Chapter 716 - Six Difficult Days, the Team Finally Arrives! Part 2

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On the second day, the difficulty of their journey increased tremendously when they arrived at the foot of a sword mountain that towered into the cloud and had a vertical angle of more than 50 degrees.

Despite having an optimal route mapped by the scout robots, several soldiers stumbled and almost fell off the cliff within the first two hundred meters of the hike.

Compared to the previous sword mountains, where there were still rocky bulges, the sword mountain they hiked was covered in heavy snow, making it extremely dangerous.

Nothing on the mountain could support their body and keep them straight.

Everyone, including Su Mo, would be faced with many unexpected dangers if not for the climbing car in the team’s center that provided everyone with additional upward support.

Time passed, and the high expectations of climbing two mountains per day completely flopped.

By evening, they could not reach the top of the sword mountain and were stuck halfway up the mountain.

Seeing that everyone was exhausted, Su Mo had no choice but to order them to set up a campsite to take a break on the windy mountainside.

Unexpectedly, an evil wind with no mercy blew on the mountains, taking away more than half of their tools used to set up the tents.

The only ones they had left were those prepared as a backup in case of an accident.

Going down to pick the tools would return their previous climbing progress back to zero.

However, everyone would be forced to sleep in hostile environments without tools if they chose not to retrieve them.

After careful consideration, Su Mo finally took out his trump card. He took out the adventurer terminal and adjusted it to comfort level 2, forming a temporary underground shelter with an area of 60 square meters on sword mountain,

The hundred people squeezed inside the small 60 square meters and eventually got through the tough night.

Early the next morning, the team continued their journey.

Gaining experience from their hike the previous day, the team’s speed had increased to a much faster pace, and they managed to reach the peak of sword mountain in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, they had another obstacle placed in front of them.

How were they going to descend such a slope mountain?

They could use the climbing car as an anchor point and slowly descend. However, if many of them stumbled, it would cause a sudden downward momentum.

Everyone would fall together and be buried deep in the valleys if that were to happen!

Such obviously fatal consequences were laid before them.

By doing so, they used the whole second day for the whole team to reach the foot of the mountain.

On the third day, Su Mo glanced up at the second sword mountain that was even more angled than the previous day.

He immediately made an order without hesitation,


They needed to go around the mountain no matter how long it took since they could not allow any more accidents.

The decision was made not just to find a route to bring the people recruited back to the territory but also to reduce the possibility of dangers greatly.

However, no one expected the detour to be much easier than climbing the sword mountain.

The heavy snow had filled up some difficult valleys for humans to pass through and significantly reduced the difficulty of traveling.

The team miraculously made a detour around the sword mountain in only half a day.

The sudden increase in traveling efficiency boosted the team’s morale. Thus, Su Mo decided not to waste more time and led the team toward the sinking mountains.

Two sinking mountains.

Probably due to the ground being relatively firm, the team did not encounter any accidents throughout the climbing process on the first sinking mountain.

However, when they reached the second sinking mountain, the climbing car was too heavy and suddenly sank when it reached the mountain peak.

The team wasted half a day getting the car out of the snow.

It was not until the fourth day that they had finally passed both sinking mountains and reached the last remaining rocky mountains.

Unfortunately, another problem arose because of the scare traces of people in the heavy snow.

It was the first time the team had lost their way and climbed over two consecutive mountains before rerouting after realizing they were traveling in the wrong direction.

Due to the mistake, they only reached the current mountain by the sixth day.

“I’ll reward you two heavily if we get there successfully this time!”

Su Mo took out his binoculars and glanced in the distance for a while before finally feeling relieved.

The total amount of time spent in the mountains was 11 days.

There was only one week to prepare for the next big cooling disaster.