Chapter 723 - No Notes

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Gao Yongliang had asked Zhao Xiang and Qin Sheng to do this research. Training their abilities was one of the reasons.

His main purpose was to put down Qin Sheng’s arrogance.

Qin Sheng was a good seedling, but she was too arrogant.

Gao Yongliang wanted to train Qin Sheng well and remove Qin Sheng’s arrogance, so he brought up this research.

Zhao Xiang was a little dissatisfied.

So, this semester was to waste time on this kind of impossible research?

Zhao Xiang didn’t control her expression and it fell into Professor Gao’s eyes.

He shook his head in disappointment.

Then he asked Qin sheng, “Student Qin, are you willing to do this research?”

Qin Sheng nodded. “I will work hard to complete it.”

Gao Yongliang frowned. “There’s no need to complete it. Just try your best.”

No matter how powerful Qin Sheng was, it was impossible for her to complete this research in a short semester.

“Okay.” Qin Sheng nodded obediently. She then said, “Professor Gao, if I complete this research, can you guide me to do research?”

Gao Yongliang agreed without thinking. “Okay, I promise you.”

Qin Sheng would not complete this research either.

There were many people in the world who carried out research on immune cells, but they all failed in the end.

Qin Sheng nodded. “Thank you, Professor.”

Gao Yongliang waved his hand. “We’ll talk about it after you complete it.”

His expression was very serious. He then said, “Student Qin Sheng, I hope you won’t set your goals too high. It’s not that I’m discouraging your confidence, but this research is very difficult. If you can complete a quarter of the process, you’re already better than most medical professors.”

Qin Sheng’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly. “I still prefer to set the highest goal, regardless of whether I can complete it or not.”

Gao Yongliang choked, but he could not refute.

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He really wanted to persuade Qin Sheng not to aim too high, but he thought about it. Perhaps through this research, it would be good for Qin Sheng to suffer a setback.

Zhao Xiang watched as Gao Yongliang and Qin Sheng kept talking and ignored her.

She felt very uncomfortable.

It was obvious that Gao Yongliang valued Qin Sheng very much, but he rarely paid attention to her.

Zhao Xiang couldn’t help but say, “Professor, then how high should we set our goal?”

Gao Yongliang finally remembered that there was another person in the experiment. “This will depend on your own ability. Those with strong abilities will be defenseless even if you set a higher goal.”

It was a very vague sentence.

Zhao Xiang’s face stiffened.

Gao Yongliang asked again, “Student Zhao Xiang, do you have any other questions?”

Zhao Xiang shook her head. “No.”

Gao Yongliang nodded. “I will now tell you about the rules and various equipment in the laboratory. In addition, I will also tell you about the use of various reagents in the laboratory.”

Because the equipment was available on the internet, Gao Yongliang’s introduction was very simple.

He began to introduce the reagents.

“It’s very important to understand these reagents. Every time we do experiments, we will encounter them. Each type of reagent has its own uses…”

Zhao Xiang picked up her notebook and wrote down some of the important content that Gao Yongliang said.

Only Qin Sheng did not seem to be serious.

Although she was listening to the class, she had never taken out her notebook.

Gao Yongliang suddenly stopped and looked at Qin Sheng. “Student Qin Sheng, do you want to take notes?”

Qin Sheng shook her head. “No need, I can remember.”

The things that Qin Sheng could remember, she wouldn’t use a pen to write it down. It was troublesome.

“Remember?” Gao Yongliang frowned. There was a lot of content, and he only said it once, but she could remember it?