Chapter 722 - Finally Entering! Twisted Humanity! Part 2

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Even if it was a few hundred bandits armed with guns, so what?

The new territory lord would simply have to use that mysterious special forces, which would be enough to crush any enemies who tried to go against them!

However, the tall guard on the left was obviously doubtful and sneered, “Alright, when they approach later, I’ll be in charge of welcoming them, and later…

“No way! How could I let you do this kind of work alone? I’ll stay and watch them and make sure they don’t cause trouble in our territory!”

The short guard, who boasted about himself, immediately straightened up after seeing the team finish reading the bulletin board at the entrance and was about to approach the gate.

He ignored his companion’s contemptuous gaze and denied his suggestion. Then, he puffed his chest involuntarily, and his eyes flashed brightly.

“This group of people…look extremely new…could they be…rich in supplies?”

The short guard standing at the guard mocked the exaggerated mountain bandit attire but was not too surprised.

Among the travelers they had welcomed, the team approaching them was relatively conservative and was nothing strange to them.

Some people even dressed as ninjas from Konoha Village and wore pirate blindfolds, claiming that they had awakened their Sharingan, so they had to receive the best treatment from the territory.

There was even one visitor that wore iron skin over his body and claimed that he was the second generation Iron Man. He said that his armor was damaged and urgently needed some funds to repair his armor.

The short guard watched the team in anticipation as they finally gave up researching the information on the bulletin board and walked toward the gate.

The guards bowed slightly when the team approached and began to recite their prepared welcoming words.

“Welcome honored guests for traveling so far to our territory.

“You are now at the most powerful human gathering place in Great Mountain, the square of Origin Territory!”

After their welcoming, the two guards raised their heads and observed their visitor’s reactions to determine their subsequent arrangement.

Instantly, their eyes met with the group leader, and their hearts trembled.

From a distance, the oppressive aura from this person was almost non-existent and made it almost impossible for one to identify them as real bandits.

However, as soon they came close, they could see his bloodshot eyes like a wild beast. Immediately, the two guards could feel chills run down their spines.

‘Could they be real bandits?’ The short guard muttered in his heart.

Before he could react, a slightly dull voice sounded in his ears.

“I’m here to find Marshal Wang. He owes me a debt, and I’ve come to collect it from him!”

“Marshal Wang?” The short guard was taken aback and replied subconsciously.

“Hasn’t Marshal Wang already run away? A new lord has already replaced his territory!”

“Oh? He ran away?”

Looking at the arrogant and murderous bearded face, the short guard could feel his heart skip a beat. He wanted to use a few perfunctory words to brush it off, but his adam’s apple obediently moved.

“Marshal Wang used to be the territory lord of Mount Nine in Origin Territory. He had more than 4,000 residents, and the scale of his territory was ranked at the top of all 16 lords. We could easily bring him to you to pay his debt if he was still around.

“Unfortunately, as far as I know, this territory lord, Marshall Wang, betrayed Origin Territory about a month ago. He fled with a mysterious treasure, leaving his territory and wife behind!

“Now, our new territory lord has a wanted bounty for this Marshal Wang. You’ve already gone through the bulletin board, and I believe you’ve seen his S-Level wanted bounty.”

The short guard pointed to the bulletin board not far away and did not dare to raise his hand to wipe the non-existent cold sweat on his forehead until finishing his statement.

The person you face determines the attitude and method used.

He would have never given out so much information if an average person had been in front of him.

In the past, plenty of people came to seek revenge in Origin Territory, but most were incompetent and furious. As a result, they all were turned away without being able to successful taking revenge.

However, in front of the man in front of him and his team, the short guard was genuinely afraid that they would vent out their anger on him if they could not find Marshal Wang.

Fortunately, the bearded man did not show a major emotional fluctuation. Instead, he simply nodded and wanted to approach the gate without saying a single thank you.

He did not seem worried that the guard he inquired with had deceived him.

Seeing such a reaction, the short guard’s eyes lit up, and he quickly chased after him.

“Sir, I still don’t know how to address you…

“Although Origin Territory isn’t large, I’m sure you know many people are inside. It’s really messy, and there are various powerful people here.

“With your team’s strength, you won’t have to worry about small fries troubling you, but it’ll inevitably waste your precious time and distract you from your priorities.

“However, you can hire me as your guide. In the next three days, I’ll do my best to assist you and provide you with information about Origin Territory. Whether it’s the trading market, distribution of power, or even…the methods used to sell stolen goods.

“I can help you with everything!”

Patting his chest, the short guard chased after the bearded man in the lead and enthusiastically advertised his services.

According to their previous ways, any visitors to Origin Territory would have to pay a certain entry fee depending on their identity.

Most of the fees were kept by corrupt guards at the gate, leaving only a small portion to be submitted to the territory.

Additionally, the guards were paid a fixed salary. Thus, the position of a guard was naturally a gratifying job.

However, the series of disasters had forcibly doomed their good times.