Chapter 696 - Falling Into Madness

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Chapter 696: Falling Into Madness

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Although Chu Nan moved and had thought of a way, when the particle beam happened to hit the super mini spaceship, his fate was already destined.

Next, everyone saw what Chu Nan did at the last minute.

Seeing Chu Nan’s figure disappear into the stargate, everyone fell silent again.

Everyone knew very well that Chu Nan was not a Star-Grade Martial Artist, nor was he even a Heaven Control Realm Martial Artist. Therefore, there was only one result for him to fly into the stargate with his body—he would be crushed into the tiniest basic particles by the alternate space passageway opened by the stargate without a corpse.

This time, Chu Nan was definitely dead. There was no possibility of him surviving.

After a long silence, Director Rule, who had been maintaining the communication, broke the silence with a sigh.

“Sigh… To be honest, Mr. Chu Nan is a one-star VIP of our Noctem Chamber of Commerce. He has many cooperative research projects related to martial artists with our Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, we discovered a very worth studying about him some time ago. We originally wanted to invite him to participate in the research after he returned to the Earth Federation. I didn’t expect that now… Sigh…”

Dong Fang looked at him expressionlessly, “If your Noctem Chamber of Commerce really values Chu Nan so much, why didn’t you attack on Planet Leppler? Must you come and put on a show after seeing him end up like this?”

“Dong Fang—” Mueller frowned slightly and shouted softly.

After all, the other party was an important regional person-in-charge of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. Mocking him would only arouse the dislike of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. It was meaningless.

Now that Chu Nan was already dead, nothing he did would change this outcome. If he still offended the Noctem Chamber of Commerce because of this, it would not be worth it.

One had to know that the Ruhr Council had immediately taken the initiative to contact Dong Fang and send this video information to his hand. It had already fully displayed the importance of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce to Chu Nan and also displayed their respect for him. This was enough.

Director Ruhr did not react much. He only smiled bitterly and sighed.

“Alright, I know it’s too late to say anything now. Mr. Dong Fang, regarding the subsequent arrangements of this matter, if there’s anything you need the help of our Noctem Chamber of Commerce, you can directly contact the Earth Federation branch of our Chamber of Commerce. Then, now… goodbye.”

After saying that, Director Ruhr bowed slightly to Dong Fang and closed the communication interface.

Dong Fang’s gaze moved up slightly and landed on the virtual image that occupied a large area of the virtual screen.

Now, this effect stopped at the last second. Apart from a huge stargate that was like a vortex, there was nothing else.

However, Dong Fang seemed to have been mesmerized by this huge stargate. He stared at it without moving.

After a while, the subordinate in charge of information collection carefully reminded him, “Miss Angie Prairie sent a message.”

Dong Fang’s body shook slightly before he retracted his gaze.

A moment later, Angie Prairie’s beautiful face appeared on the huge virtual screen.

However, at this moment, this beautiful face seemed to have suddenly lost all its luster and became extremely dim.

The relaxed smile that was originally on Angie Prairie’s face at any time had completely disappeared at this moment. Although her expression still looked calm, Dong Fang could easily see two burning flames in her eyes that were filled with bone-chilling coldness.

He had never expected that Angie Prairie would show such a side one day.

The reason why it became like this was clearly because of Chu Nan.

When he thought of Chu Nan, the corners of Dong Fang’s mouth twitched and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

“Angie Prairie, what do you… plan to do next?”

Angie Prairie looked at Dong Fang expressionlessly. “I’m not here to discuss this with you. I’m only here to inform you to let me down at the next space station.”

“Let you go?” Dong Fang was stunned, “You haven’t completely left the Sapphire Star Field. Why are you going down?” Then, he was shocked, “You can’t be thinking of taking revenge for Chu Nan now, right? Calm down! It’s impossible for you to do it now. Let’s discuss it slowly after we return…”

“I know.” Angie Prairie interrupted Dong Fang bluntly and was still expressionless, “I won’t avenge him now. I don’t have the ability. However, since Chu Nan is dead, my oath will definitely take effect. I’ll patiently wait until I’m strong enough. Therefore, I don’t want to waste even a second. I want to focus on cultivation.”

Dong Fang looked at Angie Prairie in a daze.

He knew very well that the more calm Angie Prairie appeared at such a time, the more it proved how terrifying her determination was.

When he recalled the oath that Angie Prairie had mentioned in front of Chu Nan, Dong Fang could not help but feel a chill.

If it was anyone else, Dong Fang would definitely doubt if he could fulfill this terrifying oath.

However, Dong Fang believed Angie Prairie’s words.

This woman was usually carefree and did not take anything to heart. However, if she really went crazy, no one could imagine how terrifying she would become.

Most importantly, she might really have that ability in the future.

When he thought of the fate that Planet Leppler might suffer, how could Dong Fang not feel a chill in his heart?

However, on second thought, Dong Fang could not help but laugh.

“Ha… Planet Leppler? The Rand Clansmen? Who cares if they die? Haha…”

Mueller and the other subordinates looked at Dong Fang who was suddenly laughing wildly and thought that he had suddenly gone crazy because of Chu Nan’s death.

“Angie Prairie, you’re right.” Dong Fang laughed wildly for a while before suddenly giving Angie Prairie a thumbs-up and praising her. A bright smile returned to his face, “It’s true that we don’t have the ability to avenge Chu Nan now, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future. When you become powerful enough in the future, I’ll definitely lead a fleet to flatten the entire Planet Leppler with you and let that sinful planet die!”

The flames in Angie Prairie’s eyes seemed to have instantly lit up. She also revealed an extremely bright smile and nodded at Dong Fang.

“Very good, I’ll patiently wait for this day. If you forget, I’ll kill you for Chu Nan.”

Dong Fang smiled and said, “I won’t give you this chance.”

Seeing that Angie Prairie and Dong Fang seemed to have fallen into madness because of Chu Nan’s death, the worry in Mueller’s heart deepened.

If ordinary people said this, they would at most be treated as crazy words and laugh it off.

However, Mueller knew very well that the two people in front of him could be said to be the most outstanding two in the younger generation of the Earth Federation.

Not only were they outstanding, but the faction behind them was also powerful.

If they really made up their minds, an extremely terrifying force would definitely erupt.

Thinking of this, Mueller could not help but smile bitterly.

‘Chu Nan, it’s peaceful for you if you die, but do you know how shocking an effect you will have on others?’