Chapter 717 - Six Difficult Days, the Team Finally Arrives! Part 3

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Given the current situation, there was no need to think too much about returning to the territory. Even if they turned around and returned immediately, they would probably not make it in time.

Their only option was to survive the disaster in an unfamiliar place—Origin Territory.

They would have to figure out a way to return to the territory after the cooling disaster was over.

Fortunately, Su Mo had the chance to discover the murlocs through the system and had already assigned two soldiers to return in advance with a message.

Thus, even if their journey were delayed until the next disaster, the territory would not anxiously send teams to look for them.

After thinking about it, Su Mo called for Feng Tianmin and began to make subsequent arrangements.

“Since there are only two last mountains left, we won’t have to be in too much of a hurry. We can eat and take a rest before we set off again.

“From tomorrow onward, I’ll take only forty people to explore Origin Territory. The remaining fifty-eight people will stay on the mountain top to guard our climbing car and act as our backup!”

Being able to bring the whole team safely to the current mountain resulted from Su Mo’s all-around skills and trump cards.

Going inside to meet the mysterious group of people, Su Mo questioned himself and understood that he would not be able to take care of the safety that many people.

Therefore, he decided that half of the people would remain on the mountain as emergency support until they thoroughly investigated the situation within the Origin Territory,

“Okay, I’ll go make the arrangements.”

After more than ten days of traveling together, everyone had long formed a common understanding.

Knowing the imminent dangers of the next journey, everyone nodded and hurriedly dispersed without Feng Tianmin having to give a detailed explanation.

Suddenly, the shelter leader, Su Mo, could relax and simply lay down as he waited for the meal to be prepared.

‘Ha! It’s only been six days, yet I’m much more exhausted than the first two months of arriving in the wasteland!”

‘I would like to see who would continue staying in the mountains when the mountains double in size in the future!’

Su Mo did not waste his hard-earned break.

He slowly opened the climbing car’s door, got in, and stretched. Then, he lay back to relieve the tension all over his body.

A light blue panel gradually appeared in front of him.

[Su Mo (Host): Su Mo]

[Current Physical Condition: Good]

[Current Threat Level: 41.6%]

[Information Shielding Level: Level 2 (1,000 points)]

[Physical Fitness Level: 71.38% normal human (Current: 34.4% interstellar human)]

[Level of Authorization: 6.73% (Double Body)]

[Authority Composition: Rain (0.38%) + Snow (0.37%) + Bravery (1.12%) + Harvest (1.09%) + Ocean (1.63%) + Fighting Spirit (0.68 %) + Food (1%) + Light (0.46%)]

[Recently Obtained Authority: Snow (0.15%; The maximum limit has been reached)]

[Recently Used Authority: None]

One week had passed since Su Mo had that bizarre dream where his consciousness returned to the basin.

During this period, Su Mo had tried to summon the system more than once.

He tried various ways to obtain the ability to observe the territory from afar.

Unfortunately, even if Su Mo was willing to pay all his survival points to unlock the ability, the system was not responsive, as if it was dead.

During the process, Su Mo gradually discovered a few rules.

Number one, the shielding level of 1,000 points was sufficient and would not increase when he was in his territory.

However, the moment he left his territory for more than three days, the threat level would gradually increase by about 1% per day.

Without a higher shielding level, the maximum time limit that Su Mo could be away from his territory was three months.

However, he did not have sufficient conditions for an upgrade for the time being.

Su Mo had no means to verify whether the outside world’s threat level increased at the same pace as in ruins, so he could only put away the thought first.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the murloc tribe would also cause a spike in threat level, and similar to the penalty for leaving the territory, increased steadily every day.

Luckily, the increase rate was insignificant and quantified to roughly 0.05% per day at most, which could be totally ignored.

Number two, he found that the power of authority obtained through the alchemy furnace could be delivered and became part of him.

However, there was an upper limit to this.

Burning snow allowed him to obtain 0.15% of authority at most. Even if he used up the authority, the second acquisition would also be limited to 0.15%, and there would be no increase to the limit.

Number three, although he unintentionally unlocked the authority usage method in the past, there were only a few clues on how to use it a second time.

He would have to go through many experiments and be prepared if he wanted to trigger it again.

Under the current circumstances, Su Mo could not experiment.

These three points were discovered through his extensive observation of the changes during the past six days.

At the same time, he had almost made plenty of discoveries and knew the progress of the changes in the territory through the daily announcements.