Chapter 695 - Flying into the Stargate

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Chapter 695: Flying into the Stargate

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Seeing Chu Nan fly into the stargate and disappear into the huge spatial vortex that countless people felt like they were about to be swallowed with a glance, Grek could not help but be stunned and stop flying.

He floated in space and looked at the huge stargate in the distance with an extremely complicated expression.

“This kid… is actually willing to commit suicide in the Stargate than be killed by me?”

In the battle earlier, he had naturally sensed Chu Nan’s final strike and had also thought that this cunning kid might have other plans. Therefore, he was originally prepared to react. If Chu Nan did not die under that palm strike, he would definitely not let him continue living.

Chu Nan did not have the help of a miniature spaceship now and could no longer surpass Grek in terms of speed. He could completely allow him to crush him.

However, Grek did not expect Chu Nan to choose the most surprising method and directly commit suicide!

That’s right, other than Star-Grade Martial Artists, anyone else entering the stargate with their bodies was no different from suicide.

Grek was silent for a moment, then shook his head.

“This kid’s personality is quite unyielding. Unfortunately, he originally had the chance to become a true expert like me, and he might even become a Star-Grade Martial Artist who could truly cross the sea of stars with his body. However, he died here at such a young age without a corpse. What a pity…”

Grek sighed inwardly. He turned around and disappeared.

Although Chu Nan had brought him and Sand Eagle huge trouble, since he was already dead and the fleet of the Earth Federation had already escaped, he could only throw these things to the back of his mind and start to deal with the greater trouble in front of him.

On the flagship of the Seres Security Company’s space fleet, the command room was dead silent.

Just 30 minutes ago, Chu Nan had used the mainframe A.I. of the super mini spaceship to maintain contact with them. They could clearly see his every move.

When Chu Nan left the mini spaceship and turned around to face Grek, everyone broke out in cold sweat for him. They did not know why he did such an unwise action.

However, later on, when they saw Chu Nan fly back and happen to meet up with the super mini spaceship to pass through the stargate, everyone could not help but cheer.

Chu Nan’s idea was too bold and exceeded everyone’s expectations. It also exceeded the expectations of the other party’s Heaven Control Realm expert. Only then did he finally find this turning point in his almost impossible escape.

Throughout the entire process, the meticulousness, calm, courage, and terrifyingly precise calculations displayed by Chu Nan deeply shocked everyone, causing them to praise this young man who was said to be a few months younger than Dong Fang.

Such an extremely powerful young genius martial artist would definitely write in the history of the Earth Federation in the future and become one of the strongest Star-Grade Martial Artists!

However… a change occurred.

The moment the particle beam struck the super mini spaceship, everyone who had been paying attention to the huge virtual screen turned pale.

After losing the ultra-miniature spaceship, how could Chu Nan pass through the stargate? How could he escape the pursuit of that Heaven Control Realm expert?

Everyone fell silent.

Dong Fang was the most silent among these people. He stared at the huge virtual screen that had already returned to darkness because of the complete loss of signal. He clenched his fists tightly and was silent for more than 20 minutes before saying in a low voice, “Is there a way to capture the signal of Chu Nan’s personal terminal?”

The subordinate in charge of monitoring the signal shook his head with a dejected expression.

Dong Fang took a deep breath and turned to ask his left and right, “Then is there a way to obtain the monitoring video of the Leppler Star System’s stargate? I want to know what happened after that.”

“This…” The subordinate was even more troubled, “The stargates of such an independent starfield are all created and maintained by the Noctem Chamber of Commerce alone. If you want to obtain real-time monitoring video, you have to ask…”

“I don’t care so much!” Dong Fang suddenly roared, “Contact the Noctem Chamber of Commerce immediately and get them to send me the recording of that scene just now, or get them to open up the information sharing! If they dare to disagree, I swear I’ll make life difficult for the Noctem Chamber of Commerce in our Earth Federation in the future!”

The subordinate was shocked and did not dare to say anything else. He hurriedly turned around and was about to try to contact the Noctem Chamber of Commerce according to Dong Fang’s instructions when he suddenly discovered an unexpected situation.

He turned around in surprise and said to Dong Fang, “That… no… a communication request signal marked as the Noctem Chamber of Commerce has been sent over. Should we answer it?”

“Nonsense! Hurry up and answer!” Dong Fang was also stunned for a moment before calming down and hurriedly giving the order.

Soon, the communication request was picked up. The slightly round face of Director Ruhr appeared on the huge virtual screen of the command room.

“Mr. Dong Fang.” Director Ruhr greeted Dong Fang with a hesitant expression. He paused for a moment and sighed, “I have a piece of video information here. You might want to see it, but you might not…”

As the highest-level person in charge of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce on the Sapphire Star Field, Director Ruhr should not have said such a thing.

However, he knew very well what this video information meant to Dong Fang and the Earth Federation Fleet he represented. Therefore, even he could not help but hesitate.

Dong Fang simply nodded. “If it’s related to Chu Nan, send it over.”

Director Ruhr looked at Dong Fang deeply and did not say anything else. He operated his hand and a moment later, a document was sent over.

The subordinate in charge of information processing looked at Dong Fang in doubt, and Dong Fang nodded at him.

“Let it out. Also, send a copy to Mu Luo. Angie Prairie will definitely see it.”

The subordinate hurriedly agreed.

On the virtual screen of the command room, the figure of Director Ruhr, who was still communicating, was squeezed to the side. Most of the screen began to broadcast the video information that Director Ruhr had just sent.

This video information was the real-time monitoring video of the Leppler Stargate that Dong Fang wanted to obtain the most.

The video information was not long, only about 15 minutes. It displayed what had happened in front of the stargate previously.

The initial part was similar to the information Dong Fang and the others had. Chu Nan broke free from the encirclement of the enemy fleet and abandoned the super mini spaceship. He turned around and fought head-on with Grek. He used his ingenious calculations to achieve his goal, but he was destroyed by an unexpected particle beam.

Compared to the situation that Dong Fang and the others could only obtain through the information monitoring device on the super mini spaceship, the real-time monitoring system of the stargate had the top-notch technical support of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. The perspective was much wider than in the super mini spaceship, and they could see the overall situation more clearly.

From this video information, all the judgments and actions Chu Nan had made at that time could be said to be perfect. It was so exquisite that it was unbelievable that a human could do this.

However, he had lost to the most important element, luck.