Chapter 720 - Changes in the Territory, Arriving at Origin Territory! Part 3

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After walking through the mountains toward the center, there was a relatively flat open space surrounded by small mountains about half the size of Heaven’s Origin.

The small mountains were naturally the scattered gathering places of the Origin Territory.

The open space in the middle was the Origin Territory’s “Common Ground.”

Most residents of Origin Territory do not live in the Common Ground but instead live separately within different gathering places in the mountains surrounding the place.

They would only gather in the center when they needed something or exchange resources.

The gathering place of tens of thousands of people was not as good as Heaven’s Origin in scope.

However, it was way beyond them in terms of construction.

Many small buildings throughout the mountains with countess lights illuminated the night.

The scale of the Common Ground was even bigger,

Accompanied by the flickering lights and loud voices, the place felt slightly like the Demon Clan’s Freedom City.

The Common Ground should have been destroyed and filled with traces of battle if it was as Marshal Wang and the Liu brothers had mentioned.

However, it was strangely peaceful and tranquil.

“Let’s go. No matter what kind of monsters are hiding, we’ll have to go down there and find out for ourselves. Standing here isn’t going to give us any answers!”

After a quick thought, Su Mo saw the soldiers behind him already in their disguises and quickly put down his binoculars to think about his disguise.

Shen Ke had already prepared all the necessary camouflage supplies needed to sneak into the territory in advance before they departed.

Among them were plenty of various clothing and accessories to change their appearances.

The soldiers who were going with him had very simple disguises.

Everyone simply changed out of their battle uniforms and put away their conspicuous weapons, such as their rifles. Then, they dressed in their own personal clothing.

They did not need to conceal their battle marks, daggers, pistols, and other smaller weapons.

After all, it would be suspicious for them to be able to climb the mountains in such harsh environments if they looked too weak.

It could help avoid most trouble if they showed appropriate strength and weapons.

‘About my disguise…

‘It…shouldn’t be too difficult!’

Looking at the various decorations in the snakeskin bag on the ground, Su Mo smiled slyly.

The face of Almighty Su was indeed very influential and was probably engraved in most people’s minds.

However, similar to what happened in the Cliff Territory.

To have Almighty Su’s face suddenly appear before them, most people would subconsciously doubt his identity and believe that he probably was just a look alike.

With this preconceived idea, Su Mo disguised himself without changing too much on his face.

He took out a pair of dull-looking black-rimmed glasses and wore them. Next, he took out a decent-looking fake beard and stuck it on his chin.

Afterward, he took off his pure black combat uniform and rummaged through the pile of clothes.

Ultimately, he chose a thick fur-collar coat!

The coat was extremely big, making the over 190-centimeter-tall Su Mo look slightly bloated.

However, it did not matter.

With the addition of two accessories and a different piece of clothing, Su Mo’s aura had completely changed.

His former handsome, vigorous and heroic appearance was gone.

Now, he was a savage, strong and fierce refugee.

With thirty or so ruthless-looking soldiers behind him, it really seemed as if he was a bandit leader.

‘My little ones! I look pretty good, right?”

Walking in front of everyone, Su Mo pretended to wear an “angry” expression as he noticed the soldiers trying to suppress their laughter.

In an instant, he exuded a murderous aura, and the surrounding air seemed to have gone stagnated for a while.

An inexplicable mighty temperament also could be felt from his stance.

There was a high probability that an ordinary person would be too stunned to move in his presence.

However, for these soldiers who had been with each other for many days, Su Mo’s act did not make them feel unfamiliar. Instead, they chanted joyfully in unison.

“Long live the mighty king!”

“Pfft…” Seeing how cooperative the soldiers were with his act, Su Mo could not help himself and burst out laughing.

Seeing him laughing, the soldiers no longer held back themselves.

Immediately, the air was filled with a joyful atmosphere, which allayed the fear of going to unfamiliar territory.

“Alright. Don’t accidentally call me shelter leader in the other party’s territory…”

Waving his hand, Su Mo tilted his head and thought for a few seconds. Then, he looked at the black and white Oreo beside him and said loudly with a smile on his face.

“From now on, I’m your territory lord. Call me…

“Yang Jian!”