently. Countless black cracks that tore through the starry sky spread throughout this cosmos, as if countless blacker strips of cloth had been stuck to the already dense starry sky.

However, every black crack meant that the positive space had been torn apart, representing endless danger.

Chu Nan felt as if his body had been torn apart by countless spatial cracks. The terrifying pressure tore apart every bone, muscle, meridian, and blood vessel in his body.

Extreme pain swept through his entire body. If not for the fact that Chu Nan had experienced several extremely painful tests, he might have fainted.

With just a contact, Chu Nan immediately understood a fact.

The chasm between a Void Break Martial Artist and a Heaven Control Martial Artist was impossible to make up for. Even if he counterattacked with all his might, it was impossible for him to do anything to Grek. He could not even cause any damage to him through his counterattack.

“Alright, even if I have to die, I can’t die in your hands.”

Chu Nan’s mind raced as he quickly considered the current situation and made a decision.

At this moment, Grek’s palm had already slapped down. The surrounding space was completely locked by his palm force. Even huge spatial energy condensed into a huge palm that covered the sky and covered the earth as it covered Chu Nan.

Clearly, this was Grek’s counterattack to Chu Nan’s palm strike when he was demonstrating at the Sand Eagle headquarters.

Compared to Chu Nan’s palm strike that slapped down in the air and left a huge palm print on the square of the Sand Eagle headquarters, although Grek’s palm strike did not allow him to slap out on the spot, the huge palm condensed from terrifying spatial energy was clearly visible. The size was dozens of times larger than Chu Nan’s palm strike back then, causing everyone to feel that he had nowhere to dodge.

Chu Nan did not think he could dodge and did not plan to.

Through the small changes in the spatial energy that surged wildly around him, Chu Nan clearly controlled the weakest spatial energy in this palm strike and was the most suitable place for his next move.

In the next moment, his body shook. A powerful Internal Breath stirred the spatial energy and erupted, causing the restriction on him to be slightly shaken. Then, he barely twisted his body and threw a punch at the second joint of the huge palm’s middle finger.

The punch landed. Even if this was the weakest spatial energy in the huge palm, it still made Chu Nan unable to block it.

He did not really have the intention to block.

While sensing a powerful counterattack, Chu Nan twisted his body again and erupted at the same time, flying in the direction of the spatial energy counterattack.

He originally thought that Grek, a true Heaven Control expert, would be much slower, but this was the same as the previous strike. He had borrowed Grek’s strength to fly out, so his speed was naturally countless times faster.

However, blocking this palm strike with his body still caused him to suffer even heavier injuries.

If not for the fact that his body had already reached the Heaven Control Realm and had erupted with the Flame of Life and the Goddess’ Song to protect his entire body in advance, he would have died on the spot.

However, even so, he had completely lost control of his body at this moment. He could only let the powerful force fly him forward at high speed. Even Grek could not catch up.

In front of him was a huge stargate…