Chapter 719 - The Two of Them Gathered Together

All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot Yu Jian Yang 2022/9/13 16:49:34

Su Yixiu had been looking at them the entire time. His lips were tightly pressed together, and it was difficult to see the strange expression on his face.

However, his clenched fists revealed his emotions as they hung by his side.

Qin Sheng’s figure disappeared from his sight. Only then did Su Yixiu drag his heavy footsteps toward the office.

Yu Bei had been standing in the same spot the entire time.

Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan had left, and neither of them could react in time.

Hong Yuan frowned and shouted, “Yu Bei?”

Yu Bei still did not have any reaction.

“Brother Bei.” It was only when Liu Cheng knocked on Yu Bei’s shoulder that Yu Bei slowly came back to his senses.

Yu Bei directly cursed.

Hong Yuan glanced at Yu Bei and said in disdain, “What’s wrong? Why are you making such a fuss?”

Yu Bei pointed at the door, “Did you hear that? Boss’ boyfriend said that he only needs an afternoon to finish all the documents. General Manager, how much time do you need to process those documents?”

Hong Yuan also frowned.

He didn’t notice this sentence.

Hong Yuan replied, “At least five days.”

Yu Bei looked as if he had been struck by lightning. “I thought our boss was a pervert among perverts. Basically, there won’t be a second pervert like her. Who would have thought that there would be another one!”

Liu Cheng nodded in agreement. Then, he said with great interest, “Brother Bei, have you been struck hard?”

“Isn’t that right?” Yu Bei clutched his chest and looked speechless. “As expected, a pervert’s boyfriend is also a pervert. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be together.”

Liu Cheng patted Yu Bei on the shoulder. “Brother Bei, aren’t you going to have lunch?”

“I’ll be there right away.”

Yu Bei thought of lunch and felt a little better.

So be it if he was a pervert, as long as they did not mess with him.

Moreover, he did not have to worry about the company going bankrupt if he stayed at Shengshi Technology.

Just Qin Sheng alone could bankrupt Long Yue Technology, which had a foundation of more than ten years. If Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan were to make a move together, he did not dare to imagine it.

Yu Bei took his lunch and returned to his office.

Many employees outside were discussing as they ate lunch together.

“I feel that our boss’ boyfriend is not simple. Judging from his looks, he must be from a good family background and is very capable.”

“Isn’t that obvious? Our boss is beautiful, elegant, and capable. We’ve seen it too. She’s too capable. How can a normal person be together with our boss?”

“I didn’t see anything else, I just saw that he dotes on our boss. His expression, his words of defending our boss, he really dotes on her to the heavens. Even someone like me who has a girlfriend has been fed a big mouthful of dog food.”

“Don’t say that. If I had a girlfriend like our boss, I would also provide for her.”

“Enough. Look at your pathetic appearance. Do you think you’re worthy?”

“I’m just thinking!”

“Don’t think about it. Don’t say that you’re worthy of a girl like the boss. You definitely can’t be like our boss’s boyfriend. Who doesn’t know how to talk?”

Then, there was a burst of laughter. The atmosphere was very cheerful.

Lin Haocheng lay on the big bed in the hotel, sound asleep.

This was a demonic sound to Lin Haocheng.

It shook him until he woke up.

Lin Haocheng covered his face with the quilt and did not answer.

But the ringtone did not stop.

Lin Haocheng could only reach out and bring it over.

Sure enough, it was his agent.

Could he not answer it? Could he go on strike?