Chapter 728 - They Were Brother and Sister

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Fang Ke nodded and said emotionally, “Then there’s no mistake. I never thought that I would see Xie Hen pursue a woman in my lifetime. As expected, Campus Belle Qin is still the most charming.”

Lin Tian agreed, “It’s not that Xie Hen wasn’t interested in women before. It’s mainly because he didn’t meet a woman he liked.”

Fang Ke rubbed his chin. “Do you think this Xie Hen can catch up to Campus Belle Qin?”

Lin Tian answered without thinking. “…Definitely. Xie Hen is handsome, clean, and comes from a wealthy family. Where can she find such a boyfriend? How can she not agree?”

Fang Ke shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

Lin Tian was very puzzled. “Why? Don’t those girls like Xie Hen’s type? Just like those girls in our school. Although Xie Hen doesn’t care about them, they still chase him every day.”

Fang Ke still denied it. “I have a feeling that Qin Sheng is different. She’s not that easy to chase. Moreover, with her good looks and temperament, isn’t it suspicious that she doesn’t have a boyfriend?”

Lin Tian scratched the back of his head. “I remember that on the day when the new students started school, didn’t a guy register with Campus Belle Qin? Could they be boyfriend and girlfriend?”

That day, the news of Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan coming to school together spread. Many people were discussing their relationship.

Lin Tian also found out about their relationship.

Fang Ke frowned and said, “That shouldn’t be her boyfriend. It can only be her brother. I heard that the man is at least 25 years old. How old is Campus Belle Qin?”

Lin Tian felt that it made sense.

He nodded. “They do look like brother and sister.”

Fang Ke suddenly looked at Lin Tian. “Let’s make a bet.”

“Bet on what?” Lin Tian was very curious.

“Let’s bet on whether Xie Hen can catch up to Campus Belle Qin.”

Hearing that, Lin Tian felt that he could win. He agreed without saying anything else. “Bet!”

Fang Ke felt that it would be very difficult for Xie Hen to catch up to Qin Sheng.

Of course, if he didn’t catch up, Fang Ke also felt that it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, Xie Hen wouldn’t fall in love with her.

After Xie Hen left the stadium, he spent the entire afternoon looking for information on Qin Sheng.

The more he looked at Qin Sheng, the more familiar she felt. Especially that pair of clear eyes. There was an unyielding look in them.

Xie Hen picked up his phone. “Uncle Li, help me check on someone.”

That night, Qin Sheng returned to the villa. She drove her own car back. It was only a five-minute drive from Imperial Capital University to the villa where she and Fu Hanchuan were staying.

Fu Hanchuan had already prepared dinner.

He heard noises coming from the living room.

He walked out of the dining room and took Qin Sheng’s bag. “Sheng Sheng, come over for dinner.”

Fu Hanchuan hadn’t taken off his apron yet.

Qin Sheng couldn’t help but say, “Brother Fu, you cook every day. I feel like our roles have changed.”

She hadn’t thought much of it before.

Recently, she had seen a lot on the internet. Usually, it was the girls who cooked and did the housework. Those guys would never touch these things.

Fu Hanchuan laughed softly and said helplessly, “Sheng Sheng, what are you thinking about? There’s no such rule.”

Qin Sheng told Fu Hanchuan what she had seen on the internet.

Fu Hanchuan frowned as if he was thinking. “They don’t dote on their wives and girlfriends. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be unwilling to do a little housework.”

Qin Sheng nodded. That should be the reason.