Chapter 727 - Being Qin Sheng’s Boyfriend

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Fang Ke’s tone did not allow him to refuse. “Xie Hen, you’ve said before that any request is fine. You’re trying to change your mind, but we brothers won’t agree to it.”

Xie Hen felt a headache coming on. “Are you sure you’re not messing with me?”

Xie Hen did not have much feelings toward those women. He had always followed his heart. If he did not like them, he would not be able to date them.

Because of Xie Hen’s handsome face and his family background, there were many women who pursued him.

But he did not like any of them.

He was already twenty years old, but Xie Hen had never had a girlfriend before.

Fang Ke retorted, “How can this be a prank? Isn’t it good to have a girlfriend? How enjoyable is that?”

Xie Hen did not agree. It was really difficult for him to fulfill this request, and he did not want to do it.

Fang Ke was a little anxious. “Let me recommend a girl to you. You should like her.”

Xie Hen glanced at him. “Who?”

“The campus belle of our school,” Fang Ke answered immediately.

“Ye Yutong.” Xie Hen frowned. It was not that he had never seen Ye Yutong before, but the first time he saw her, he felt that she was very pretentious.

Fang Ke denied it. “It’s not her. She is already one year older than you. You are my good brother. I will never let you pursue her. She is our new campus belle, Qin Sheng.”

Xie Hen felt that this name was very familiar.

Fang Ke took out his phone and took out Qin Sheng’s photos from the album.

He had saved Qin Sheng’s photos. It could be said that many boys would do the same.

Who wouldn’t love a beauty?

“Hey, it’s her!” Fang Ke handed the phone to Xie Hen.

Xie Hen’s brows were tightly knitted together. The more he looked at Qin Sheng, the more familiar he felt. “Are there any more photos?”

Fang Ke raised his brows. He knew that Xie Hen would be interested in Qin Sheng.

His finger swiped on the phone screen. Soon, Qin Sheng’s photos appeared on the phone screen. There were seven photos in total, and he had collected them all.

Fang Ke handed the phone to Xie Hen. “All of them are here.”

Xie Hen looked at the photos on the phone very seriously. He furrowed his brows. He had a feeling that she resembled the girl he had met when he was young.

However, she should not appear at Imperial Capital University.

Fang Ke came over. “How is it, Xie Hen? Isn’t she very beautiful? She can make you fall in love with her with just one look. If you can catch up to her, just by looking at her appearance, it would definitely not be a loss.”

It was very difficult for Xie Hen not to reject a woman other than his mother.

If he were to be Qin Sheng’s boyfriend for a week, it would probably not be too bad.

Xie Hen returned Fang Ke’s phone.

Fang Ke could not understand Xie Hen’s thoughts. He asked, “Xie Hen, are you going to fulfill our request or not? I have to tell you, if you dare not pursue a woman to be your girlfriend…”

“I agree!” Xie Hen suddenly said.

Fang Ke was stunned. He thought he had heard wrongly. “What are you talking about?”

Xie Hen said, “Pursue Qin Sheng.”

He picked up a towel to wipe the sweat off his face and left.

Fang Ke still could not react in time. He asked in a daze, “He said that he agreed to pursue Qin Sheng? Tell me, I didn’t hear wrongly, right?”

One of his friends pinched his arm.

Fang Ke cried out in pain and glared at his friend. “Lin Tian, what are you doing? Are you trying to murder me?”

Lin Tian said innocently, “Does it hurt? If it hurts, then it’s not a dream.”