Chapter 725 - Old Master Lin Faking Illness

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Fifteen minutes had passed since the end of the class. Old Master Lin looked at his watch and frowned.

She hadn’t come over for lunch yet.

Could it be that Qin Sheng wasn’t eating lunch?

Old Master Lin’s brows were tightly knitted together. How could she not eat lunch? Wasn’t she afraid of starving?

Old Master Lin stood up from the long stone bench.

He was prepared to look for Qin Sheng directly in the classroom. He had Qin Sheng’s class schedule.

However, he did not walk too far before Qin Sheng appeared.

She would occasionally look down at her phone.

Old Master Lin’s eyes lit up. He sat on the ground and beat his knees.

“Aiyo, this person is too old. I can’t even walk.”

Many students from Imperial Capital University passed by and wanted to go up to help. However, they thought of something and stopped themselves.

They walked past Old Master Lin one after another.

When Old Master Lin saw that Qin Sheng was looking at her phone seriously and did not notice him, he howled loudly, “Aiyo, it hurts so much. There are so many people here but none of them came to help me up. They don’t respect the elderly and love the young.”

It had been more than ten minutes since the end of class and only a few people passed by.

Hearing this, they did not dare to go over to help Old Master Lin.

It was obvious that he was faking it. Old Master Lin’s acting was not good.

At this moment, Qin Sheng heard Old Master Lin’s voice. She stopped in her tracks and looked over.

Seeing this, Old Master Lin quickly retracted his gaze.

His brows were tightly knitted, and he looked like he was in great pain.

Qin Sheng put her phone into her bag and walked over.

Old Master Lin could see the sports shoes Qin Sheng was wearing. He was delighted that she finally came over.

“Are you okay?” Qin Sheng asked with a frown.

Old Master Lin looked up and saw Qin Sheng’s face. He was momentarily stunned.

Seeing that Old Master Lin did not respond, Qin Sheng squatted down and her gaze fell on Old Master Lin’s knees.

Old Master Lin came to his senses and glared at Qin Sheng. “Do I look fine sitting here?”

A few of the students from Imperial Capital University stopped. “Campus Belle Qin, this old man is obviously faking it. Look at his ruddy face. Even his voice is full of energy. You’d better leave him alone.”

“Yes, Campus Belle Qin. I don’t want him to extort you.”

Old Master Lin blew his beard and glared at them. “Why would I extort you? What’s in it for me? All of you don’t know how to respect the elderly and love the young.”

His goal was only Qin Sheng.

He didn’t care whether the others helped him or not.

Qin Sheng replied, “It’s fine.”

Old Master Lin was faking it. She could tell at a glance.

Normally, she wouldn’t have paid him any attention.

However, when she faced Old Master Lin, she could not control her footsteps and walked over.

She helped Old Master Lin up. “Let me bring you over to sit down.”

Old Master Lin did not play any tricks this time. He allowed Qin Sheng to bring him to sit down on the long stone bench.

He sized Qin Sheng up and then frowned.

“Dressed like this, you’re too unreserved.”

Qin Sheng was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of wide-legged pants. It was a simple outfit and very conservative.

Old Master Lin was obviously picking on her on purpose.

Qin Sheng ignored Old Master Lin’s words. “Do you need your family to come and pick you up?”

Old Master Lin snorted. “I don’t have their cell phone number.”

“Then where is your home? I’ll send you back,” Qin Sheng said patiently.

Old Master Lin: “I forgot.”

Qin Sheng looked seriously at Old Master Lin’s attire. His home should not be simple. If he went out alone, it was impossible for him not to bring bodyguards.