Chapter 724 - We’ve Got a Job! Weaklings That Came Knocking! Part 1

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“This thing is incredible! It’s almost like magic!”

The shabby San Yuan Hotel.

Inside a room in the center of the hotel.

Feng Long squatted beside the window and excitedly operated an eight-inch screen in his hand.

Not far from him, a mini mechanical robot about 30 centimeters tall was making various movements following the commands on the screen.

The robot would jump when the jump command was pressed and even very humanistically bend its knees when landing to reduce the impact.

When the direction buttons were pressed, the robot would quickly probe forward, swing left or right, and even roll backward like a game character. It had basically zero delays in performing the command.

After a command to climb the table beside it was entered, the robot immediately executed the order and nimbly climbed onto the table within a few seconds.

The little robot was much more phenomenal than those invented on Earth and could do tasks humans could not perform.

“It’s awesome, right?” Su Mo smiled as he stood aside, watching Feng Long operate the robot.

After climbing countless mountains and reaching the center of Great Mountain, the electromagnetic interference had decreased another notch.

Now, they could use a wireless device to operate the scout robot from within a range of three kilometers effortlessly and up to five kilometers!

Additionally, the scout robot was made of aerospace aluminum—a precious material only Ma Fei had.

The battery was the latest energy stone engine with a terrifying battery life of six months.

On top of that, Su Mo had spent survival points transforming the original foundation and equipping it with a suitable system.

Technically, the robot could perfectly adapt to more than 99% of complex environments, allowing the user to rely on it without worry.

However, the scout robot was not without shortcomings even though it was in perfect condition.

The major problem was that the camera on top of his head was only about 2 megapixels, which resulted in slightly blurred images from about 50 meters away.

The scout robot could be considered two words if this flaw was overlooked….

“It’s awesome! I can turn them upside down in one day with this thing!”

Feng Long repeatedly sang praises as he continued to control the scout robot.

“Haha, in fact, what you see right now is not the final form of the scout robot. We could achieve an immersive operation if we were within the territory or could connect it to our virtual reality network.

“You’d be able to take control of the scout robot using physical commands. When you jump, it’ll jump with you, and if you run, it’ll run with you. Like in those fictional stories, you’ll be embodied in the robot, which would make controlling it much more flexible than using a tablet or when it’s in self-patrol mode.”

“What? Will it really be able to function like that?” Feng Long was not really shocked but amazed after hearing Su Mo’s description of the more advantaged usage.

“Shelter leader, then why don’t we set up our virtual reality in the storage space and move it here to use?” asked Feng Long.

Before Su Mo could answer the question, Feng Tianmin, who had been holding his breath as he watched them, interrupted with his laughter.

“Hey, Feng Ling, are you stupid or just being funny? Do you think the shelter leader would be unable to think of something you can think of?

“Think about how big our virtual reality is. Do you think it’ll be that easy to carry?” Feng Tianmin gestured with his hands to show the size of the virtual reality server that was placed in the underground shelter.

“Ah? Oh, right!”

Only a few people in the entire territory had ever seen the virtual reality server. Listening to Feng Tianmin’s explanation, Feng Long scratched his head in embarrassment.

“What Feng Tianmin said isn’t entirely correct either.

“We could definitely take apart our server and bring it with us if we wanted to!”

Standing beside them, Su Mo took the tablet from Feng Long and explained.

“The main reason the virtual reality server is difficult to carry is because of its huge power demand and structure. Keeping it hidden or within our territory where it’s protected and wouldn’t attract others’ attention would naturally be safe.

“However, we’re currently in a foreign territory, and to be caught with such a big thing with us would be extremely hard to explain.

“It’d be a huge problem if something happened to the server in such an event!”

Su Mo did not explain too much about the biggest problem of virtual reality being a semi-finished product.

It was not because these two were not confidants and did not have the right to know about the truth, but because virtual reality was something almost impossible to perfect.

During the previous attack on Black Stone Base Camp, although part of the server was moved, the main body was still placed in the underground shelter and monitored by Lu Kuan, Su Wei, and the others.

They could use wireless networks to freely use virtual reality technology within a short range within the territory.

There was too much to worry about if it was brought outside of the territory, and it was something difficult for them to achieve at their current stage.

Su Mo answered all the questions the two brothers had at once. Then, he handed the tablet to Guan Yuan, who stood beside them and was staring at it with a longing expression.

“Su Mo, can this little thing really be used for seven consecutive days and only needs to be charged every two weeks?”

Su Mo nodded and smiled as he answered the question seriously. “Don’t worry. The battery life can only be prolonged and it isn’t any shorter than that! There won’t be any problem at all.”

Su Mo only dared to tell them that the battery life would last for two weeks for fear that it would scare them.

Even so, the three of them were already in disbelief.

“What about its durability? Can it withstand explosions or anything similar?”

“Of course! As long as it was not in the center of the explosion, it will survive. After all, it’s made of steel. Besides, we can always repair it. We’ll just bring it back and repair it if it breaks. Then, continue using it like normal!” Su Mo was taken aback.

‘Explosion? Why would the scout robot encounter an explosion?

‘This thing isn’t a combat agent. We’d simply destroy it by sending it into the battlefield.’

Previously, he was unable to retrieve the upgraded combat agents that boarded Hope One in time before it left.

When he returned to the basin, he could finally use his once-a-month journey to travel into the void to summon the long-lost Hope One back and retrieve all the robots.

Then, he could use the robots to focus on scouting more complex terrain.

However, there was a slight deviation in the ideas of the war expert Guan Yuan and Su Mo.

Guan Yuan’s eyes lit up after confirming that the scout robot could resist explosions.

“How about we add a small ammunition bay to it? Then, we can remotely control bombing!”

Feng Long’s eyes also widened as the idea was suggested.

“Yeah! That’s a great idea!”

Even Feng Tianmin agreed, “Yes. If this thing can lurk inside the enemy’s camp, it will only take a little bit of effort to turn their camp upside down. However…will adding an ammunition bay not spoil the scout robot or affect its mobility?”

Guan Yuan smiled and waved her hands. “How will adding one or two kilograms affect its mobility with its current flexibility and load-bearing capacity? Besides, Xiao Yu also developed a similar robot before to reduce the chance of casualties.

“Unfortunately, she could not figure out a solution to the battery life and flexibility of the robot in the actual development process. She had no choice but to put it away for the time being.

“I can assure you that Xiao Yu will definitely be able to come up with dozens of ways to transform it if you let her see this scout robot!”

Regardless of the slightly stunned appearance of Su Mo, the three enthusiastically continued to exchange ideas on how to upgrade the scout robot.

Initially, Guan Yuan mentioned that the scout robot could be equipped with explosives to blast their enemy on command.

Next, Feng Long suggested that there would be no need for such extreme measures if they were to deal with living beings.

They could equip the scout robot with poison sacs and needles. The operator would be like playing a shooting game, getting rid of their enemies one by one.

After hearing it, Feng Tianmin could not help but refuse Feng Long’s method as it was too cruel. Their enemies would die or be injured, which was simply too ruthless.

Following that, Feng Tianmin suggested that since the robot did not need to breathe, it was better if they equipped it with anesthetic gas and opened the air valve when entering the opponent’s camp.

After ten minutes, their soldiers would follow into the opponent’s camp and effortlessly take everyone down.