Chapter 721 - Finally Entering! Twisted Humanity! Part 1

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The Origin Territory was on a massive scale when looked at from a high place.

There were plenty of buildings on the top of the mountains.

Even people accustomed to seeing modern cities would still be amazed that human beings could build such a miracle among such mountains.

Before the arrival of the heavy snowfall, it was the “popular” gathering place of the electromagnetic wave communication platform.

It had a strong consumption power, considerable resource reserves, and another attribute that was difficult for others to replace…

The people who made up the territory were complicated, and there were too many sub-territories.

No one cared about the source of the countless supplies they sold, and neither did they care about how much blood was stained to obtain them.

It only took two or three days to arrive in Origin Territory, and there was no danger to traveling from the other side of the mountain before the heavy snowfall.

Origin Territory was their golden opportunity for those bandits who robbed foreign caravans or simply ransacked other human gathering places to sell off their loots that were hard to come by in the New World.

At the same time, Origin Territory was extraordinarily safe and worthy of their trust for those refugees whose territories had been invaded by foreign races or humans.

The territory had thousands of miles of mountains surrounding the place as a natural barrier.

Even if foreign races had their eyes on the place, they would have to consider the complicated terrain inside the mountains and the possibility of huge casualties if they wanted to attack.

These factors contributed to the popularity of Common Ground in the Origin Territory.

At the territory’s prime, the visitors that passed through could reach about 2,000 people daily.

Even with the snow, there were still hundreds of people who specifically traveled here daily.

However, the route they chose would not be the one that Su Mo and the others came.

More than 99 percent of the people who traveled were from the opposite side, and they would only have to climb about seven rocky mountains.

It was slightly troublesome, but it was not that difficult!

Origin Territory’s gate.

A team of about 30 people slowly approached from the distance and stood in front of the information bulletin board at the entrance.

Instantly, everyone’s eyes focused on them.

It was not just because of the various weapons they carried all over them but also because the man in a fur-collar coat had an unfitting temperament with the surrounding!

“Is he cosplaying some classical role from films and dramas?”

Two refugees stood before the territory gate as guards were bored and gossiped.

“I bet I could beat this leader of the mountain bandit in a one-on-one. Just look at his disguise. It doesn’t even look professionally done at all!”

“Hush, keep your voice down. Who would still fight you one-on-one in these chaotic times? Look at his subordinates behind him. Those are real guns. I’ve seen one before!”

“So what if they have guns? I’ve killed more gun-wielding guns than foreigners!” Being advised by his companion, the short refugee guard on the right pouted in disdain and was confident.

Although the guards of the Origin Territory were not equipped with guns and used simple machetes to maintain order, people who visited were aware of their strength.

Thirty or so people who tried to cause a scene were nothing to them.