Chapter 870 - Qin Sheng Was Not Qualified

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Chapter 870: Qin Sheng Was Not Qualified

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Even though Ye Yutong thought so, she was still unwilling to accept it. What qualifications did Qin Sheng have to enter the Lin family’s banquet and even go with Fu Hanchuan?

She wanted to rush up and embarrass Qin Sheng.

However, Ye Yutong still retained some rationality. If she went up like this, she would easily leave a bad impression on the upper-class circles and might very well offend the Lin family.

Ye Yutong also suppressed her impulse.

However, the gaze that landed on Qin Sheng was filled with hostility.

However, Zhao Xiang did not have such concerns like Ye Yutong. She directly rushed up and asked in an obvious tone, “Qin Sheng, why are you here?”

Qin Sheng narrowed her eyes. “Is it related to you?”

Lin Haocheng frowned unhappily. He wanted to go up and scold Zhao Xiang, but was stopped by Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng gave him a reassuring look.

Qin Sheng’s ability was very strong, and Lin Haocheng believed that Qin Sheng could solve it.

If Qin Sheng was at a disadvantage, it would not be too late for him to make a move.

With this thought, Lin Haocheng was relieved.

However, he felt very stifled. Qin Sheng was too powerful, which made her brother seem useless.

Qin Sheng did not lack money.

Qin Sheng could perfectly solve all kinds of troublesome matters.

Lin Haocheng’s face fell. He began to ponder in his heart how he could please Qin Sheng so that his position in her heart would surpass Lin Haoyu’s.

Qin Sheng naturally did not know what Lin Haocheng was thinking.

Lin Haoyu also frowned thoughtfully.

When Zhao Xiang heard Qin Sheng’s words, she sneered, “Of course it’s related. This is a banquet of the upper-class circles. What right do you, a woman who is kept by a man, have to appear here? Even I feel disgusted to be in the same hotel as you.”

Fu Hanchuan frowned. “You’re the one who’s disgusting.”

Zhao Xiang’s gaze fell on Fu Hanchuan. She did not forget how Fu Hanchuan had embarrassed her when she wanted to get close to him.

Zhao Xiang stopped thinking about Fu Hanchuan after that.

In her opinion, Fu Hanchuan’s family was only of average family background.

This kind of man who had a lover was not worthy of her putting down her face to let him be her boyfriend.

She immediately said in a strange tone, “Oh, isn’t this the sugar daddy of Qin Sheng? You actually brought her to such a banquet? Ha, you really don’t understand the Lin family’s status in the capital? As expected, she came from a small family.”

Zhao Xiang did not deliberately lower her voice. She also had the intention of letting everyone present hear her words. Her voice was very loud, and it clearly reached the ears of the guests standing nearby.

They did not doubt Zhao Xiang’s words.

If there was no concrete evidence, Zhao Xiang would not casually say such words at the banquet.

Of course, they did not know that Zhao Xiang was a brainless person.

The way they looked at Qin Sheng was a little strange.

There were even a few hedonistic sons who had gathered together and had their eyes set on Qin Sheng.

They looked at Qin Sheng.

The expression in their eyes had changed.

Just now, they had thought that Qin Sheng was the daughter of some wealthy family. No matter how beautiful Qin Sheng was, they did not dare to have any thoughts.

But if Qin Sheng was a kept woman…

Then wouldn’t they be able to get laid just by spending money?

What people like them didn’t lack the most was money.

Qin Sheng’s appearance and temperament couldn’t be matched by any woman in the entertainment industry.

They all had thoughts about her and didn’t have any scruples about what they said.

“I’m willing to die for such a beautiful woman.”

“Don’t even think about it. She doesn’t like us either. Didn’t you meet her financier? Even if she chooses a financier, she would still ask for a high-quality one.”

“You’re thinking too much. A woman like her likes money the most. As long as she has enough money, wouldn’t she stick to us with a wave of a hand? If worst comes to worst, the old master will give her more money.”

“Hahaha, that makes sense. When she’s alone, I’ll go up and ask her for her phone number.”

This was a banquet hosted by the Lin family. Even they didn’t dare to casually go up and offend anyone.

They didn’t know Fu Hanchuan’s identity, so they didn’t dare to snatch a woman in front of him.

Suddenly, Fu Hanchuan’s sharp gaze swept over.