Chapter 385 - Great War (1)

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Faced with the doubts of the others, the Holy Mother of the Golden Spirit smiled and said, “A saint makes a move? No matter what, we are still the true gods of the Heavenly Court. If the two saints of the Western Church make a move, Will the Dao ancestor really sit back and do nothing?”

The Jade Emperor sank into deep thought. He was not sure about this question either.

But if he really said that he did not care about anything, then where would the reputation of the Heavenly Court be?

From his point of view, what he could do was to bet that Hong Jun wouldn’t sit back and do nothing.

At the very least, he had to restrict the saints’ attacks. Otherwise, he had no chance of winning.

The Heavenly Court’s immortals also fell into deep thought.

How should they fight?

One had to know that in a battle between Immortals, people would die.

Back then, with the God Ascension Roll as the foundation, even if someone died, their soul would immediately be taken away by the God Ascension Roll and they would continue to live on.

But now, without the God Ascension rankings, once their soul was destroyed by the other party, it would truly be gone.

After so many years, it could be said that the Heavenly Court had settled down for too long.

It was so long that many people had already subconsciously rejected and fought.

In reality, this was reality. It was human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, not to mention that the opponent was a Western sect. To be honest, the current Western sect was actually the most powerful sect in the world.

Yes, at this point, the Heavenly Court had no way out.

They could only give it their all.

Although the Jade Emperor was angry just now, it did not mean that he was determined to fall out with the Western Church.

But now, the Holy Mother of the Golden Spirit’s words made him fall into deep thought.

Originally, he only wanted to take over the power of the Heavenly Court. At the same time, he wanted to strengthen the control of the universe and increase the Heavenly Court’s merit.

As for the inheritance of the Western Church, he had also considered it. However, in his opinion, he was the ruler of the three realms.

Even the inheritance of the Western Church had to be controlled by him.

However, he did not expect the other party to really not coddle him. He simply said that the Western Church was not controlled by the Heavenly Court.

Moreover, with the power of a saint, it was not just mere words.

For example, the Heavenly Court did not have any authority over Mount Numinous.

What made the Jade Emperor hesitate was that he did not know whether the Western religions were just trying to scare him or whether they really wanted to cut those planets apart.

Although they claimed that they were not under the control of the Heavenly Court verbally, at the very least, they still belonged to a normal planet. The authority of the rules was still in the hands of the Heavenly Court.

However, it was obvious that the other party did not want the Immortal stage cultivators of those planets to be taken in by the Heavenly Court.

In other words, up until now, it was not really a complete split.

There was still room for reconciliation.

In fact, speaking of which, Zhun Ti still had some concerns.

After all, no one could predict Hong Jun’s thoughts.

Therefore, he did not completely fall out with them. Furthermore, the time was not too ripe.

The Jade Emperor hesitated for a long while before his gaze gradually became firm.

“Pass down my decree. Yun Xiao and Yang Jian will expel the traitors of the Western sects from their star domains!”

They had been in high positions for many years.

The Jade Emperor was not someone to be bullied.

Now that the other party had already challenged his bottom line, there was no harm in fighting them.

“Dao ancestor, since you don’t want to see me, I’ll see if you care if the Heavenly Court really fights the Western sects!”

The Jade Emperor’s order was a huge matter for the Heavenly Court’s immortals.

As for Yun Xiao and Yang Jian, the risks they had to take were even greater.

However, the Jade Emperor also sent reinforcements to the two of them.

Nezha and Li Jing were sent to Yang Jian’s location while Zhao Gongming was sent to Yun Xiao’s location.

Lu Ping did not know about these matters and did not care.

However, without a doubt, the entire southeast star domain became nervous.

Lu Ping was called over by Yun Xiao to her residence.

This time, Lu Ping met Zhao Gongming and the tigress.

The few of them met and sat down respectively. Yun Xiao did not say anything else. She said to Lu Ping directly, “It’s like this now. Shao Deng of the Western Church brought people and split up hundreds of planets in our southeast star domain. They announced that they are no longer under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Court. The Jade Emperor ordered us to purge them! What do you think we should do?”

Lu Ping raised his eyebrows. He noticed a word, “Purge them?”

“That’s right! What’s the problem?”

Lu Ping shook his head slightly and said, “No. What does Madam Yun Xiao mean?”

“My sister means to ask for your opinion,” Bi Xiao interrupted.

Lu Ping thought for a moment, “The Jade Emperor’s meaning is very clear. He means to try his best not to have an all-out conflict and drive the other party away! Otherwise, it won’t be a purge. Since that’s the case, I think he still hopes that we can use a gentler method and not completely fall out with each other.”

Bi Xiao ridiculed him. “This old fellow is really too much. Can’t he just say it directly? What should we do?”