Chapter 1754 - As Long As You Won't Cry

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Perhaps it was the fact that everyone was home this New Year, the word that they were writing couplets got around, and everyone in Mount Tianyu had gathered for the event. Li Zilan, Feng Rui and Qi Yuan had gathered to help. Fenghuang Niao and Fenghuang Cheng, who rarely made an appearance, had also shown up. A casual calligraphy session had suddenly turned into a formal event.

With a fresh layer of snow on the courtyard of Mu Mansion, the domestic staff assembled four to five tables and chairs. Every table had the materials needed to write the couplets.

There were sheets of red paper stacked on the table as the crowd gathered to take their seats. The courtyard was bustling with excitement for the New Year.

Even Old Master Xiao and Xiao Jinglin joined in the fun as soon as the news of the activity reached them. It was hard to find the same level of festivities overseas, so they would not miss the chance to experience celebrating the New Year in Jun Country again.

Standing by the side of the door, Yun Xi watched and soaked up the festive cheer from the environment around her. Feng Rui and Qi Yuan were helping the butler put up large red lanterns by the main door. Yun Xi watched with amusement as the two engaged in their usual bickering as they worked.

As Mu Feichi walked out of the mansion to join in on the fun, his sleeves were rolled up, and he was ready to write a few couplets of his own. Yun Xi tugged at the sleeves of the man next to her, “Do you know something, Young Commander? This is my first time experiencing what a proper New Year celebration should be like in Jun Country.”

It was a traditional celebration full of boisterous crowds and an overwhelming sense of community as the people bustled around. Yun Xi had never experienced anything like this.

Mu Feichi turned to the girl, “Why? You’ve never written couplets before?” he asked as he continued to push the material of his sleeves up.

“We always asked someone else to write out couplets back in the countryside. I used to watch my uncle put up the couplets on the second last day of the year as I wondered if I would receive any new clothes to wear on New Year’s Eve. Chen Lixue was always mean to me, but every year, my uncle would still buy clothes for me in secret. Chen Lixue would always have something mean to say when she saw them. She had even considered taking them for Liang Xinyi, but this was still the happiest day of the year for me.”

Mu Feichi’s hand, which was busy rolling up his sleeves, froze. There was a sudden sourness in his heart. He hastily finished rolling up his sleeves and gave Yun Xi’s head a gentle rub.

“I’ll make sure to spend as many New Years as possible writing couplets with you.”

This may appear to be a minor detail, something trivial and unremarkable, but it was significant to the two of them.

“You better…” Nodding, Yun Xi took a breath to collect her emotions before stepping out of the house with Mu Feichi. Sensing someone behind her, she turned around. She immediately spotted Xiao Jinglin and Old Master Xiao and froze on the spot.

“Grandpa, Mr. Xiao…” Yun Xi did not know when they got there or how much of their conversation they had heard.

Yun Xi dared not talk about her childhood in front of Xiao Jinglin. She was worried it would rub more salt into his wound and that he would blame himself more for not giving her the good life she deserved.

However, hearing Yun Xi address him as ‘Mr. Xiao,’ Xiao Jinglin could not help but feel a tinge of coldness in his heart.

“It’s getting late. Go write some couplets! We still need a pair for the new house. You’ll be in charge of that one, Yun Xi!”

Xiao Jinglin broke the ice first as he nodded toward Yun Xi and Mu Feichi. He lowered his posture slightly and ushered Old Master Xiao outside the door.

Old Master Xiao gave Yun Xi a wave, but he had heard their conversation, and he could not help but feel an ache in his heart as he thought about Yun Xi’s childhood.

How could she say no to the request, she thought as she dragged Mu Feichi with her into the courtyard, “Got it! We’ll go now!”

Standing by the table, Yun Xi flipped through a booklet that compiled potential phrases for a couplet. After looking for a few that stood out to her, she finally picked a sentence that was not too challenging for her to write.

“Pick two more, one for the main door and the other inside,” Mu Feichi reminded her as he picked up the calligraphy pen on the table to write some himself.

Yun Xi took note of the length of the door frame and chose a seven-word and a four-word couplet from the booklet, respectively. She flipped the pages open in front of Mu Feichi with a teasing smile, “Here, don’t make any mistakes. There are so many people watching!”

Mu Feichi scanned the words chosen by Yun Xi. The girl was up to her usual mischievous antics. The chosen phrases were full of words that had elaborate strokes and were difficult to write.

Tilting his head as he regarded the words with a half-frown, Mu Feichi looked back at Yun Xi’s shining and sly eyes. “It’ll be your turn next year, so don’t come to me crying then,” he replied with a light smile.

Yun Xi smiled brightly in return. “I won’t cry as long as you don’t cry when you see my handwriting!” she commented boldly.