Chapter 697 - 0.001% Chance

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Chapter 697: 0.001% Chance

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If one had to choose between a 0% chance and a 0.001% chance, most normal people would choose 0.001%.

The reason was very simple. 0% meant that it was impossible. Although the chances of 0.001% were extremely low, there was still a trace of hope.

Chu Nan was a normal person, so he chose 0.001%.

Without the help of a miniature spaceship, his flying speed in the main space universe was far inferior to that of a true Heaven Control expert like Grek.

As for the hope of defeating Grek?

The moment he came into contact with Grek, he had already determined that it was impossible.

Then, if he continued to maintain this situation, there was only one outcome. The probability of death was 100%, and the probability of survival was 0%.

Chu Nan was unwilling to die, so he made the only judgment that could let him live, which was to rush into the stargate.

At that moment, an interesting piece of news appeared in Chu Nan’s mind.

This was a statistic regarding accidents in the history of the various star-level civilizations in the Milky Way.

The data showed that among all kinds of strange space accidents, more than 3,781 happened when the spaceship passed through the stargate.

In these 3,781 accidents, more than 100,000 people were swept into the stargate and died without a corpse.

If that was all, it would be fine. However, in the statistics, it was mentioned that in these accidents, a passenger of a spaceship that had been lost was discovered 300 light-years away from the stargate. Although this passenger was not a Heaven Control expert and had long died, his corpse was still intact.

According to this, the space experts speculated that this passenger had most likely encountered an unintentional passageway in the alternate space after being sucked into the alternate space channel opened by the stargate in the spaceship’s accident. Then, he underwent an unexpected interstellar crossing and arrived in another star system 300 light-years away.

Although humans had opened the alternate space passageway through the stargate to perform the interplanetary jump for nearly ten thousand years, they were still exploring the situation of the alternate space. It was normal for all kinds of unexpected situations to happen. Therefore, most people could only agree with this conclusion.

Of course, more than 100,000 people were involved in the accident without any bones left. Only one person had encountered such an accident. The probability was at most 0.001%.

What Chu Nan wanted was this 0.001%.

If he continued to face Grek in the main space, he had nowhere to escape and could only die. Although the possibility of encountering a special spatial passageway after rushing into the stargate was only 0.001%, it was better than 0%.

He was different from that passenger. The current him already had a Heaven Control body and could live in space without any problems.

That passenger’s body could still be intact when passing through the special spatial passageway, so Chu Nan naturally could. Therefore, as long as he encountered it, he had hope of surviving.

The moment his body came into contact with the stargate, Chu Nan was still filled with anticipation, looking forward to becoming the lucky one in a hundred thousand.

This was because if he did not encounter this one in a hundred thousand chance, he would definitely die.

However, as soon as his body entered the stargate, the heartless reality immediately shattered the last trace of delusion in his heart.

Due to the fact that he had been studying outside for all these years, Chu Nan had taken a spaceship to jump through the stargate more than ten times. He was not especially unfamiliar with the situation in the alternate space passageway.

Compared to the starry universe in the main space, the battle in the alternate space was much more boring. There was no starlight, only colorful light belts that darted around.

However, every light belt represented an extremely powerful spatial energy turbulence. Apart from spaceships with powerful energy shields and Star-Grade Martial Artists who were long invincible in terms of the physical body and had an astonishing understanding and control of spatial energy, nothing could remain intact in front of this spatial energy turbulence.

Anything that entered the alternate spatial passageway would be crushed into the tiniest particles by the chaotic spatial energy inside. If ordinary people entered, not to mention bones, not even a cell could survive.

Now that Chu Nan had suddenly barged in alone, it was as if he had instantly angered the crazy spatial energy in the alternate space. He instantly felt the extremely terrifying, crazy, and powerful spatial energy surging towards him like a raging sea.

Every part of his body felt endless spatial energy crazily squeezing into his body as if it wanted to crush him, a foreign object that had suddenly barged in.

Under such terrifying pressure, Chu Nan’s heavily injured body immediately suffered even heavier damage.

He had no choice but to quickly adjust his Internal Breath and barely control the spatial energy in his body. He forcefully used the Flame of Life to repair his body. At the same time, he had to mobilize the spatial energy to set up an energy shield around his body and try his best to block the crazy spatial energy of the alternate space.

However, replenishing his life force required the conversion of spatial energy, and the energy shield would consume a large amount of spatial energy. Although Chu Nan’s body had already fused with a large amount of spatial energy when he underwent the second refinement, he could not last long under such terrifying consumption.

Chu Nan still tried his best to maintain his mind.

He knew very well that he was not the lucky one in a hundred thousand. According to the current situation, the spatial energy stored in his body could only last for a short 37 seconds.

37 seconds later, he could not continue to maintain the energy shield. His body would definitely be easily shattered by the violent spatial energy in the alternate space and turn into the tiniest basic particles. He would be deader than dead.

In other words, he only had 37 seconds left to live.

“Will I die if I don’t change this situation?”

Various thoughts spun wildly in Chu Nan’s mind, but in the end, he faced a simple choice.

Should he continue to maintain the current situation and wait for the special spatial passageway that might appear in 37 seconds to send him back to the positive spatial universe? Or should he take the initiative to seek change and find the equally slim possibility?

Chu Nan quickly made a decision.

He had never been a person who waited passively. In the face of a choice that had to be made, he had always liked to take the initiative to seek change and find more possibilities from it.

Moreover, although the current situation was extremely dangerous, he was not completely confident.

Although the spatial energy in the space around him was violent, in his opinion, no matter how violent the spatial energy was, he could still grasp some of the patterns.

With the powerful data ability given to him by a powerful brain that was equivalent to an A.I., he had survived the most dangerous situations in the past year. This time was definitely no exception!

There were 25 seconds left.